Tunic: Every Gold Coin Location

Tunic has 15 Gold Coins concealed in chests, and collecting them all will allow players to unlock up to five open slots for ability cards to be equipped. gold Coins can be found and used in Tunic to unlock extra ability card slots. There are 15 Gold Coins to be found in a diverseness of locations in Tunic, but some of them ca n’t be found until late stages of the game. To get every Gold Coin, players will need to unlock the teleport crash ability and collect the greens, aristocratic, and red gems in Tunic. After completing these main objectives, every Gold Coin can be found .
Clues for how to use Gold Coins and what they unlock can be found on page 20 of the instruction manual of arms. Page 20 is located at the circus tent of the mountain on the stairs in front of the Mountain Door. Although there are some clues on this foliate, a lot of the information is written in a foreign lyric. Deciphering the clues involves assembling the broad manual and figuring out the letter that corresponds with each symbol. however, players simply need to throw Gold Coins into a well to unlock the rewards .

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To unlock extra ability wag slots, players will need to find the Gold Coins and throw them into one of the assorted wells found around Tunic ‘s world. gold Coins want to be equipped to one of the gear slots in order to throw them into a well. Interacting with a well without a coin will allow players to check how many coins they ‘ve already thrown in. New ability card slots in Tunic will be unlocked for throwing in three, six, ten, and fifteen coins .

Using Gold Coins To Unlock Ability Card Slots In Tunic

Tunic Every Gold Coin Location Instruction Page

many of the Gold Coins in Tunic can be found along concealed paths that are out of view due to the fixed camera slant. Players will need to unlock special equipment like the magic grapple eyeball and teleport hyphen to collect all of the Gold Coins. however, unlike many of the collectibles in Tunic, like Fairies or unavowed treasure, Gold Coins do n’t require button input signal combinations or extra pages of the instructions manual .

  • Gold Coin #1: In the Overworld, there are two fox statues with spiral stairs wrapped around them. At the bottom of the stairs for the statue with no head, there’s a cluster of trees hiding a secret room. Inside, players will find the fox customization area as well as a chest containing a Gold Coin just past the entrance.
  • Gold Coin #2: From the previous collectible, players can go south down the stairs and take the ladder leading to the beach. There’s a hidden path behind the waterfall leading to the other side of the beach. The Gold Coin chest is further east on the beach just after passing under the bridge.
  • Gold Coin #3: Using the same ladder from the previous collectible, players can get onto the beach, then head west to an area with a few turrets. After defeating them, the magic orb in Tunic can be used to reach the lone platform with a Gold Coin chest on it.
  • Gold Coin #4: There’s a Gold Coin in the chest above the save point in the Under the Well section. From the save point, players can go into the next room and head west along the platform to reach a room along the southern wall. Players can then use the ladder and interact with the secret door. The path will lead to the area above the save point where the Gold Coin is located.
  • Gold Coin #5: From the previous collectible, players can go back into the room with the ladder and follow the balcony around to the other side. The path leads out into the Overworld beneath the West Belltower in Tunic. There’s a room at the other side of the bride with a pillar that needs to be lowered to send power along the metal strip on the ground. Pillars are lowered when the fox prays, and this occurs when the dodge and run button is held down for three seconds. Players can then follow the metal strip back into Under the Well. At the end of the strip, there’s a chest with a Gold Coin.
  • Gold Coin #6:In the East Forest, there’s a path west of the Tunic warp point that leads down into the Lower Forest. On the platform with the spiders, there’s a path just before the stone bridge that leads south. There’s a Gold Coin at the end of the secret path.
  • Gold Coin #7: Players can enter the Dark Tomb from the Overworld and progress until reaching the room that has several turrets with lasers pointing in different directions. There’s one turret separate from the others and the laser is pointing at a seemingly dead end. The turret can be destroyed, then players can go where the laser was pointing to find a secret path leading to a Gold Coin treasure chest.

Tunic Every Gold Coin Location East Forest Coin

  • Gold Coin #8: From the warp point in the Interior of the Eastern Vault, the area where the Siege Engine boss is defeated in Tunic, players can head back through the large golden doors. The room on the left leads to the save point, and the next room over has a path between two waterfalls where players need to go for the Gold Coin. Once in this area, players can go down the stairs, then past the enemies in the next room to find a secret area behind the barrels on the far side. This room contains a chest with a Gold Coin in it.
  • Gold Coin #9: The next coin is near the Monastery entrance in the Quarry. From the save point near the Overworld entrance to the Quarry in Tunic, players can head north and take the stone ladder to the left after reaching the main area. If the ladder hasn’t been activated, players can go to the right and follow the path around until reaching the stairs leading up to the Monastery. Instead of heading into the Monastery behind the save point, players can go up the ladder on the right and follow the path to find a chest containing a Gold Coin.
  • Gold Coin #10: The teleport dash will need to be unlocked to obtain this Gold Coin in The Swamp. This area is only accessible after collecting all of the gems in Tunic. There’s a fallen pillar near the save point that players can use to get on top of the pillars leading to the gate. On the right side of the gate, there’s a small ledge that can be accessed by jumping along the pillars. The Gold Coin chest can be found on the lower ledge.
  • Gold Coin #11: From the previous collectible, players can go to the platform above the chest by teleporting from one of the pillars. There’s a path that leads to the lower level near the north end of the platform. After taking the ramps down, players can go south to find a Gold Coin treasure chest next to a large tombstone with a cross at the top.
  • Gold Coin #12: From the first save point in The Swamp, players can go through the gate and past the pillar to reach a path leading up the cliff. Instead of going up, players can turn right and follow the hidden path to reach one of Tunic’s secret treasure chests and collect another Gold Coin.
  • Gold Coin #13: From the previous collectible, players can go back and head up the cliffside using the ramps. At the top of the last ramp, there’s a path leading away from the Cathedral where a Gold Coin chest can be found.
  • Gold Coin #14: This coin can be purchased at any shop in Tunic for 999 gold. The first shop is located inside the Windmill west of the Sealed Temple in the Overworld.
  • Gold Coin #15: This coin can be purchased at any shop in Tunic for 999 gold.

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Tunic is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, and personal computer .



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