What You Need to Know Before Selling American Silver Eagle Proof Coins

Selling Silver Eagle Proof Coins Silver Eagle Proof Coin The american english silver eagle proof coin, along with the uncirculated american flatware eagle, is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. The coin contains precisely one troy ounce of pure silver and is considered legal tender with a face value of $ 1. beginning minted in 1986, following the passage of the Liberty Coin Act on July 9, 1985, American ash grey eagle proof coins are among the most beautiful U.S. eloquent coins always minted. They are produced from a specially prepared dye, which creates a mirror-like finish setting and a frosted foreground. american english silver eagle validation coins are well rarer than their uncirculated counterparts. In addition, a few varieties and lower mintage production runs exist, which are well more valuable than common date silver eagle proof. In this article, we ’ ll parcel with you the information that you need to know to realize the entire rate when selling american silver eagle proof coins. Mintage of Silver Eagle Proofs The mintage of flatware eagle proof coins is well less than ash grey eagle bullion coins. From 1986 – 2012, silver eagle proof coins were all over 17 times more rare than flatware eagle uncirculated coins. For a matter of perspective, 18,561,731 proof coins were minted from 1986 – 2012, while 317,951,243 uncirculated eloquent eagles were produced over the lapp time menstruation. With the exception of kind or especial issue coins, the two key date american english ash grey eagle proof coins were produced in 1993 and 1994, with mintages in the 400,000 range. These coins sell at a little bounty over most other standard issued ash grey eagle proof coins. Variety or Special Issue Proof Silver Eagles

special edition and kind proof ash grey eagles can besides sell for well more than the flatware value of the coins. One of the most popular sets is the 2006 twentieth anniversary argent eagle stage set, which includes an uncirculated silver eagle, a argent eagle proof, and a change by reversal silver eagle proof. Reverse argent eagle proof coins differ from standard silver eagle proof, in that they have a frosted backdrop and a mirror-like finish foreground. Because of their popularity, the U.S. Mint has besides produced reversion silver eagle proof coins in 2011, 2012 and 2013, which were sold as part of particular issue sets. The mintage of invert eloquent eagles in the three years in which they were produced anterior to 2013 is 248,875, 99,981 and 230,000. As you would expect, these coins sell at higher premiums than standard silver eagle validation coins because of their rarity. 1995-W American Silver Eagle Proof Eagle

While technically a limited issue argent eagle proof coin, we decided to highlight the 1995-W american silver eagle proof coin individually because of its low coinage and high measure. This coin was produced by the West Point mint in 1995 as contribution of a particular edition set, and had a production run of only 30,125 coins. Because of its curio, the 1995-W eloquent eagle proof mint sells for well over $ 1,000 in sensitive or dirt condition, and can sell for upwards of five figures if certified by NGC or PCGS in MS70 condition. While this coin international relations and security network ’ t indicative of the measure of the early silver medal eagle proof coins, it ’ s an example of a modern minted proof coin that is quite valuable. How to Sell Silver Eagle Proof Coins

Unlike uncirculated silver eagle bullion coins, which sell for conclude to the prevailing silver value in the futures market, silver medal eagle proof coins should be sold on an individual basis after taking a few factors into consideration. First and foremost, to realize the fully respect of your silver eagle proof coins, they must be accompanied with the original politics promotion, which includes a feel display case, a COA, and a box. additionally, each of these items should be without blemish to maximize your sale. If included in your collection, set aside 1993 and 1994 proofread coins, as they sell at a bounty over the other standard issued american silver eagle proof coins. besides be certain to check your solicitation for a 1995-W ash grey eagle proof, set aside invert silver proof coins from 2006, 2011, 2012, and 2013 and certified silver eagle proof coins in MS70 condition, as they should be sold for an extra premium. Conclusion In summary, before selling american silver eagle proof coins, it ’ mho significant to become familiar with the mintage of the coins. While most silver eagle proof are common date coins and will sell at a standard rate, silver eagle proof coins from 1993 and 1994 should be separated from the rest of your collection. besides take note of any special mint sets, as they typically contain rare or low coinage coins, such as the 1995-W silver medal eagle proof. last, be on the lookout for invert proof eloquent eagles and certified proof flatware eagles in MS70 circumstance, as these coins will besides sell at a bounty. Being armed with this information should allow you to receive the wax value when the time comes to sell your silver eagle proof coins .

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