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What Is Mooncoin Coin (MOON)?

Rene Peters

Rene Peters

Mooncoin Coin

Mooncoin Coin is a proof-of-work based cryptocurrency that is chiefly used for micropayments .
The company behind Mooncoin wants to make the cryptocurrency easily and securely accessible to everyone .
Mooncoin presently has a market capitalization of USD 7-9 million. Every sidereal day, around USD 4-8k is invested in the currency .
The stream exchange rate per Mooncoin coin is USD 0.000034 ( as of 24.11.2017 ). It is available on the digital exchanges Bleutrade, Novaexchange, C-CEX, CoinExchange, and CoinGather .

Mooncoin Coin – The Cryptocurrency

The Mooncoin platform is primarily designed for making micro-payments .
It is easily to use, making it easy for everyone to get started. In the meanwhile, the currentness has been on the market for over three years and has continued to develop .
There will be a sum of 385,000,000,000,000 coins. This is the average distance from earth to the Moon and has given the currentness its unmistakable diagnose .
Since the currency was inaugural released on the market, annual ostentation has constantly been below 2 %. The developers of MOON Coin have sol far implemented two major projects : ” MoonWord ” and “ SmartLikes. ”
MoonWord is a scheduling language. It is simple and rid of tear. With the help of these, coins can be sent to your mooncoin address without a one-third party being involved or controlling it .
The voice is used to encrypt or record data on the Mooncoin blockchain. Up to 7 symbols can be used in one operation.

The plan “ SmartLikes ” deals with the monetization of “ Likes. ” This means that money can be made from it, by creating subject that is besides the subject of many other people ’ randomness problems .
Mooncoin Coin
however, it is not only SmartLikes that can make money, but besides the mine of the cryptocurrency .
Mooncoin Coin is based on a proof-of-work algorithm and the block time is 90 seconds per obstruct. Mooncoin is besides characterized by low transaction costs and a large coin add .

Mooncoin Coin – The Company

The fall through of the caller is not a lot to say, except that he bears the nickname “ deaconboogie. ”
The party ’ south philosophy is to develop a user-oriented and decentralized cryptocurrency .
It should not be “ hyped over ” and not accessible for criminal activities. Mooncoin appreciates the collaboration and development with and from its community, which has a global reach .
It wants to provide its users with a light, the dependable and crystalline cryptocurrency that is faster than Bitcoin .
Mooncoin Coin has been designed in such a way that the platform is wholly compromising and users can build and develop their projects within the Mooncoin system .
The platform is intended to be a tool to help all its users in every esteem .
Mooncoin Coin is a cryptocurrency that specializes in micropayments .
The consociate platform is intended to provide users with easy and transparent access to the blockchain so that they can fully exploit the advantages of the blockchain and earn money or develop their projects .
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