Rubeus Hagrid

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Rubeus Hagrid

Biographical information


6 December 1928,
Forest of Dean, [ 1 ] West Country England, Great Britain

Blood status

Part-Human ( Half-giant )

Marital status

[ 2 ]



English [ 1 ]

Also known as

  • Hagger (by Grawp)[3][4]
  • Hagrid (by the Trio and the Teachers of Hogwarts)


  • Professor
  • Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts


Rubeus Hagrid sig.jpeg

Physical information


Half- Human /Half- Giant




[ 5 ]



[ 5 ]

289 lbs

Hair colour

[ 6 ]


Eye colour

[ 7 ]


Relationship information

Family members

  • Mr Hagrid (father) †
  • Fridwulfa (mother) †
  • Grawp (maternal half-brother)
  • Grawp’s father (step-father)
  • Jim Hamilton (possible relation)

Magical characteristics


Lord Voldemort [ 8 ]


16 ”, Oak, stranger core


[ 9 ]




  • Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (c. 1968-?)
  • Professor of Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (1993-1995; 1996-?)


Gryffindor [ 10 ]


  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    • Gryffindor
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • Hagrid family
  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Harry Potter
  • Statute of Secrecy Task Force

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I would trust Hagrid with my life.
— Albus Dumbledore’s trust in Hagrid[src]

Professor Rubeus Hagrid ( boron. 6 December 1928 ) [ 11 ] [ 12 ] was an english half-giant sorcerer, son of Mr Hagrid and the giantess Fridwulfa, and elder stepbrother of the giant Grawp. Hagrid stood at eleven feet, six inches grandiloquent. [ 5 ] Hagrid attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1940 and was sorted into Gryffindor house. In Hagrid ‘s third class, he was framed by Tom Riddle for the crime of opening the Chamber of Secrets and using his favored Acromantula to attack respective Muggle-born students and finally killing one of them. Though Hagrid ‘s wand was snapped and he was expelled, he was trained as gamekeeper of Hogwarts and allowed to live on the school grounds at the request of Albus Dumbledore. In 1991, Hagrid was given the task of reintroducing Harry Potter to the wizarding world. In 1993, Hagrid would assume the post of Care of Magical Creatures professor after the retirement of Professor Silvanus Kettleburn. As a member of both the original and the re-instated arrange of the Phoenix, Hagrid fought in respective battles of the First and the Second Wizarding Wars, including the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998. It can be assumed that Hagrid kept in liaison with the trio after the war. By 2017 he was still living, and presumably calm teaching and tending to his gamekeeping duties at Hogwarts. When Harry ‘s son, Albus Severus, started educate he invited him for tea, fair as Hagrid had done for his father and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger .


early life


My dad was broken-hearted when she wen’. Tiny little bloke, my dad was. By the time I was six I could lift him up an’ put him on top o’ the dresser if he annoyed me. Used ter make him laugh…
— Hagrid telling Olympe Maxime about his father[src]

Hagrid was born on 6 December 1928 to Mr Hagrid, a sorcerer, and Fridwulfa, a giantess, and grew up in the West Country of England, near the Forest of Dean, where he acquired his distinctive accent. [ 13 ] [ 14 ] When Hagrid was about three, his mother returned to her Giant colony, leaving his beget to raise him alone. Hagrid said he had very few memories of his mother from his childhood, but remembered his forefather fondly ; as a half-giant, he overtook his father in size by the age of six, and amused the “ tiny “ sorcerer by picking him up and setting him on top of a chest of drawers when Hagrid was annoyed with him. late, when talking to Harry, Ron, and Hermione about the death of his mother, Hagrid admitted that she was not a big mother at all. [ 15 ] He grew to an acme of eleven and a half feet improbable, huge by human standards but very little by colossus standards .

Hogwarts years


Tom Riddle : “ Evening, Rubeus.
Rubeus Hagrid: “What yer doin’ down here, Tom?
Tom Riddle: “It’s all over. I’m going to have to turn you in, Rubeus. They’re talking about closing Hogwarts if the attacks don’t stop.
Rubeus Hagrid: “‘N at d’yeh —
Tom Riddle: “I don’t think you meant to kill anyone. But monsters don’t make good pets. I suppose you just let it out for exercise and —
Rubeus Hagrid: “It never killed no one!
Tom Riddle: “Come on, Rubeus. The dead girl’s parents will be here tomorrow. The least Hogwarts can do is make sure that the thing that killed their daughter is slaughtered…
Rubeus Hagrid: “It wasn’t him! He wouldn’! He never!
— Tom Riddle framing Hagrid for having opened the Chamber of Secrets[src]

Hagrid ‘s don was thrilled when his son was accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Hagrid began his education in 1940 in which he was Sorted into Gryffindor House. [ 10 ] During his third year, Hagrid acquired one in what would be a long line of dangerous pets : a young Acromantula which he named Aragog .
That lapp year, fifth-year student Tom Marvolo Riddle, who would go on to become Lord Voldemort, opened the Chamber of Secrets and unleashed another monster, which Riddle used to attack and petrify a number of Muggle-born students until he last caused the end of a female child named Myrtle Warren. When the school was threatened with close, a consequence highly undesired by Riddle, the boy found out about Aragog and turned Hagrid in as the perpetrator. It probable did n’t help that Hagrid had a habit of getting into trouble every other workweek ; he ‘d once try raising werewolf cubs under his bed and was known to sneak off into the Forbidden Forest to wrestle trolls ( both of these statements were likely exaggerations on Riddle ‘s partially however ). Hagrid protected Aragog and helped him flee to the Forbidden Forest ; however, he was shortly thereafter expelled from Hogwarts, [ 16 ] a destiny that he was relieved that his don never knew of, having died during Hagrid ‘s second year. [ 17 ]
Following his expulsion, the Ministry of Magic forbade Hagrid from practising charming and destroyed his wand. The then- Transfiguration teacher Albus Dumbledore, who was convinced that Hagrid was innocent, however convinced then-Headmaster Armando Dippet to have Hagrid trained for the subcontract of Gamekeeper and allow the orphan to remain a nonmigratory of the school. Hagrid continued to do magic using his pink umbrella, which most probable contained the break fragments of his baton, with varying degree of success. At some point after he came of age in 1945, Hagrid was entrusted the duty of helping out with the security of the school when he was named the school ‘s Keeper of the Keys, in which capacity he was tasked with, among other things, opening the capture Gates to let visitors in and out of the school grounds and escorting new students to the castle for their first-ever arrival at Hogwarts school. [ 18 ] At some point following the graduation of Molly Weasley around 1968, Ogg retired or differently left the stead, and Hagrid formally succeeded him in the function as gamekeeper of the school and took over his duties full-time .

inaugural Wizarding War


No, sir — house was almost destroyed but I got him out all right before the Muggles started swarmin’ around. He fell asleep as we was flyin’ over Bristol.
— Hagrid to Dumbledore on rescuing young Harry Potter in 1981[src]

erstwhile in the 1970s, Hagrid joined the original Order of the Phoenix. It was a secret administration founded by Albus Dumbledore to oppose Lord Voldemort and his death Eaters. The decree was constructed after Voldemort returned to England from overseas and started his crusade to take over the Ministry of Magic and persecute Muggles and Muggle-borns. Voldemort ‘s first base predominate of panic lasted years and turned friends against each other. It was said that during this clock it was difficult to trust one another, as you did not know for sure who had gone over to the dark side, partially due to the Death Eaters ‘ access to the Imperius Curse. The rate worked with the Ministry to oppose the Dark Lord and his followers, flush allowing Aurors the manipulation of inexcusable Curses. Voldemort besides had a number of charming dark creatures under his command adenine well, such as giants .
At the abrupt end of the First Wizarding War, Albus Dumbledore sent Hagrid to rescue a one-year-old Harry Potter from the ruins of his house in Godric ‘s Hollow, after Lord Voldemort murdered both James and Lily Potter in 1981. Using Sirius Black ‘s motorbike, he brought Harry Potter to Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, who were waiting to deliver the boy to his only remaining family — Lily ‘s Muggle elder sister, Petunia, and her conserve Vernon Dursley. Hagrid was identical deplorable at the think of James and Lily Potter being dead. [ 19 ]

Between the wars


Unidentified seventh-year : “ Hagrid has saved my life on more than one occasion.
Unidentified first-year: “Hagrid was the first person to welcome me to Hogwarts.
— Unidentified students reminiscing on Hagrid’s actions[src]

Meeting Jacob ‘s sibling

early in the 1984–1985 school class, Hagrid rescued Jacob ‘s sibling from Devil ‘s Snare. [ 20 ] He besides met Ben Copper. [ 21 ] Around this meter, he besides got a puppy, which he late named Fang. [ 22 ] shortly before one of his birthdays, Hagrid lost one of his pets, and stopped being a cheerful as he normally was. [ 21 ] Around this time, Dumbledore recruited Jacob ‘s sibling to help throw him a huge birthday party to cheer him up and show equitable how much everyone appreciated him. At some point before this, he saved a seventh-year ‘s life, made a freshman spirit welcome at Hogwarts, and baked Rock Cakes to cheer up a junior. During the 1987–1988 school class, Hagrid ‘s hovel became invade with Bundimuns. Jacob ‘s sibling helped Hagrid clear out the infestation with the Scouring Charm, for which Hagrid was highly grateful. [ 23 ]
In the 1990–1991 school year, Hagrid was bitten by an Acromantula from the Forbidden Forest and had to receive treatment in St Mungo ‘s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. As share of their seventh-year career assignments at the hospital, Jacob ‘s sibling and Penny Haywood attended to his bedside. They tied brough brought him a Pumpkin Pasty to eat. [ 24 ]

Meeting Harry Potter

Hagrid : “ If he wants ter go, a great Muggle like you won’t stop him. Stop Lily an’ James Potter’s son goin’ ter Hogwarts! Yer mad. His name’s been down ever since he was born. He’s off ter the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world. Seven years there and he won’t know himself. He’ll be with youngsters of his own sort, fer a change, an’ he’ll be under the greatest headmaster Hogwarts ever had, Albus Dumbled—
— Hagrid threatening Vernon Dursley[src]

After Harry was accepted to Hogwarts in 1991, Hagrid was given the task of finding Harry, as Harry ‘s uncle Vernon was doing everything in his power to prevent his nephew from receiving his Hogwarts toleration letter. On Harry ‘s eleventh birthday, Hagrid found the Dursleys and Harry in an apart Hut-on-the-Rock, and unintentionally broke the doorway down from the force of his bump. Vernon threatened him with a gun, alone for Hagrid to contemptuously seize the accelerator and twist it into a ravel. Hagrid gave Harry a birthday cake and revealed to Harry that he was a charming, and several times came close to losing his temper at Vernon due to repeated insults, but lost it entirely when Vernon called Albus Dumbledore, a “ crackpot previous jester ”. In retaliation, Hagrid attempted to turn Harry ‘s pamper cousin, Dudley, into a hog, but only managed to give the son a hog ‘s stern. Hagrid credited this to Dudley being “ so much like a pig already, there was not much left to do “ .
Once it was confirmed that Harry would be attending Hogwarts, after Hagrid decidedly ignored the Dursleys ‘ protests, he helped Harry find his bearings in the charming world by taking him to Diagon Alley, through the Leaky Cauldron, to buy his school necessities. While in Diagon Alley, Hagrid took Harry to Gringotts Wizarding Bank to withdraw some funds from the Potters ‘ vault, and to retrieve the Philosopher ‘s stone from high-security Vault 713, to be transported to Hogwarts for even safer keeping. Hagrid besides bought Hedwig, a white white owl, for Harry ‘s eleventh birthday. He comforted Harry about his approaching attendance at Hogwarts school and provided him with a ticket detailing the date, meter and place that he would need to catch the Hogwarts Express .

Protecting the Philosopher ‘s rock

Now, listen to me, all three of yeh — yer meddlin’ in things that don’ concern yeh. It’s dangerous. You forget that dog, an’ you forget what it’s guardin’, that’s between Professor Dumbledore an’ Nicolas Flamel —
— Hagrid trying to convince the trio to stop nosing in about the Philosopher’s Stone[src]

When news got out that Vault 713 had been broken into ( shortly after it had been emptied by Hagrid ), Harry, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger quickly realised that whatever Hagrid had moved from Gringotts to Hogwarts was being hidden in the off-limits third-floor corridor and guarded by a massive three-headed dog. Hagrid refused to disclose what the vault had contained, but he mentioned that the hidden was “ between Professor Dumbledore an’ Nicolas Flamel “. In the jump of 1992, Hagrid met a hooded man ( Quirinus Quirrell in disguise ) at the Hog ‘s Head and was enticed to play a bet on of cards when the cryptic person bet a draco egg. Assuming the man was a draco trader and chap dangerous creature enthusiast, and under the influence of a fair amount of mead, Hagrid was convinced to divulge details about Fluffy, the three-headed frump Hagrid had lent to Dumbledore to help guard the Philosopher ‘s Stone .
Harry, knowing that Hagrid had constantly wanted a dragon and thinking it far excessively a lot a coincidence that a man fair happened to bring a rare dragon testis to the local public house, questioned Hagrid alongside Ron and Hermione about what had precisely happened during the card game. This clock time, Hagrid let slip to the trio what he had told the hood world : the hidden to calming Fluffy was that one just had to play music and Fluffy would fall asleep. This allowed the trio to pursue the potential thief. once the dragon egg hatched, Hagrid fondly named the hatchling Norbert. Hagrid was initially blind to the chaos that the hatchling caused, but finally, Harry, Ron, and Hermione convinced him to allow Norbert to be taken to a dragon sanctuary by friends of Ron ‘s brother, Charlie, who worked with dragons. After learning that Voldemort had attempted to steal the Stone using the information Hagrid gave him while drink, Hagrid was distraught with guilt, but Harry assured Hagrid that he did not blame him. As an apology, Hagrid spent the clock that Harry was unconscious sending off owl to some of his parents ‘ old school friends, assembling an album wax of wizarding photos of Harry ‘s parents for him .

imprisonment in Azkaban

If anyone wanted ter find out some stuff, all they’d have ter do would be ter follow the spiders. That’d lead ’em right. That’s all I’m sayin’.
— Hagrid cryptically telling Harry and Ron how to uncover the truth[src]

During the 1992–1993 school year, Hagrid showed populace contemn for the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart, although he never did so for any other teachers. In 1993 Hagrid was sent to the wizarding prison, Azkaban, when the Chamber of Secrets was re-opened. It was assumed he was the one who reopened the Chamber because his extrusion from Hogwarts was for the same happening. even with Dumbledore backing Hagrid, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge insisted on taking Hagrid anyhow. sol on the like night Dumbledore was asked to step down arsenic Headmaster by the school governors, Hagrid was escorted to Azkaban. however, he was able to help Harry and Ron solve the mystery surrounding the Chamber, by advising them to “ follow the spiders. ”

Follow the spiders. I’ll never forgive Hagrid. We’re lucky to be alive.
— Ron’s anger at Hagrid’s suggestion[src]

Following the spiders led the boys to Aragog, the Acromantula believed to have attacked students during the 1942 – 1943 school class, and his class. Though Harry and Ron scantily escaped the meet with their lives, they managed to obtain some valuable information over the naturally of their conversation with Aragog : the freak within the Chamber had nothing to do with Hagrid, and the girl it had killed in the 1940s had died in a bathroom. Harry was therefore able to find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, slay the basilisk within, and destroy Tom Riddle ‘s diary. As it turned out, the actual perpetrator had been the person who had turned Hagrid in in 1943. Hagrid was exonerated and released from Azkaban. He returned to Hogwarts at three o’clock in the dawn and joined in the ongoing celebration of the closing of what had been a terrifying incident, incidentally knocking Harry and Ron face-first into their plates of triviality when he cuffed them on the shoulders. [ 16 ]

Protecting Buckbeak

S’all my fault. Got all tongue-tied. They was all sittin’ there in black robes an’ I kep’ droppin’ me notes and forgettin’ all them dates yeh looked up fer me, Hermione. An’ then Lucius Malfoy stood up an’ said his bit, and the Committee jus’ did exac’ly what he told ’em….
— Hagrid lamenting over his defence at Buckbeak’s trial[src]

In the 1993–1994 school year, Hagrid became a professor of the Care of Magical Creatures. For his first moral, Hagrid taught his junior students about hippogriffs. After explaining the proper way to greet a hippogriff and choosing Harry to demonstrate, Draco Malfoy caused fuss by insulting the hippogriff Buckbeak, even though Hagrid had just warned the class to treat the creatures with respect. Buckbeak attacked Draco, and the Ministry of Magic issued an order for Buckbeak ‘s execution after a hearing in which Lucius Malfoy ‘s pull at the Ministry was demonstrated, the incidental besides damaging Hagrid ‘s assurance ; late lessons focused on tamer creatures like flobberworms. Buckbeak ‘s attack on Malfoy was former used during the Triwizard Tournament by Rita Skeeter to give Hagrid a identical bad reputation .
An appeal took place on 6 June 1994, but this was to no avail, and Buckbeak was to be executed at sunset that nox. Before the murder, Harry, Ron, and Hermione visited Hagrid to console him, and they left just before the executioner arrived. Knowing Buckbeak ‘s situation, and the demand clock of the starting signal of the performance, Harry and Hermione were able to save Buckbeak by going back in time with Hermione ‘s Time-Turner, allowing them to rescue Buckbeak after the Ministry team sent to execute him had confirmed his location while Hagrid and Dumbledore were under notice, frankincense guaranteeing that neither would be blamed for Buckbeak ‘s rescue/escape. [ 25 ] Delighted at the scat of his beloved favored, Hagrid spent the wholly night celebrating with a big bottle of what may have been Firewhisky .

Triwizard Tournament

Ow dare you! I ‘ave nevair been more insulted in my life! ‘Alf-giant? Moi? I ‘ave — I ‘ave big bones!” “ ‘
— Madame Maxime’s words leaving Hagrid heartbroken[src]

During the 1994–1995 school year, the Triwizard Tournament was held at Hogwarts. Students from the Durmstrang Institute and the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic attended Hogwarts starting in October, and Hagrid was tasked with taking worry of the Beauxbatons ‘ Abraxans, which drank only single malted whiskey and required forceful handling. Over the course of the class, he performed versatile tasks essential to the workings of the tournament : in November, he helped Charles Weasley take care of the dragons used in the First Task of the tournament, which he showed Harry at the hypnotism of Professor Moody ( who was actually Barty Crouch Jnr ) ; he besides bred Blast-Ended Skrewts as a stick out for his one-fourth years, which were to be used in the Third undertaking of the tournament. [ 26 ]
Throughout the year, Hagrid and Olympe Maxime, the half-giantess headmistress of Beauxbatons, had a bud quixotic relationship, which included dancing during the Yule Ball. Hagrid confided in her his life floor, revealing to her that he is a half-giant, assuming her to be one a well because of her massive size. She was offended by the insinuations that she was separate giant, and left him heartbroken. [ 26 ] Rita Skeeter, in her Animagus beetle phase, overheard Hagrid ‘s confession and reported it in the Daily Prophet. After receiving a fair come of hate mail, Hagrid hide in the privacy of his hut, while Professor Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank temporarily took over Care of Magical Creatures, and attempted to resign from his side as Professor. Dumbledore refused to accept Hagrid ‘s resignation, and he was finally convinced to come second and teach by Harry, Ron, and Hermione. [ 26 ]
Before the events of the third base job, Hagrid was called by Dumbledore to escort Harry back to the palace after he and Viktor Krum encountered Barty Crouch Snr at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. When it appeared that Krum had been attacked by Crouch ( very it was his son hide in the trees ), Igor Karkaroff accused Dumbledore of treachery and spat at his metrical foot. This caused Hagrid to lose his temper with Karkaroff and pin him to a tree, demanding an apology. He was talked down by Dumbledore, and saw Harry back to his common room, reprimanding him for being in such a position and warning him against the alien students. [ 26 ] Following the return of Lord Voldemort, Hagrid attempted to comfort Harry after his ordeal and admitted that he had believed Voldemort would have returned finally, echoing something he had told Harry at their first converge ; that Voldemort did not have enough world left to die. He admitted to Harry and his friends that he and Madam Maxime had important business to attend to over the holidays but refused to say more. He besides imparted some wisdom to Harry, helping him accept that what would come would come. [ 26 ]

second Wizarding War


Dumbledore wanted us ter take it very slow. Let’em see we kept our promises. We’ll come back tomorrow with another present, an’ then we do come back with another present — gives a good impression, see? An’ gives them time ter test out the firs’ present an’ find out it’s a good one, an’ get ’em eager fer more. In any case, giants like Karkus — overload ’em with information an’ they’ll kill yeh jus’ to simplify things. So we bowed outta the way an’ went off an’ found ourselves a nice little cave ter spend that night in, an’ the followin’ mornin’ we went back an’ this time we found Karkus sittin’ up waitin’ fer us lookin’ all eager.
— Hagrid talking to Harry, Ron, and Hermione about his mission to try and appease the giants[src]

When Albus Dumbledore learned of Voldemort ‘s reincarnation, he sent Hagrid and Madame Maxime as emissary to the giant colonies of north-eastern Minsk, in the hopes of dissuading the giants from joining Lord Voldemort ‘s side in the approaching war. Bearing gifts of ageless Gubraithian Fire and a goblin-made struggle helmet, they finally won over the Gurg, Karkus. however, two Death Eaters that Voldemort had sent on the same mission engineered an arise. This originate was led by the giant Golgomath, who beheaded Karkus and usurped his place. Golgomath then ordered his subordinates to attack Hagrid and Maxime and forced them to flee. Golgomath was far more acute towards the Death Eaters and got on well with Walden Macnair, both of whom enjoyed killing and had shared a dislike toward Hagrid. Hagrid subsequently found that his mother had died years ago, and the universe of his stepbrother Grawp, who was having a hard clock time within his colony as he was well smaller than most giants. Hagrid insisted on bringing Grawp back to Hogwarts due to this and presumably to prevent Grawp from being enslaved by Voldemort alongside the other giants. Grawp, however, was highly resistant to the idea and had a general inclination to be violent. Thus Hagrid and Grawp made the travel back to Scotland individually from Madam Maxime. [ 17 ]

Living with Grawp

Hermione, I couldn’t leave him. See — he’s my brother!
— Hagrid explaining his decision to bring an undersized giant back to Hogwarts[src]

About center through the school year, Hagrid returned from his deputation for Dumbledore with his stepbrother, Grawp. In 1995, Dolores Umbridge was brought in as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, and late became the foremost and entirely Hogwarts High Inquisitor. Hagrid scantily excused himself for his long absence from Umbridge ‘s oppressive question and was surprised that he would be subjected to her inspection soon afterwards .
Hagrid resumed his teach position, beginning with a moral about Thestrals. Despite their preferably off-putting appearance and the inability of most of the class to see them, Hermione found these lessons far more useful than Hagrid ‘s distinctive classes. regardless, early in 1996, Professor Umbridge put Hagrid on probation after purportedly finding his lessons unsatisfactory by her standards, despite Hermione ‘s every effort to make sure Hagrid ‘s course of study was geared toward preparing students for the approaching O.W.L.s. Umbridge ‘s harsh judgment was largely due to her antipathy for “ half-breeds, ” and it was lone the resistance she met from Headmaster Dumbledore that kept her from firing Hagrid altogether. When confronted by the trio about this revelation, Hagrid attempted to make light of it ( about concussing Professor Vector with his fist as she went by ) but was systematically edgy and nervous at the expectation of being sacked .
however, once Dumbledore was forced to leave in ordering to shield Harry from punishment for establishing Dumbledore ‘s Army, Hagrid feared that he would be driven out by the new Headmistress Umbridge. In training for this, he introduced Harry and Hermione to Grawp. Grawp took an immediate liking to Hermione, whom he called “ Hermy, ” and Hagrid asked the two of them, along with Ron, to take care of Grawp in his absence. Upon Dumbledore ‘s passing, general chaos reigned within the school, as the students became determine to make Umbridge ‘s job as unvoiced for her as possible ; Lee Jordan even released a pair of nifflers into her office, for which she blamed Hagrid. Umbridge ultimately attempted to have Hagrid forcibly removed from the premises, and possibly arrested, when she brought several Ministry officials to his hovel in the middle of the night so as not to cause a whirl with the students ascribable to their earlier presence at Sybill Trelawney ‘s dismissal. Hagrid refused to go restfully and took on the officials, whose attempts to Stun him proved bootless thanks to his giant blood. Fang came to his master ‘s aid until one of the wizards Stunned him, prompting Hagrid to lift the perpetrator bodily from the establish and throw the unfortunate soul ten feet away .
While all of this was being witnessed by the trio ‘s Astronomy examination, Professor Minerva McGonagall came charging out of the castle demanding that Hagrid be left alone and, in a disgustingly cowardly move by the officials, was seriously injured after being hit by four coincident Stunning Spells without warning. Enraged at this dishonorable conduct and the wound of his ally and colleague, Hagrid knocked out two more of his assailants before fleeing with his unconscious mind chase. Aurors were sent to search for Hagrid, but he successfully evaded get by hiding in the same cave that had previously proved a utilitarian obscure identify for Sirius Black. once Dumbledore was reinstated as the Headmaster of Hogwarts and Umbridge permanently removed from the school, Hagrid was welcomed back to his post. [ 17 ]

It’s… him… It’s… Aragog… I think he’s dyin’… He got ill over the summer an’ he’s not gettin’ better… I don’ know what I’ll do if he… if he… We’ve bin tergether so long…
— Hagrid regarding a dying Aragog[src]

Hagrid accompanied the three and some members of the Weasley class to Diagon Alley as security for Harry, as these were dark and dangerous times. When Hagrid found out that none of his sixth-year Gryffindor students chose to continue past their O.W.L. level of Care of Magical Creatures, he initially misinterpreted this as a reflection of his students not liking him, as opposed to his questionable teach. [ 27 ] Hagrid finally came to forgive Harry, Ron, and Hermione, understanding that their N.E.W.T. classes were difficult with massive shape loads ( and after Hermione confirmed that they could not have managed his classes with Time-Turners, as they had all been smashed during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries ) ; his anger abated wholly when he was overcome with concern about the failing health of Aragog. [ 27 ]
When Aragog died in 1997, he asked Harry, Ron and Hermione to help him bury the dead Acromantula ‘s soundbox, though the sharpen security around the castle with Voldemort ‘s confirm return made that difficult. ultimately, spurred on by Felix Felicis, Harry went to Hagrid ‘s anyhow and met Professor Horace Slughorn on the manner. Hagrid, along with Harry and Professor Slughorn, buried Aragog near the pumpkin patch, and then gave him a tearful salute involving a commodity deal of mead. Harry used the site to his advantage in retrieving a memory of Tom Riddle asking about Horcruxes from a very souse Slughorn. [ 27 ]

Battle of the Astronomy Tower

Main article: Battle of the Astronomy Tower
But what happened, Harry? I jus’ saw them Death Eaters runnin down from the castle, but what the ruddy hell was Snape doin’ with ‘em? Where’s he gone — was he chasin’ them?
— Hagrid’s confusion after the Battle of the Astronomy Tower[src]

During the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, Albus Dumbledore was killed by Severus Snape ( on Dumbledore ‘s orders ). Near the end of the conflict, he confronted Death Eater Thorfinn Rowle who attempted to curse him only to realise that Hagrid ‘s giant blood protected him. Rowle proceeded to set Hagrid ‘s Hut on fire while the Death Eaters were fleeing the school grounds. Hagrid and Harry Potter, who had chased Snape out of the castle, put it out before the hovel burned devour .
Hagrid was bereaved about Dumbledore ‘s death, having been one of his strongest supporters. Hagrid carried Dumbledore ‘s body to be interred at his funeral, about breaking down several times. Hagrid placed the body carefully upon the table. then he retreated down the aisle, blowing his nose with forte trumpeting noises that drew shock looks from some, Dolores Umbridge for example. Later Hagrid and Grawp were seen comforting one another. [ 27 ]

Battle of the Seven Potters

Main article: Battle of the Seven Potters
My job’s ter get you there safe, Harry!
— Hagrid to Harry during the Battle of the Seven Potters, in response to Harry’s protests that they turn around[src]

Hagrid was among the thirteen members of the Order of the Phoenix, led by Alastor Moody, that made up the Advance Guard. The Advance Guard was in charge of moving Harry Potter out of the Dursley dwelling before his seventeenth birthday ; the plan to do then admit having five of Harry ‘s friends ( Ron, Hermione, Fleur Delacour, and Fred and George Weasley ), american samoa good as Mundungus Fletcher, impersonate Harry to act as decoys, with an arrange of the Phoenix penis protecting each of them, and flee to six safe houses before taking portkeys to the Burrow. Knowing that any Death Eaters watching out for them would assume the most skilled Auror would be moving with the real number Harry, Alastor Moody took Mundungus Fletcher, while Hagrid was given the significant tax of protecting the veridical Harry in the side-car of Sirius Black ‘s motorbike .
Arthur Weasley had helped Hagrid make respective adjustments to the motorcycle, including adding a button that produced draco ‘s burn, one that produced a final, and another that produced a solid wall, all of which materialised behind the bicycle by expanding out of its run down pipe. As it turned out, the Death Eaters had found out about the plan to move Harry earlier than rumoured ( as the Order had intentionally released false information about moving him at a subsequently date ) and the seven Harrys, with their ordering protectors, were ambushed. Hagrid was able to keep the Death Eaters at bay with the aid of the modifications on his bicycle and Harry ‘s wand-work, but when Harry discovered one of the attacking Death Eaters was an imperiused Stanley Shunpike, he made the strange move of using the Disarming Charm. As he had done the like unexpected thing in Little Hangleton cemetery in 1995, Harry was identified as the real cover, and Voldemort came after him personally. In the fight that followed, the motorbike was tear apart and Hagrid dove off the bicycle at a Death Eater, falling a big outdistance to the ground. He survived, however, as did Harry, when it turned out they had fallen into the protection surrounding the Tonks sign of the zodiac .
Nymphadora Tonks ‘ parents, Ted and Andromeda Tonks, healed their injuries, as Hagrid comforted Harry over the death of his beloved darling owl Hedwig, saying she had lived a “ good old life “. Since Hagrid had a history of having disturb keeping secrets, Fleur Delacour suspected Hagrid was the one who had unintentionally leaked the date of the intended move, although Harry refused to blame anyone even before that was revealed not to be the case. That same night, Hagrid and all the other members of the Order mourned the death of Alastor Moody, who had been targeted immediately by Voldemort, precisely as Moody anticipated .
During the summer of 1997, Hagrid was present at Harry ‘s seventeenth birthday party. He gave him a mokeskin pouch which held objects retrievable only by the owner. Hagrid besides attended Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour ‘s marriage, incidentally sitting in the wrong descry ( and destroying a number of chairs ) before finding the discipline place to sit. [ 28 ] During the marriage, Kingsley Shacklebolt warned the herd that Voldemort had taken over the Ministry. It is stranger if Hagrid fought the Death Eaters that attacked the Burrow .


We have heard within the last few hours, that Rubeus Hagrid, well known gamekeeper at Hogwarts School, has narrowly escaped arrest in the grounds of Hogwarts, where he has rumoured to have hosted a Support Harry Potter party, in his house. However, Hagrid was not taken into custody, and is, we believe, on the run.
Potterwatch regarding Hagrid’s escape[src]

once back at Hogwarts, Hagrid continued his job as doorkeeper and Professor of Care of Magical Creatures. At the request of raw headmaster, Severus Snape, Hagrid was placed in commission of students who had been assigned detention. detention with Hagrid consisted of work in the Forbidden Forest, which was far safer than detention with Amycus and Alecto Carrow. Later that year, Hagrid narrowly escaped arrest after holding a Support Harry Potter party in his hovel. He then went into concealment, presumably in the mountains, with his stepbrother, Grawp. His escape was reported hours later on the radio program Potterwatch .

Heard You-Know-Who from up in our cave. Voice carried, didn’ it? “Yeh got ’til midnight ter gimme Potter.” Knew yeh mus’ be here, knew what mus’ be happenin’. Get down, Fang. So we come ter join in, me an’ Grawpy an’ Fang. Smashed our way through the boundary by the forest, Grawpy was carryin’ us, Fang an’ me. Told him ter let me down at the castle so he shoved me through the window, bless him. Not exac’ly what I meant, bu’ – where’s Ron an’ Hermione?
— Hagrid to Harry, shortly before the start of the battle[src]

Hagrid returned to Hogwarts with Grawp for the final struggle. He rushed out onto the grounds to prevent injury being done to the Acromantula who had swarmed out of the Forbidden Forest and were climbing up the walls of the school. He was taken prisoner by the Death Eaters. When Harry appeared in the forest Hagrid shouted for him to run, though was silenced by Rowle. After Harry ‘s apparent death at the Dark Lord ‘s hands, Hagrid was forced to carry Harry back to the palace. As the supposed “ victory party “ approached the castle, Hagrid rebuked the centaurus for refusing to involve themselves in the fight but was finally reduced to sobs over the personnel casualty of Harry .
When fighting resumed at the arrival of reinforcements, which included Buckbeak and Hagrid ‘s herd of domesticate Thestrals, equally well as the centaur, Hagrid threw Walden Macnair against the wall of the Great Hall, presumably recognising him from both Buckbeak ‘s test and the mission to recruit the giants. Hagrid was among the first to approach and congratulate Harry after Voldemort ‘s ultimate defeat. [ 28 ] He was seen in the Great Hall among the other survivors of the conflict .

belated biography


The modern generation

Don’t forget Hagrid’s invited you to tea next Friday.
— Harry reminding Albus on his appointment with Hagrid[src]

Hagrid continued working at Hogwarts in the twenty-first hundred. Before 31 July in 2008, he took on the character of special messenger and delivered the Hogwarts acceptance letter to a Muggle-born scholar in their home. He besides picked them up and helped them purchase school supplies in Diagon Alley. On 1 September, he led the freshman students across the Great Lake to the Hogwarts Castle on boats as usual. During the Sorting Ceremony, he brought in Ivy Warrington, who had been distracted by the bushes outside the castle and perplex lost. [ 29 ] The future day, he picked up a transcript of The Monster Book of Monsters and calmed it down after it went out of Robyn Thistlethwaite ‘s control in the library. Robyn was frustrated at not being able to cast her spells right, so Hagrid suggested that she visit the Duelling Club. There, he watched Robyn and the aforesaid Muggle-born student rehearse spells against Cassandra Vole and Fischer Frey. [ 29 ] In 2009, a group of students came to Hagrid for avail with the appointment given by the visiting History of Magic professor Jakub Gorski, which was to uncover a mystery about a lost care for within the castle. At the prison term, he was preparing a butter-fly proto-indo european for his stepbrother Grawp, and a Swooping Evil flew out of it ascribable to the pie not having been completed. The students helped him capture the creature and finish the proto-indo european, and Hagrid told them about a map leading to a lost family heirloom, which were much whispered about by the portraits in the halls. [ 29 ] He was still working at Hogwarts by 2017, at 89 years old, owing to the natural longevity of wizardkind, which besides meant that he would probable have an extremely retentive life by Muggle standards. He invited Harry and Ginny ‘s youngest son, Albus, to his hovel for tea, just as he had done during Harry ‘s first year. [ 28 ] Hagrid never married, despite his reciprocate drawing card to Madame Maxime, as she was ultimately besides advanced for them to be a good match. [ 2 ]

Helping SOS members

In 2019, Hagrid led the members of the then recently established Statute of Secrecy Task Force seeking a career as Magizoologists, welcoming them by saying that he could sense they were going to sign in as he was able to see that they shared a curious heart and ensuring them that, although being a Magizoologist was far from easy, they could succeed if they had the spirit to withstand the difficult trials and could recover. He first took them to the Diagon Alley to buy respective robes and other essential pieces of equipment required to handle beasts and creatures for increase lastingness before proceeding to successfully teach the Stamina Charm ( despite his own being “ less-than-perfect ” ), and allowed them to help him handle several live Fire Crabs. The primary takeaway they got from this, however, was a boost in their tolerance of pain. [ 30 ] He besides gave those who chose to became an Auror an elective to raise their defences against beasts .

physical description

A giant of a man was standing in the doorway. His face was almost completely hidden by a long, shaggy mane of hair and a wild, tangled beard, but you could make out his eyes, glinting like black beetles under all the hair.
— Hagrid’s physical description[src]

Hagrid was born to a charming founder and a giant mother, making him a half-giant. As a half-giant, Hagrid possessed great physical persuasiveness and endurance, including a resilience against some spells, though his ability to withstand spells was not a great as that of fully giants. He was about doubly deoxyadenosine monophosphate tall as an modal man, standing at eleven feet, six inches tall [ 5 ] ( besides big for an ordinary-sized broomstick ) and three times as wide-eyed, with a long mane of bushy black hair and a beard that covered most of his face. Hagrid ‘s hands were a big as ashcan lids and his feet in their boots were like baby dolphins. [ 6 ] He had dark eyes that glinted like black beetles. [ 7 ] Hagrid ‘s size often makes it difficult for him to enter rooms or buildings that are designed for ordinary size people or not built with aeriform or distinguished designs, such as him not being able to fit easily into the Hospital Wing or the Burrow however having no trouble oneself moving in the Great Hall. He much wore an exceptionally bombastic moleskin greatcoat with several pockets that held many things, though that sometimes caused him to spend a lot of prison term searching for what he wanted to find. Objects within the pockets have included any phone number of items, such as moldy andiron biscuits, the key to Harry Potter ‘s Gringotts vault, peppermint humbugs, a spongy package of sausages, a copper kettle, a arouse poker, ace money, a birthday cake, birthday presents, a dirty blemish handkerchief, idle pellets, and a living owl. Hagrid ‘s clothe is largely hand-made due to the descriptions of his clothing as being crafted of animal skin and army for the liberation of rwanda excessively large for a hearty or non-hybridised human being. Despite his sleep together for beasts, Hagrid was allergic to cats. [ 31 ]

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personality and traits

I’m not saying his heart isn’t in the right place, but you can’t pretend he’s not careless.
— Minerva McGonagall describing Hagrid’s personality[src]

Hagrid was an incredibly quick, kindhearted man, and would much forget his exceptional size and strength when patting people on the back. Another of Hagrid ‘s greatest trait was his courage. He was besides very firm to his friends and was ready to defend them or fight for them if necessary. He was particularly loyal to Albus Dumbledore, describing him as a “ great homo ”. He would react with ferocity if anyone dared abuse the headmaster and would n’t hesitate to magically assault or rough up the wrongdoer. however, despite his commitment, Hagrid was not good at keeping secrets and unintentionally told Quirinus Quirrell, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger, the secret of how to get past his three headed dog, Fluffy, which all four of them used to get through to the Philosopher ‘s Stone. [ 19 ] This was again shown when he revealed his half-giant condition to Olympe Maxime, which Harry, Ron and Rita Skeeter all catch, with the latter exposing it to the wizarding global by an article in the Daily Prophet. [ 26 ]

C’mon, now, get a move on! Got a real treat for yeh today! Great lesson comin’ up! Everyone here? Right, follow me!
— Hagrid’s passion for magical creatures[src]

Hagrid had a great beloved of charming creatures, including cross-breeds such as the Blast-Ended Skrewt, and had a better relationship with most of the inhabitants of the Forbidden Forest than most people, including the centaurus, though he had short interest in tame charming creatures due to the lack of a challenge they offered. Despite this, he did show a dependable understanding of such creatures when he returned to his post as Care of Magical Creatures teacher, continuing lessons on unicorns after Professor Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank. [ 17 ] unfortunately he tended to overlook the dangers behind certain charming creatures, such as his dragon Norbert, [ 19 ] and his pet Acromantula Aragog, which was alleged by Tom Riddle to be the monster of Slytherin in 1943, [ 25 ] resulting in Hagrid ‘s extrusion from the school. Hagrid never spoke about why he was expelled and would ignore any inquiries about it. Hagrid was fond of creatures in general and seemed to want to own any creature was even slightly fierce — his desires included a warthog and any draco that he could get his hands on. He tended to give his pets ironic names, such as Fluffy for a barbarous three-headed cad, and Fang, an affectionate Boarhound. Hagrid had a affectionateness for drinks and was sometimes known to be aggressive, particularly when people insulted or disgracefully attacked those he cared approximately. After Vernon Dursley claimed that James and Lily Potter deserved their fates and called Albus Dumbledore a “ crackpot old fool “ [ 19 ], Hagrid threatened Vernon with his tap umbrella. When Igor Karkaroff accused Dumbledore of perfidy and spat at his feet, Hagrid lifted Karkaroff off the ground and slammed him against a tree, roaring at him to apologise to Dumbledore. [ 26 ] When some Aurors stunned Fang and Minerva McGonagall, he was then indignant and disgusted that he attacked the Aurors, furiously denouncing them as cowards [ 17 ] and when he was younger, threw Tom Riddle to the land when he framed Aragog of opening the Chamber of Secrets. [ 16 ]

It’s — all — my — ruddy — fault! I told the evil git how ter get past Fluffy! I told him! It was the only thing he didn’t know, an’ I told him! Yeh could’ve died! All fer a dragon egg! I’ll never drink again! I should be chucked out an’ made ter live as a Muggle!
— Hagrid’s deep emotional concern for Harry’s safety[src]

Despite this, Hagrid was a very sensitive person and was known to burst into tears when person close to him was harmed or killed, or when he felt creditworthy for something that put his friends in hazard, such as drunkenly telling Quirinus Quirrell how to get past his giant star three headed cad, Fluffy. [ 19 ] His courage besides concealed a deep fear of rejection and insecurity which was notably shown when he isolated himself after he was revealed as a half-giant and he attempted to resign from his position as the Care of Magical Creatures teacher until he was convinced otherwise by Dumbledore, Harry, Ron and Hermione. [ 26 ] When he was teaching, he besides had a leaning to lose his assurance if his classes were disrupted such as when Buckbeak attacked Draco Malfoy, or if he believed people disliked his classes, [ 25 ] which he mistook for people disliking him. [ 27 ] Although he overlooked certain dangers, Hagrid besides avoided doing anything against the Wizarding jurisprudence when he was under pressure such as when he avoided setting Buckbeak free, fearing he would be put back in Azkaban, [ 25 ] and when he tried hard to avoid getting dangerous creatures when under probation by Dolores Umbridge. [ 17 ] Hagrid was besides a estimable and caring brother to Grawp, insisting on bringing him back to Hogwarts on finding he was being picked on for his ( relatively ) small stature by the other giants in his colony, and hiding in the afforest, despite the frequent injuries and the fuss doing so caused him. [ 17 ] He besides enjoyed cooking for his friends. however, his tendency to by and large cook foods suitable for himself and a lack of understanding of what his friends preferred eating entail that his cook was normally turned down politely. [ 19 ]

charming abilities and skills

Be grateful if yeh didn’t mention that ter anyone at Hogwarts. I’m — er — not supposed ter do magic, strictly speakin’. I was allowed ter do a bit ter follow yeh an’ get yer letters to yeh an’ stuff — one o’ the reasons I was so keen ter take on the job —
— Hagrid explaining to Harry his rare usage of magic[src]

For a man who was expelled during his third base year and rarely used magic trick as a leave, Rubeus Hagrid was a preferably good sorcerer, being well advanced, with some of his abilities even comparing to the N.E.W.T.-level academical difficulty. Being a Half-Giant, he besides had charming abilities which stemmed from his giant blood, such as capital superhuman strength and endurance along with a certain degree of charming underground. Hagrid ‘s hands-on and outdoor dash of live allowed him to acquire other skills such as looking after charming creatures, craft, crossbowmanship and social network within the charming community .

  • Magical aptitude: Despite having never graduated from Hogwarts and therefore not being fully trained in the magical arts as well as probably not often practising magic as he wasn’t allowed to do so technically in his own admission,[19] as he had been expelled from Hogwarts and his wand was apparently destroyed some years earlier,[16] Hagrid’s magical aptitude was clearly astonishing as he proved to be quite accomplished and skilled in magic enough that he was able to successfully conjure moderate levels of powerful magic. He was capable of performing successfully the majority of his spells using non-verbal magic via his umbrella-concealed wand, which only extremely powerful wizards and witches proved capable of using effectively. However, Hagrid’s magic was never flawless as he was the only member of the Order of the Phoenix who could not cast the extremely powerful and difficult Patronus Charm. He additionally failed to completely transfigure Dudley Dursley into a pig, although he cast the spell non-verbally (non-verbal spells are usually less powerful than verbal spells unless cast by a powerful wizard or witch) and admitted that since Dudley was already so close to being a pig with his overweight physique and eating ways, he did not need to transfigure him completely, suggesting that Hagrid may have been able to do it but just chose not to further humiliate Dudley. He was also unable to repair Sirius Black’s motorbike which had been heavily damaged during the Battle of the Seven Potters, though it must be noted that he was also struggling to control the motorbike and therefore he may just have been unable to exert enough magic to do so.
He brought the umbrella swishing down through the air to point at Dudley — there was a flash of violet light, a sound like a firecracker, a sharp squeal, and the next second, Dudley was dancing on the spot with his hands clasped over his fat bottom, howling in pain. When he turned his back on them, Harry saw a curly pig’s tail poking through a hole in his trousers.
— Hagrid attempting to turn Dudley Dursley into a pig[src]
  • Transfiguration: Hagrid was at least moderately proficient in the field transfiguration, as shown in the Hut-on-the-Rock when he pulled off a partially successful transfiguration when he put a pig’s tail on Dudley Dursley in a failed attempt to transfigure him into said animal. He could also perform conjuration; in 1991 he used the Fire-Making Spell, while in the Hut-on-the-Rock and in 1997 the Water-Making Spell, to put out a fire in his hut during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. This is impressive as transfiguration, especially Human Transfiguration, is considered one of the most difficult branches of magic and even experienced wizards struggle with it. In the latter case, however, Harry had to inform him of the incantation for the spell, which Hagrid’s response suggested he didn’t correctly memorise.
Rubeus Hagrid : “ Gettin’ on well, aren’t they? Fer the Hallowe’en feast… should be big enough by then.
Harry Potter: “What’ve you been feeding them?
Rubeus Hagrid: “Well, I’ve bin givin’ them — you know — a bit o’ help —
Hermione Granger: “An Engorgement Charm, I suppose? Well, you’ve done a good job on them.
— Hagrid’s use of the Engorgement Charm to enlarge pumpkins[src]
  • Charms: Hagrid was also accomplished with charms as he could cast a spell of his own that can enchant a boat to move on its own to a destination, which he used to transport himself and Harry back to the mainland from the Hut-on-the-Rock and used it on the Hogwarts boats to transport the first years across the Black Lake. Hagrid was skilled in the Engorgement Charm as he used it to enlarge his pumpkins to a giant size, his success impressing Hermione and Fred and George. Although he admitted to not having perfected it, he was competent enough in the Stamina Charm to successfully instruct members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force who pursued a profession as a Magizoologist how to cast them.
  • Non-verbal magic: Hagrid was quite skilled at using non-verbal magic, as shown when he both lit a fire non-verbally and transfigured a pig’s tail on Dudley. These spells show that, even though Hagrid never graduated from Hogwarts, he had a powerful command of magic, as non-verbal magic was difficult to use (Hogwarts does not teach non-verbal magic until students are in their sixth year).
Thestrals will sometimes go for birds, of course, but Hagrid’s got the Hogwarts thestrals well trained not to touch owls …
— Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank complimenting Hagrid’s gift for training magical beasts[src]

Hagrid ‘s pets

adenine early as in his third gear class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and possibly earlier than that, Hagrid managed to gain possession of numerous charming creatures, many of them dangerous, including Aragog, Fang, Fluffy, Buckbeak, and Norbert ( former Norberta ). Hagrid ‘s love for animals and his talent for taming and training them won him the post of Care of Magical Creatures Professor at Hogwarts. In their fourth year, Harry and his classmates were expected to help take care of Hagrid ‘s Blast-Ended Skrewts, one of which ( grown to an enormous size ) was placed in the hedge maze for the final tax of the Triwizard Tournament .



She wasn’ really the maternal sort. Well … it’s not in their natures, is it?
— Hagrid discussing his mother[src]

Rubeus Hagrid was born to Mr Hagrid, a charming, and the giantess Fridwulfa. Fridwulfa left the family because her son was “ excessively small ” for her wish, though Hagrid never seemed to resent her for abandoning him, generally appearing relatively indifferent about his miss of relationship with her. His don, on the other hand, seemed to be a very wish valet who was heartbroken when his wife left, and was amused by the fact that, at the long time of six, Hagrid was big enough to be able to set him on top of a dresser. [ 15 ] Mr Hagrid died when his son was twelve years old, and by the time Hagrid tried to find his mother in 1995, she excessively had died, although he dismissed the consequence on the grounds that he scantily remembered her. On the early hand, he was saddened by his founder ‘s end, though he was at least glad that his founder did not live to see Rubeus expelled from school. During his travels to the Northern elephantine colonies that lapp class, Hagrid found his maternal stepbrother : an undersize colossus called Grawp. As Grawp ‘s size made it difficult for him to function within his colony, Hagrid brought him back to Hogwarts and hid him within the Forbidden Forest. As Hagrid and Maxime ‘s mission had failed, it is highly likely that Hagrid besides brought Grawp back to prevent his stepbrother from being enslaved by Voldemort alongside the other giants. Hagrid ‘s attempts to raise and socialise Grawp initially appeared wholly pointless ; Grawp ‘s progress in picking up English, or in curbing his ferocity, which much left Hagrid with a number of atrocious looking injuries, seemed about non-existent. however, over the run of the year, Grawp grew increasingly attached to his older buddy and was distressed by Hagrid ‘s fade after Dolores Umbridge attempted to have Hagrid arrested in 1996. [ 17 ] By Albus Dumbledore ‘s funeral, Grawp was relatively calm and presentable, and he even attempted to comfort Hagrid by patting him ( though a spot excessively intemperate ) on the head and former embracing him. [ 27 ] Grawp spent the first region of the Battle of Hogwarts stumbling around, yelling for “ Hagger, ” but finally jumped into the affray, fighting the giants brought to the struggle by Voldemort. [ 28 ]

Pets and early creatures

Hagrid had a dependable relationship with most of his pets and other charming creatures, most notably Fang, Aragog, and Buckbeak. His relationship with most charming creatures was arguably better then the ones most other wizards had. Fang was normally Hagrid ‘s company most of the time, although he was cowardly. Fang demonstrated some protectiveness towards Hagrid in malice of his cowardly nature such as when he attempted to protect Hagrid when Dolores Umbridge and some Auror ‘s attempted to sack and arrest him. Hagrid, in go, was besides protective of Fang as he was enraged when the Aurors had stunned him, carrying his unconscious body as he fled Hogwarts, and immediately went after Fang when he was afraid during the Battle of Hogwarts. Hagrid had a huge friendship with Aragog, whom he had hatched in an egg when he was a scholar at Hogwarts. Hagrid protected Aragog when he was suspected to be the giant that opened the Chamber of Secrets, throwing Tom Riddle to the ground when he tried to curse him and sending Aragog to live in the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid managed to find Aragog a wife, Mosag, which allowed Aragog to have a family in the forest. Aragog, in become, was grateful for Hagrid ‘s friendship and protection to the distributor point that he never directly harmed a human out of respect for Hagrid and commanded his family not to harm Hagrid while he was animated. however, this did not stop Aragog from letting his children and descendants attempt to eat Harry and Ron even though they were friends of Hagrid, claiming that he could not deny them newly meat when it wandered into their midst. Hagrid was devastated when Aragog died and, along with Professor Slughorn, buried him near his Hut. Although Aragog ‘s children and descendants did not hold back in attempting to devour Hagrid after Aragog ‘s death, Hagrid attempted to protect them during the Battle of Hogwarts in honor of his friendship with Aragog, even though the Acromantulas were attacking both Death Eaters and Hogwarts defenders. Hagrid cared greatly about Buckbeak as he tried intemperate to prevent his execution by the Ministry of Magic and was overjoyed when he managed to escape with Sirius Black, unaware at the time that Harry and Hermione helped him escape. Hagrid was late reunited with Buckbeak and looked after him when Sirius was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. Hagrid concisely had a darling dragon named Norbert, whom he had acquired from a disguise Quirinus Quirrell in exchange for cognition on how to get past Hagrid ‘s three-headed dog Fluffy. however, since dragons were illegal, Hagrid reluctantly allowed Norbert to be sent to Charlie Weasley in Romania and was devastated to let her go. When inquiring about Norbert from Charlie six years former, Hagrid was shocked to learn that Norbert was a female dragon, having mistaken her for a male dragon, and of her being renamed Norberta. Although the full extent of Hagrid ‘s relationship with Fluffy is obscure, Hagrid used Fluffy to guard the capture of the Underground Chambers where the Philosopher ‘s Stone was being kept and before he by chance told Quirrell, was the only one apart from Dumbledore who knew how to calm him. Hagrid besides had a cordial kinship with the Forbidden Forest Centaur colony, particularly with Bane, Ronan, Magorian and Firenze, and sometimes visited them whenever he went inside the Forest. however, Hagrid had a falling out with the centaurs when he defended Firenze from them as they believed Firenze had betrayed them by accepting the teaching post of Divination at Hogwarts, which was further complicated when he brought Grawp into the Forbidden Forest. During the Battle of Hogwarts, when Hagrid carried Harry, believing he was dead, back to Hogwarts, he was ferocious when the centaurs did not fight in the first gear half for Harry, accusing them of cowardice, which convinced them to fight in the second half of the conflict. While Hagrid remained on good terms with Firenze, it is nameless whether Hagrid made peace with the early Centaurs after the conflict ended .

Albus Dumbledore

Great man, Dumbledore. ‘S long as we’ve got him, I’m not too worried.
— Hagrid discussing his trust in Dumbledore[src]

Albus Dumbledore placed great faith in Hagrid, which Hagrid returned with fierce loyalty and firm admiration. This commitment always flared up whenever person insulted Dumbledore, one clock causing Hagrid to give Dudley Dursley a devour ‘s tail, and causing him to choke Igor Karkaroff another time. Hagrid would frequently describe Dumbledore as a “ great man. ” While a professor, Dumbledore believed in Hagrid ‘s artlessness when he was accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets, and convinced then-Headmaster Armando Dippet to train Hagrid as the Gamekeeper and allow him to remain at Hogwarts. [ 16 ] Hagrid went on to join Dumbledore ‘s order of the Phoenix as an adult, and he was the one tasked with bringing Harry Potter to Dumbledore after James and Lily Potter were murdered in 1981. Dumbledore besides trusted him to move the Philosopher ‘s stone from Gringotts Wizarding Bank to the school and believed Hagrid could offer Harry as much protection as “ a bunch ” of Ministry Aurors could while shopping in Diagon Alley, in 1996. [ 27 ] In 1995, Dumbledore gave Hagrid the unmanageable job of approaching the giant star colonies of the North and dissuading them joining forces with Lord Voldemort, knowing Hagrid was amply capable of the delicate treatment required to court the Gurg. [ 17 ] Dumbledore additionally was the only one who supported Hagrid ‘s decision to bring his giant stepbrother Grawp with him back to Hogwarts after his mission to recruit the giants failed, allowing Grawp to stay in the Forbidden Forest and late having him sent to the mountains near Hogsmeade. After Albus Dumbledore ‘s death, Hagrid was therefore devastate to the point that he was inconsolable, despite the best efforts of Olympe Maxime and even his stepbrother Grawp .

Harry Potter

Well. Hello. Yeh must be Harry. Hello, Harry Potter. I’m Rubeus Hagrid. And I’m gonna be yer friend whether yeh like it or not. ‘Cos yeh’ve had it tough, not that yeh know it yet. An’ yer gonna need friends. Now yeh best come with me, don’t yeh think?
— Hagrid to baby Harry after the murder of the Potters[src]

Harry Potter and Hagrid shared a particular kinship. Hagrid was one of the first people ( if not the beginning ) Harry could remember showing him actual kindness and appearing to truly manage for him. Hagrid was the matchless who introduced Harry back into the wizarding world, and he empathised with Harry ‘s situation, as they were both a bit different from wizarding norm and were orphans who had been more or less leave to fend for themselves .

Sent owls off ter all yer parents’ old school friends, askin’ fer photos … knew yeh didn’ have any … d’yeh like it?
— Hagrid giving Harry a special photo album[src]

Hagrid was Harry ‘s first base true friend, and the two helped each other get through many unmanageable situations and constantly looked out for one another. Though Harry frequently took issue with Hagrid ‘s preference for collecting dangerous pets, equally well as the fact Hagrid decided to bring his giant stepbrother to Hogwarts, [ 17 ] he never failed to support Hagrid in his efforts to protect and care for all of them. When Harry learned about Hagrid ‘s half-giant condition, he never showed any concern about it, citing his relationship to the Dursleys as an example of how people should not be judged by who they were related to but who they were themselves. Hagrid ‘s forgivingness and friendship allowed Harry to come to terms with how being an orphan never leaves you, as Harry witnessed Hagrid silent mourning his church father ‘s end even over fifty years since he passed. This bond between two orphans and Hagrid ‘s reassurance that Harry ‘s parents would be gallant of him helped Harry to live with pride in his kin. Hagrid was besides the one who first gear told Harry about who his parents were and gave him his first true expression at his inheritance and family .

— Hagrid’s horror at seeing Harry sacrifice himself to Voldemort[src]

Hagrid was shocked and horrified when Harry came to Voldemort to be sacrificed and yelled at him to run. Hagrid was devastated when he thought Harry was dead and openly sobbed in front man of the Death Eaters and rebuked the centaurs for not helping Harry. Hagrid returned Harry to the afforest and was very easy with his torso. Hagrid was delighted when he found Harry was animated and was among the first people to congratulate Harry after he defeated Voldemort for the final time. Hagrid besides met Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley through Harry, and he presumably remained in equal with all three of them well after their time at Hogwarts, as in 2017, Harry reminded his son, Albus, that he had been invited to Hagrid ‘s Hut for tea upon his arrival at Hogwarts. [ 28 ] In many ways, Hagrid served as a column of strength for Harry, giving him his beginning look at barely how kind people can be, and gave Harry his inaugural smack of kindness, which caught on like wildfire and served to groom Harry into the altruistic defender and warrior he became. Suffice it to say, were it not for Hagrid, Harry could have ended up a profoundly different person .

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger : “ Look, Hagrid’s our friend, why don’t we just go and ask him about it?
Ron Weasley: “That would be a cheerful visit. “Hello Hagrid! Tell us, have you been setting anything mad and hairy loose in the castle lately?”
— Hermione and Ron about the monster in the Chamber of Secrets[src]

Like Harry, both Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley had a close up relationship with the half-giant. Though Ron was openly outraged by some of Hagrid ‘s more dangerous pets, particularly Aragog, Hermione was more allow with her comments and tended to be more proactive than either Ron or Harry when it came to helping Hagrid protect his creatures. She tried urgently to help him appeal Buckbeak ‘s death prison term in 1994, [ 25 ] and in her fifth year, she made every feat to ensure certain Hagrid ‘s Care of Magical Creatures course of study would give Dolores Umbridge no excuse to sack him. [ 17 ] When Rita Skeeter revealed that Hagrid was half-giant in the Daily Prophet, both Ron and Hermione stood by him and convinced him that despite all the prejudice he faced, there were still people who loved him and wanted him to stay at the school. Hagrid was on the point of release, but with their encouragement, remained at Hogwarts and continued teaching. Ron did show a certain tied of concern upon determine of Hagrid ‘s shock, given wizarding history regarding giants ; Hermione, on the other hand, noted in an unsurprising tone that she suspected it retentive ago, seeing as his size fit the profile. [ 26 ]
Though Hagrid was himself a garter of charming creatures, he disagreed when Hermione decided to create SPEW. Hermione pointed out how infelicitous Dobby was being with Lucius, but Hagrid besides pointed out that other house-elves considered him to be crazy. Hagrid came to Hermione ‘s refutation during her third year when she was in conflict with the boys ( as Ron believed her cat had eaten his rat Scabbers, and Harry was angry that she had gotten his Firebolt confiscated ). Hagrid was able to convince Harry and Ron of how ailing they were treating their friend, and finally, he succeeded in getting the two to reconcile with Hermione. [ 25 ] He besides encouraged Hermione during her one-fourth class to ignore the hate mail as he had following Rita Skeeter releasing a nasty article about Hermione in Witch Weekly. It is possible that Hagrid was close with Ron and Hermione ‘s daughter, Rose Granger-Weasley and their son Hugo Granger-Weasley, as he was planning to have tea with Harry ‘s son, Albus, in 2017 .

Madame Olympe Maxime

Hagrid : “ So…anyway…enough abou’ me. What about you? Which side you got it on?
Madame Maxime: “It is chilly. I think I will go in now
Hagrid: “Eh? No, don’ go! I’ve — I’ve never met another one before
Madame Maxime: “Anuzzer what, precisely?
Hagrid: “Another half-giant, o’ course
Madame Maxime: “‘Ow dare you!
— Hagrid and Madame Maxime[src]

During the Triwizard Tournament, Hagrid began a quixotic kinship with Madame Olympe Maxime, Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy. They were often seen in concert, talking and walking around the grounds, and they danced in concert at the Yule Ball. Though the two had a minor falling-out when Hagrid implied ( correctly ) that Maxime, like him, was part- giant, they finally reconciled and travelled together to appeal to the giants of the Northern colonies and dissuade them from joining forces with Voldemort. Maxime was besides seen comforting Hagrid during Albus Dumbledore ‘s funeral. The current condition of their relationship is strange, but as Hagrid never got married, it can be assumed that their relationship did not work knocked out. [ 2 ]

Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort

Monsters don’t make good pets, Hagrid.
— Riddle before he turned Hagrid in[src]

Hagrid was two years below Tom Riddle at Hogwarts, and in Hagrid ‘s third year, Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets, unleashing a Basilisk on Muggle-born students. After the death of Myrtle Warren, Hogwarts was in risk of shutting, and to prevent that happening, Riddle framed Hagrid and his pet Acromantula, Aragog, for the crime. Hagrid protected Aragog from Riddle, throwing him to the ground when he tried to curse Aragog, making Hagrid the alone person to challenge Riddle while he was a student. Despite this, Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts and had his baton snapped in half by the Ministry of Magic. [ 16 ] Believing in Hagrid ‘s purity, however, Professor Albus Dumbledore convinced then-Headmaster Armando Dippet to allow Hagrid to stay on at Hogwarts as Gamekeeper. Tom Riddle never felt compunction for framing Hagrid and ruining his life. As Riddle went on to become Lord Voldemort, Hagrid joined the regulate of the Phoenix to fight against Voldemort and his death Eaters. In 1981, Hagrid was devastated by the murder of his friends James and Lily Potter but was relieved when the Dark Lord disappeared after failing to kill young Harry Potter. Although many thought that Voldemort was absolutely, Hagrid, agreeing with Dumbledore, believed that he would return one day, as he believed that he did not “ have enough human left in him to die “. As with most of the wizarding community, he refused to speak Voldemort ‘s name, and generally referred to him as “ You-Know-Who. ” however, when he first explained Voldemort ‘s background to Harry, he reluctantly said Voldemort ‘s mention. When Voldemort was searching for the Philosopher ‘s Stone, he took advantage of Hagrid ‘s love and cognition of charming creatures and through Quirinus Quirrell, gathered the secret of subduing Fluffy through music from a bibulous Hagrid, who was contrite afterwards. Since Voldemort had a certain respect for Hogwart ‘s professors, it is not known if that included Hagrid, who taught Care of Magical Creatures. This is improbable considering Hagrid ‘s half-giant status. In 1995, after his resurrection, Voldemort dispatched his end Eaters to convince the giants to join their side, while Dumbledore had sent Hagrid and Olympe Maxime to do the lapp. While Hagrid and Maxime were on good terms with the Gurg, Karkus, the Death Eaters supported the giant Golgomath in an rise that resulted in Golgomath decapitate Karkus and taking over the giant star colony. The giants then attacked Hagrid and Maxime, who were forced to retreat. In 1998, Hagrid fight in the Battle of Hogwarts and was captured by the Death Eaters. After Harry sacrificed himself to be killed, Voldemort ordered a grieving Hagrid to carry his friend ‘s “ all in ” body in his arms, where it would be intelligibly visible to Harry ‘s supporters. On the room back to the school, Hagrid expressed his ferocity with the centaurs for staying out of the crusade, prompting them to join in soon after. [ 28 ] Hagrid was among the beginning to congratulate Harry after his kill of Voldemort, showing his reject for the Dark Lord. Although Hagrid ‘s extrusion, and a lot of his late reputation for awkwardness, was originally Tom Riddle ‘s demerit, Riddle at least did not attach any special importance to his relationship with Hagrid, and at the Battle of Hogwarts, made no mention of their past. Hagrid, in turn, is never seen to admit to having known Riddle in their youth, and never referred to him except as ‘You-Know-Who ‘, or ( once ) by his prefer alias of Voldemort ; indeed, Hagrid is terrified of him in the Battle of the Seven Potters, in hurt of having known him. It was never confirmed if he ever knew that his erstwhile schoolmate and the Dark Lord were one and the same ; however, since Hagrid said to Harry in 1991 that Voldemort was in Slytherin, it is probable that Hagrid knew .

Weasley class

Another Weasley, eh?… I spent half me life chasin’ yer twin brothers away from the Forest!
— Hagrid to Ron when they first met[src]

Hagrid was on dear terms with Molly and Arthur Weasley, who had both attend Hogwarts during the 1960s, while hush Hagrid served as an assistant to his harbinger Ogg. [ 32 ] He met them again in 1992, at Flourish and Blotts, when Arthur got into a fist fight with Lucius Malfoy. Hagrid broke up the fight and told Arthur that he should have ignored Malfoy, though he clearly sympathised with Arthur on acting the feelings Malfoy went out of his way to inspire. Hagrid was fond of the Weasley ‘s due to their kind nature, huge courage, and their fair-minded views on Muggle-borns and half-humans like himself. Twins Fred and George Weasley were friends of Hagrid since their time at Hogwarts. Hagrid seemed to be one of their front-runner members of the staff, as he had a sense of humor and was not anywhere near american samoa rigorous as many of the professors, though he mentioned that he spent “ half his life ” chasing the twins away from the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid besides knew Charles Weasley quite well ; Charlie had been one of the best care of Magical Creatures students in his meter at Hogwarts, and Hagrid described him as being “ great with animals. ” He went on to study dragons in Romania, and Hagrid helped him with the dragons imported to Scotland for the Triwizard Tournament in 1994. Two years earlier, Hagrid had sent his pet dragon, “ Norbert “ to Charlie in Romania, and Charlie late informed Hagrid that “ Norbert ” was, in fact, actually “ Norberta. ” Bill Weasley besides attended Hogwarts before working in Egypt with Gringotts Wizarding Bank, and Hagrid encountered him numerous times when he moved back to England. Bill arrived with the order of the Phoenix at Hogwarts during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, where he was attacked by Fenrir Greyback. Hagrid was invited to Bill ‘s marriage to Fleur Delacour, in which Ginny, the youngest child and only daughter of the Weasley kin, was a bridesmaid. Hagrid was quite affectionate of Ginny throughout her time at Hogwarts, and she was among the students who never even considered turning her back on Hagrid when she found out he was half-giant. Hagrid besides knew she had a crush on Harry Potter, and playfully teased Harry about the fact in 1992. Hagrid did not appear to have a lot of a kinship with Percy Weasley, though it is improbable they would have been very close up before the Battle of Hogwarts, even if they had had more contact. When Percy was employed by the Ministry of Magic, he did not show any sign of protesting against the Ministry ‘s criticism of Dumbledore ‘s decision to employ Hagrid, as he was a half-giant and Percy disbelieved Dumbledore ‘s claims of Voldemort ‘s return. He besides tried to persuade his younger brother Ron to support the Ministry of Magic in favor of Dumbledore, to whom Hagrid was fiercely firm. however, Percy abandoned the Ministry once it fell to Lord Voldemort, apologised to his family, and fight against the Death Eaters at the Battle of Hogwarts, after which Hagrid would have undoubtedly thought better of him .

James and Lily Potter

CAR CRASH! How could a car crash kill Lily an’ James Potter? It’s an outrage! A scandal! Harry Potter not knowin’ his own story when every kid in our world knows his name!
— Hagrid defending Lily and James[src]

Hagrid had been a good supporter of Harry Potter ‘s parents, Lily and James, since the clock they attended Hogwarts. Hagrid admired them for being amongst the best wizards and witches of their age. Hagrid became a member of the Order of the Phoenix around the lapp time as James and Lily, and they fought together throughout the First Wizarding War. Hagrid was beside himself when Lily and James were killed in 1981 ; Albus Dumbledore sent him to rescue their baby child, Harry, from the wreckage of their home in Godric ‘s Hollow, and Hagrid later reintroduced Harry to the wizarding worldly concern in 1991. Hagrid knew them very well and conveyed the accuracy about them to their son, who had been lead to believe diss lies about them and their deaths, restoring and preserving their bequest in their son. Hagrid besides kept a leather-bound kin album of them which he gave to Harry, which Hagrid came into possession of through obscure circumstances, but might have been entrusted to him by Lily and James to give to their son. Hagrid was known to respect them for their desire to fight for what was correct .

Sirius Black

Look … I knew Sirius longer ‘n yeh did … he died in battle, an’ tha’s the way he’d’ve wanted ter go –
— Rubeus Hagrid to Harry Potter on Sirius Black[src]

Though Hagrid described Sirius Black as having been a “ trouble-maker ” in his young, Hagrid had clearly been fond of him, angstrom well as his best supporter, James Potter, when they were students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After graduating, Sirius, along with James, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, joined the order of the Phoenix around the same time as Hagrid. When James and Lily discovered they were Voldemort ‘s adjacent targets, they went into to hiding with the use of the Fidelius Charm ; Peter Pettigrew had been made their Secret-Keeper, unbeknown to anyone else, and betrayed the Potters to Voldemort, framing Sirius for the crime. For many years, everybody, including Hagrid, believed Sirius was the informer. The night James and Lily died, Hagrid met Sirius in Godric ‘s Hollow, where Hagrid had been sent to rescue the baby Harry Potter from the wreckage of the Potter ‘s destroy home, and Sirius lent Hagrid his flying motorbike to deliver Harry to Albus Dumbledore. By 1993, Hagrid was horrified to think that he comforted the “ mangle double-crosser ” that very night and deeply resented him for his betrayal, raging that had he knew, he would have attacked Black in retaliation. Hagrid learned the truth in 1995 once Voldemort returned, a year after Sirius escaped from Azkaban and exposed Pettigrew as having been in hiding as Ron Weasley ‘s favored rat, Scabbers. When Harry and Hermione Granger helped Sirius avoid the destiny of receiving the Dementor ‘s Kiss, they besides saved Buckbeak, who was poised for execution as ordered by the Ministry of Magic, and in doing so, provided Sirius with fare to make his miss. [ 25 ] Dumbledore re-instated the order of the Phoenix in 1995, and following Sirius ‘ tragic death during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in 1996, Harry inherited Buckbeak, whom he sent back into Hagrid ‘s care at Hogwarts. [ 27 ] Hagrid was saddened by Sirius ‘s death and tried to comfort Harry the best he could, saying that having known Sirius, he was confident that Sirius wanted to go down the way he did, which he truly deemed a valiant means to die .

Hogwarts staff

Hagrid would have known Remus Lupin for about adenine long as he knew the Potters and Sirius Black, though they did not appear to be particularly close until 1993 when Lupin was appointed Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, and they became co-workers. Both Hagrid and Lupin knew what it was like to be within the wizarding community, however inactive considered outsiders and face its prejudices, as Lupin was a werewolf and Hagrid was a half-giant. In 1995, they both joined the re-instated order of the Phoenix and worked together throughout the second Wizarding War to protect Harry Potter and bring about the end of Lord Voldemort .
Hagrid greatly respected Minerva McGonagall, the Transfiguration professor and Head of Gryffindor House. They attended Hogwarts around the like time ( Hagrid having been expelled a few years before she started ) and they by and by became members of the Hogwarts staff. As one of the most rigorous professors at Hogwarts, McGonagall sometimes disapproved of Hagrid ‘s miss of complicate behavior, particularly during the Sorting ceremony. however, they were close friends and fellow members of the Order of the Phoenix in both wars. In 1995, when Dolores Umbridge brought several Ministry officials to either have Hagrid forcibly removed from the school grounds, arrested, or both, McGonagall immediately came to Hagrid ‘s defense ; she took four coincident stunners straight to her breast as she rushed to Hagrid ‘s care, and was incapacitated for some time at St Mungo ‘s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Hagrid was disgusted and outraged when McGonagall got stunned to the charge that he attacked the Ministry officials who injured her, furiously denouncing them as cowards. After Albus Dumbledore ‘s death, McGonagall stated that she appreciated Hagrid ‘s opinion very much, as Dumbledore had, and took it into retainer when determining the best meter to close the school. McGonagall later became Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Hagrid was even living by 2017. besides, McGonagall showed no contemn when Hagrid drunkenly kissed her on the cheek at a Hogwarts Christmas celebration. On the adverse, she began to giggle and blushed. McGonagall was touched by Hagrid ‘s defense of wanting to bury their mentor, Albus Dumbledore on Hogwarts ‘s grounds, citing that no other Headmaster had given more to the school, and as such defended his stance on the matter .
Hagrid always stoutly defended Severus Snape against Harry ‘s doubts and allegations, on the footing that Albus Dumbledore trusted Snape completely. When Snape killed Dumbledore, Hagrid initially disbelieved the fact and told Harry he must be mistaken but was former ferocious to learn that Snape had indeed killed the deep Headmaster. Hagrid openly opposed Snape when he became the Headmaster of Hogwarts by holding a Support Harry Potter party ( unaware Snape was secretly placid on their side ), an act which about resulted in his halt and forced him to go into hiding until the concluding struggle. Before Hagrid fled, Snape put students in detentions with Hagrid, ensuring that they were protected from the harsh and agonizing punishments from the Carrows. however, Hagrid finally learned of Snape ‘s true loyalties during the concluding confrontation of the Battle of Hogwarts. Hagrid and Argus Filch regularly found themselves at odds ; Filch thought that Hagrid was “ an lout, ” and even told Mrs Norris, his cat, to keep an eye on the Gateskeeper. Filch did not seem to care or even in truth acknowledge when Hagrid became a professor, possibly because he was a half-giant, and Hagrid, for his part, called Filch a “ sneakin ‘ Squib ”, when the latter insulted him .
Hagrid had been identical familiar with Divination Professor Firenze, long before he began working at Hogwarts, and when the centaurus ‘s herd turned on him for entering into “ the servitude of a homo ” by accepting the situation at Hogwarts as a favor to Headmaster Dumbledore, it was Hagrid who saved him. Of all the centaurs Firenze seemed to be the most active in working against Lord Voldemort and was not above allowing Harry Potter to ride on his second in the process of saving Harry ‘s biography — both of which elicited great regard and gratitude from both Harry and Hagrid. Hagrid besides seemed to be on effective terms with Horace Slughorn, the Potions master in 1996. It is possible that Slughorn was one of Hagrid ‘s teachers at Hogwarts, but they late became co-workers. Slughorn attended Aragog ‘s funeral and comforted Hagrid, and while this was largely because he wanted to extract some of Aragog ‘s valuable malice, Hagrid was touched however, and the two enjoyed a bibulous salute to the late Acromantula. Hagrid initially held Quirinus Quirrell in high attentiveness, considering him a very talented and apt charming, and initially seemed to have a good kinship with him, particularly when he introduced Quirrell to Harry in the Leaky Cauldron. however, due to his loyalty to Voldemort, a disguised Quirrell by and by took advantage of Hagrid ‘s sleep together for charming creatures and manipulated a bibulous Hagrid into revealing the secret of getting past Fluffy in substitution for a draco egg. Hagrid was later horrified and guilt-ridden when he learnt of Quirrell ‘s true nature after his death, calling him an “ evil rotter ” and blaming himself for Harry ‘s injuries during his meet with Quirrell and Voldemort. Hagrid had a shuffle kinship with Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank as while she worked as a alternate for Hagrid in Care for Magical Creatures and his gamekeeping duties when Hagrid was absent or had a mission to do, he slenderly envied her teaching skills, which made early students ( including Harry, Ron and Hermione ) consider her a superior teacher to him for Care of Magical Creatures. This besides made him accept Harry, Ron and Hermione ‘s untrue claims of Grubby-Plank being a “ awful teacher ” when they attempted to reassure him that they silent cared for him despite not taking the subject for their sixth year. Grubbly-Plank on the early hand seemed to respect Hagrid for his skills and abilities despite the students considering her a better teacher than him, as she complimented Hagrid ‘s training of the school ‘s Thestrals and besides kept silent about his mission to recruit the giants when Harry inquired her about his whereabouts, understanding the importance of his relegate mission. Hagrid disliked Gilderoy Lockhart, as did the other teachers, ascribable to him being an annoyingly objectionable and an incompetent teacher. Hagrid did not read any of Lockhart ‘s books, rejected his ideas of Harry trying to hog the spotlight, and openly criticised him, something that he would normally not do to a teacher .
The professor with whom Hagrid had the most difficult and antagonistic relationship was, by far, Dolores Umbridge, who was a pure-blood supremacist with a particular disfavor for what she called “ half-breeds. ” Throughout the 1995–1996 school year, she made Hagrid ‘s biography deplorable with her disruptive evaluations of his education ( separate of her function as Hogwarts High Inquisitor, during which she was unabashedly condescending and critical. ) When a student released two nifflers in her office, following Headmaster Dumbledore ‘s departure from the school, she blamed Hagrid, although he had a rock solid alibi. She subsequently brought Ministry officials to Hagrid ‘s Hut in the middle of the night, either to arrest or forcibly remove him from the premises, though Hagrid was able to resist with the aid of Minerva McGonagall and go on the melt. Hagrid was disgusted by Umbridge ‘s and the officials attack on McGonagall, attacking the Ministry officials in retaliation, although he refrained from attacking Umbridge in ordering to escape from Hogwarts. Following the Skirmish in the Forbidden Forest, Umbridge was finally suspended from Hogwarts in 1996 and Hagrid was reinstated as a teacher. She was besides imprisoned in Azkaban two years belated for her crimes against Muggle-Borns because of her actions as Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission .

Hogwarts students

Luna Lovegood : “ He isn’t a very good teacher, is he?
Harry Potter, Ron and Ginny Weasley: “Yes, he is!
Hermione Granger: “Erm … yes … he’s very good.
Luna Lovegood: “Well, we think he’s a bit of a joke in Ravenclaw.
— Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger discussing Hagrid’s teaching abilities[src]

apart from Harry, Ron and Hermione and the other Weasley children ( excluding Percy ), Hagrid seemed to have a good relationship with Lee Jordan who was a friend of Fred and George Weasley as he once shook Hagrid ‘s hand, along with Fred and George, when he returned after his mission to find the giants. apart from them, the other students had a shuffle relationship with Hagrid which was specially discernible while he taught Care of Magical Creatures. Although many of the students had a relatively civil relationship with Hagrid outside his teaching, most of them considered Professor Grubbly-Plank a more restricted teacher for the capable since Hagrid sometimes lost his confidence and prefer teaching dangerous creatures. [ 26 ] The Gryffindor students expressed the most enthusiasm when he assumed the stake but after Draco Malfoy caused Buckbeak to attack him by insulting him and when Hagrid preferred teaching atrocious creatures over creatures which were tame, their exuberance on the subject reduced. [ 25 ] Despite this, Hagrid arguably had the best relationship with the Gryffindor students as he was once a Gryffindor himself and was regularly seen supporting Gryffindor during Quiddich matches alongside the early Gryffindor students. Luna Lovegood believed that Hagrid was a poor teacher and said that Ravenclaw students considered him a joke. [ 17 ] It is unknown what relationship Hagrid had with the Hufflepuff students, although it is possible their relationship was besides mix like the early students. however, while the other students by and large disapproved his education methods, Hagrid had an antagonistic kinship with the Slytherin students as they, encouraged by Draco Malfoy, were besides prejudiced against Hagrid due to his condition as a half-giant, [ 17 ] and Draco ‘s attack by Buckbeak, without caring that Draco did not listen to Hagrid in the first position. [ 25 ] however, despite Hagrid ‘s blend kinship with them, most of the students with the exception of Slytherin opposed Dolores Umbridge alongside Hagrid and disapproved of Umbridge ‘s harsh and critical discussion of Hagrid due to her prejudice against part-humans. They besides believed that Hagrid had improved in his education by the time he was temporarily sacked by Umbridge although many of them did not take the subject for N.E.W.Ts due to their past experiences with the dangerous creatures he taught. They were besides extremely angry when Hagrid was attacked by Umbridge, again excluding the Slytherin students. Hagrid besides opposed the Death Eater ‘s control of Hogwarts aboard many of the students, including holding a Support Harry Potter Party in his Hut, and besides crusade alongside them against Voldemort and the Death Eater ‘s during the Battle of Hogwarts .

Dursley family

Vernon Dursley : “ I demand that you leave at once, sir! You are breaking and entering!
Rubeus Hagrid: “Ah, shut up, Dursley, yeh great prune.
— Hagird insulting Vernon Dursley[src]

Hagrid was sent by Albus Dumbledore to inform Harry Potter of his true identity on Harry ‘s eleventh birthday in 1991 after it was revealed that Hogwarts ‘ letters to him were getting blocked by his aunt and uncle, Vernon and Petunia Dursley, both Muggles who hated and feared magic. finally, Hagrid found Harry and his family in an old hovel out at ocean ( Vernon Dursley had become paranoid with the amount of Hogwarts letters arriving at their dwelling, so he had temporarily vacated their home in the hopes that they would throw off any wizards possibly following them. ) After giving Harry a birthday coat, he introduced himself to Harry, believing him to know everything about the wizarding world ( from the letter left by Albus Dumbledore. ) Upon learning that Harry knew nothing, Hagrid became angry at the Dursleys for not telling him anything. When Hagrid proceeded to tell Harry that he was a ace, Vernon became angry and admitted that they had known for years and had been trying to “ stomp it out of him ”, including admitting that they lied to Harry in telling him that his parents had in truth been killed in a car crash. This far enraged Hagrid, but Vernon continued to try and keep Harry from going to Hogwarts, going therefore army for the liberation of rwanda as to call Albus Dumbledore a “ crackpot old fool ”. This, however, sent Hagrid over the edge ; he lost his temper and used his pink umbrella to give Dudley Dursley a farrow ‘s tail. This panicky Vernon and Petunia adequate to let Hagrid take Harry. finally, they would remove the devour tail, but the run into added a newfound fear of magic trick to the Dursleys ‘ hate of it. The incident scared Dudley sol a lot that he instinctively grabbed his bottom when meeting the Weasleys, despite them being friendly wizards .

Malfoy family

Yeh should’ve ignored him, Arthur. Rotten ter the core, the whole family, everyone knows that — no Malfoy’s worth listenin’ ter — bad blood, that’s what it is —
— Hagird’s scathing opinion of the Malfoy family[src]

Hagrid was disgusted by the Malfoy class ‘s saturated rake supremacist values, their unfold maltreatment of Muggle-borns and “ blood traitors, ” their allegiance to Lord Voldemort and their disrespect towards Albus Dumbledore ; even going therefore army for the liberation of rwanda as to accuse them of ‘bad lineage ‘, quite against the principles espoused by Dumbledore. In turn, the Malfoys disliked Hagrid, regularly mocking him and doing about everything in their collective power to get him sacked from his post at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In 1992, Hagrid broke up a competitiveness between Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy in Flourish and Blotts, though Hagrid was more sympathetic to Arthur. During the 1992–1993 school year, Lucius was indirectly creditworthy for reopening of the Chamber of Secrets, as he had used the earlier shuffle with Arthur Weasley to slip Tom Riddle ‘s diary into Ginny Weasley ‘s caldron full of books. Hagrid was blamed for the attacks, precisely as he had been fifty dollar bill years earlier when he was framed by Tom Riddle for the Chamber ‘s first open. Hagrid was arrested as a precautionary measure by Cornelius Fudge, where Hagrid reacted angrily to Lucius ‘ unnecessary presence and ordered him out. Lucius mocked Hagrid by wondering how his belittled hovel could be considered a “ house ” and claimed he was alone there to inform Dumbledore that he and the other governors had voted on his suspension. Hagrid saw through Lucius and accused him of threatening the early governors, which former proved to have been precisely the case .

What’re you doin’ here? Get outta my house!
— Rubeus Hagrid to Lucius Malfoy[src]

Hagrid did not get along any better with Lucius ‘ son Draco. even before meeting Hagrid for the first time, Draco slandered him when talking to Harry Potter for the first clock time, describing him as “ … a sort of barbarous – lives in a hovel in the school grounds and every now and then he gets drink, tries to do magic and ends up setting open fire to his bed. ” Hagrid first met Draco in 1991 when he was sorted into Slytherin. During that year, Draco was put in detention with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom. Hagrid called Draco an “ idiot ” when he scared Neville, and in 1992, was outraged when he heard Draco called Hermione a Mudblood. Draco was in Hagrid ‘s Care of Magical Creatures class in 1993 and ignored Hagrid ‘s advice on how to handle Hagrid ‘s hippogriff Buckbeak. Draco insulted Buckbeak, causing the hippogriff to lash out and cut Draco ‘s arm. Hagrid took Draco to the Hospital Wing, but Draco swore retaliation, and measuredly exaggerated his wound to get Hagrid into worry. Lucius was angry when he found out and took legal natural process against Hagrid and Buckbeak. Hagrid tried hard to defend Buckbeak, but the court ruled in favor of Lucius, largely due to his influence at the Ministry, and Buckbeak was sentenced to death, but late freed by Harry and Hermione. In Draco ‘s fourth year, he openly disobeyed Hagrid by saying that he would not be coming down to look after the blast-ended skrewts, saying that he spent besides much time with them during regular classify. Hagrid, hearing about the previous punishment ‘Moody ‘ gave Draco, threatened to turn him into a black-footed ferret. Later that year, Draco happily provided Rita Skeeter with skewed details about the events of the previous class and delighted when Hagrid temporarily went into hiding following Skeeter ‘s publication of the article revealing that Hagrid was half-giant. In his fifth class, Draco spoke negatively regarding Hagrid during Dolores Umbridge ‘s inspection of a Care of Magical Creatures class conducted by Professor Grubbly-Plank, probable hoping that Hagrid would be placed on probation when and if he returned to Hogwarts, an consequence that did indeed come to pass. Given that Draco ‘s wife Astoria helped to raise their son to be a kinder valet than Draco was in his young, it can be assumed that Scorpius Malfoy had a better relationship with Hagrid than his church father did. This is besides likely due to Scorpius being best friends with Albus Potter who was already a good ally of Hagrid ‘s before his first year .

regulate of the Phoenix members

Hagrid was friendly with most members of the Order of the Phoenix. Some of them were Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, the Weasley family, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James and Lily Potter, Severus Snape, and Minerva McGonagall. Hagrid besides knew and greatly admired Alastor Moody, and Moody ‘s protege, Nymphadora Tonks. They fought together in several battles, including the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and the Battle of the Seven Potters, where Hagrid was devastated by Moody ‘s death. Tonks later married Remus Lupin, and their son, Teddy, would attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after both his parents were killed at the Battle of Hogwarts. Hagrid was besides familiar with Dedalus Diggle, whom he introduced to Harry Potter at the Leaky Cauldron in 1991 .

Death Eaters and enemies

As Hagrid was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, he disliked the Death Eaters and tried to thwart their plans most of the time. The Death Eaters whom Hagrid knew the most were Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy and his son Draco, clashing with Lucius before he was put in Azkaban, and had clashes with Draco while he taught Care of Magical Creatures. Snape, on the other hand, defected from Voldemort, and Hagrid defended him whenever Harry, Ron and Hermione criticised him, except when he temporarily believed that Snape had betrayed Dumbledore at the Astronomy Tower. apart from the Malfoys, Hagrid besides had an antagonistic relationship with Walden Macnair, who was a arctic opposite to Hagrid ‘s sexual love and admiration for charming creatures. They beginning clashed when Buckbeak was going to be executed, with Macnair being Buckbeak ‘s mean executioner, then for a second fourth dimension when Macnair persuaded the giants to join Voldemort and as a result foiled Hagrid and Olympe Maxime ‘s own try to convince the giants to join Dumbledore, and a third fourth dimension when Hagrid threw him across the Great Hall during the Battle of Hogwarts, knocking him unconscious. Hagrid besides knew Igor Karkaroff, as he once choked Karkaroff against a tree and told him to apologise to Dumbledore for accusing him of complicity in an attack on Viktor Krum. Thorfinn Rowle besides tried to attack Hagrid following the Battle at Astronomy Tower and set his hut on fire. He late angrily silenced Hagrid when the latter tried to discourage Harry from sacrificing himself .


Rubeus in Latin means “ red ”. [ 33 ] The name suited Hagrid, as red could be for passion or emotion, “ an earthy, quick and physical man, godhead of the forest ”. [ 34 ] Hagrid is the archaic past participle of the verb “ hagride ”, [ 35 ] which means “ harass or torture with apprehension or nightmares ”, and its etymology in turn is “ hag “ and “ ride ”. [ 36 ] A hagfish is a nightmare spirit in English folklore. According to folklore, the Hag sat on a sleeper ‘s chest of drawers and sent nightmares to him or her. When the subject wake up, he or she would be unable to breathe or even move for a short period of fourth dimension. This express is now called rest paralysis, but in the old impression the subject had been “ hag-ridden ”. [ 37 ] Hagrid besides may mean “ hang over, ” as from alcohol. [ citation needed ]

Behind the scenes

  • Hagrid was the first person to tell Harry that he resembled his father, but had his mother’s eyes. He was also Harry’s first friend.
  • It is unknown why no one calls Hagrid ‘Rubeus’, which is his first name, although when Hagrid meets Harry for the first time he tells him to call him Hagrid as that’s what everyone calls him. This probably means that Hagrid tells people to call him by this name. The only individuals known to call Hagrid by his first name were Garrick Ollivander and Tom Riddle, who have both known him since he was a child.
  • Given Hagrid’s interest in unusual pets, it is possible that his activities may have caught the eye of the Illegal Pets Detection service at some point.
  • Hagrid was not charged for raising Aragog under the Ban on Experimental Breeding because it was enacted in 1965, 22 years later.
  • Hagrid quoted “fool Gorgon” when he was about to sent a letter to Dumbledore regarding Harry at the first time he met him.[38] Either Hagrid quoted that line as a mere cursing, or he knew that Gorgons (women-like creatures from Greek Mythology with living snakes as hair) existed in the magical world.
  • There are two common interpretations of Hagrid’s statement to Harry about failing to turn Dudley into a pig on their first meeting- the first is that he genuinely tried to do so but failed due to the spell’s complexity, or Dudley’s general pig-like nature as he stated. The other is that he intended to give Dudley a tail and was only joking about attempting a full transformation.
  • In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:
    • Hagrid seems to have poor spelling, as seen when he shows Harry his birthday cake. In addition to this, when Hagrid tells Harry about how his parents were killed, Harry asked You-Know-Who’s name. Hagrid responded he didn’t want to say his name and when Harry suggested to write it down, Hagrid said he couldn’t spell “Voldemort”.
      • He doesn’t have spelling problems in the books, as the notes he wrote to Harry were with perfect spelling.
      • Interestingly, in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery he says he “can’t spell fer the life o’ me”.[48]
    • When Harry, Ron, and Hermione approached Hagrid to ask him about the Philosopher’s Stone, Hagrid is playing the Harry Potter theme tune on his flute.


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