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1964 United States Proof Set

1964 Proof Set
1964 saw the introduction of the new John F. Kennedy Half Dollar, struck in honor of the President assassinated merely a short fourth dimension earlier. Kennedy ‘s popularity and the prognosis of the new Half Dollar drove sales of 1964 Proof Sets through the roof. By January 11th, 1964, the Mint halted orders for 1964 Proof Sets. Despite a publish specify of 100 Proof Sets per person, many of the larger orders were filled merely partially to give buyers of one and two sets a opportunity to obtain a Proof Set of the year. even the limit of two sets was halted on March 12, because the Mint received orders for 200,000 sets in two days !
Factlet : 36,086 1964 Proof Sets were lost in the chain mail. The Treasury set away 20,000 sets in 1964 as a contingency against personnel casualty, an measure far besides small to cover the actual loss !
Each adjust contained five coins : One exemplar each of the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and Kennedy Half Dollar.

About the sets : 1964-S Proof Coins are found with Brilliant, Cameo, and Deep Cameo surfaces. Deep Cameo Proof coins are the most desirable of the three finishes. Collector demand is still high for Deep Cameo Proofs .
coinage : 3,950,762 sets ( a record that stood until the Bicentennial year of 1976 )

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A small number of 1964 coins received a special end, possibly as an experiment in training for the especial Mint Sets that were to be produced the next year. The end on these coins appears to be something barely shy of the special Mint Set finish, but besides something that is vastly different and superior to the end seen on regular offspring coins. To date, all five denominations have been found with this especial finish and from one to two twelve examples are known of each. Some of the Proof 1964 Nickels show a diagonal open frame connecting the top of Monticello ‘s dome with the S of PLURIBUS on the revoke – these are known as the “ Flagpole ” variety show.

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Some Proof 1964 Dimes show a double die on the turn back. Check for the doubling on “ unify STATES ” and “ ONE DIME ”. Some proof 1964 Half Dollars are found with what is known as “ Accented Hair ”, where the hair on Kennedy ‘s head is more heavily defined. The “ Accented Hair ” assortment appears to be thirty times arsenic rare as the normal hair Proofs. Rare Half Dollar varieties include a Doubled Die Obverse ( examine “ IN GOD WE TRUST ” and “ LIBERTY ” ) and a Tripled Die Obverse ( examine “ IN GOD WE TRUST ” and “ LIBERTY ” ). beware of buy unopened 1964 Proof Sets. “ sealed ” Sets are probable to contain substitute coins ( and even non-coins ). flat packs should be examined for small tears or cracks in the pliofilm. even a fix the size of a pin can let in oxygen or moisture, both of which will react chemically with the metal of a mint, causing unsightly spots .
1964 was the last year of the 90 % Silver coins. Beginning in 1965, the Mints switched to a Copper-Nickel “ Clad ” neologism and entirely the Half Dollar was to contain any Silver ( and then, only 40 % ) .
original promotion : Each coin was sealed in its own compartment between two sheets of two-dimensional pliofilm. An octangular, foil seal imprinted with “ US MINT PHILADELPHIA ” was placed in a sixth compartment, and the flat clique was then inserted into a mailing envelope with a card. ”

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