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What Is Nexus (NXS)? | A Complete Guide to the 3D Blockchain

Nexus is a peer-to-peer network that improves on the accelerate, scalability, security, and handiness of current blockchain protocols. The project chiefly accomplishes this through the use of a quantum-resistant 3D blockchain in combination with communication satellites in space. With this, Nexus founder Colin Cantrell is aiming to “ decentralize the decentralization ”, by taking it out of reach of any government control or mine pool monopolies .
Hold on to your hats, folks. This is one of the more ambitious projects out there, so let ’ s get proper into it .

In this Nexus guide, we ’ re going to go over :

Three Dimensional Chain ( 3DC )

Nexus uses, not one, not two, but three consensus mechanisms to form a three-dimensional blockchain. The team argues that having three different mechanisms in seat reduces miner centralization and enables more efficient on-chain scaling .

Prime Channel

The Prime Channel is a Proof-of-Work channel. In this duct, miners search for 308-digit dense prime clusters through trial-and-error. Dense choice bunch mining is more ASIC-resistant than traditional hashish mine. therefore, flush if you have precisely a CPU, you can mine on this channel .
Outside of cryptocurrency, the mine on the Prime Channel produces data that can be foster used in choice phone number research for quantum physics .

Hashing Channel

The Hashing Channel is besides Proof-of-Work but uses Hashcash rather of dense prime clusters. This is like to Bitcoin ’ s mining algorithm except that miners search for SHA-3 ( with Skein ) hashes while Bitcoin miners find SHA-256 ones. The Nexus engine block hashes are 4x the size of Bitcoin block hashes .
You should use a GPU when mining on this channel .


The third base and final examination duct uses Proof-of-Holdings to secure the network. This is basically the like as the Proof-of-Stake consensus method used by coins like NEO. You earn newly minted Nexus coins ( NXS ) precisely by holding the ones you already have .
Four attributes determine what your rejoinder will be when you venture your coins :

  • Interest Rate – An annual share of your balance, this is the rate at which you receive fresh coins. This starts at 0.5 % per annum and increases to a 3.0 % annual maximum after 12 months .
  • Trust Weight – This is an indicator of your node ’ south hope. It starts at 5 % but quickly reaches its 100 % maximal after just one calendar month .
  • Block Weight – This property resets to 0 % each time you receive a stake transaction. It then slowly climbs to 100 % over 24-hours. If your block weight always reaches 100 %, your Trust Key expires and all your attributes reset. The reset trigger ensures that you ’ re continually working to maintain the network .
  • Stake Weight – The measure of this is roughly determined by the average of your reliance burden and block slant. The higher this is, the more likely you are to receive a transaction .

Nexus Hardware

Nexus has a three-pronged distributed telecommunications organization to far decentralize the net .

Mesh Networks

Because the network provides three distinct mining opportunities, about anyone around the world can run a node and participate in network security. All nodes in a mesh network influence together to solve a obstruct rather than compete against each other. This serves to distribute network data more so than other systems .
To take things far, Nexus may produce specialize antennas for you to purchase to operate locally based networks as well .
nexus satellite

Cube Satellites

Nexus has partnered with Vector Space Systems ( Vector ) to create a Low Earth Orbit ( LEO ) Satellite Network of nodes. The satellites, in combination with the grind enmesh network, will host the Nexus network angstrom well as any decentralized apps ( DApps ) built on top of it. even more outstanding, the satellite network will provide a cosmopolitan decentralized Internet giving service to those previously ineffective to access their own .

prime Stations

The Nexus earth stations connect the engagement networks on the background to the satellite network in distance. They run the uplink/downlink operations including address end point route define and ground-based hoard. They besides run their own example of Daemon, the software component of the Nexus system .

Nexus Coin ( NXS )

The Nexus coin ( NXS ) is the currentness of the network. There ’ s no cap on the measure of NXS that will be minted. rather, the mint has a 10-year distribution period in which 78 million NXS will be distributed until September 23rd, 2024. After this time, the supply will inflate each year by a maximal of 3 percentage through the holding groove and 1 percentage through the choice and hash channels .
Nodes create blocks, on average, every 50 seconds, and an NXS transaction requires 6 confirmations. presently, most transactions cost 0.01 NXS. however, once the 3DC is built and 10-year distribution is complete, transaction fees will disappear. alternatively, the system will absorb the fees through inflation .
Nexus didn ’ thymine hold an initial mint offer ( ICO ). alternatively, the undertaking has a Developer Fund that takes a humble mission from mining rewards. This mission started at 1.5 percentage and increases to 2.5 percentage over 10 years. additionally, 20 percentage of the stuff rewards are slotted for marketing arsenic well as the production and launch of the Nexus satellite network .

Nexus Team & Progress

Colin Cantrell, besides known as Videlicet, is the founder and lead developer of Nexus. He first named the visualize Coinshield ( CSD ) when starting in September 2014. The original code only contained the premier channel ; the team added the hash transmit in October 2014. In April 2015, the team rebranded to Nexus, and they added Proof-of-Holdings in July 2015.

Besides partnering with Vector on the satellite network, Nexus has besides joined forces with SingularityNET to provide their 3DC architecture to the project ’ s decentralized AI net .
Moving forward, Nexus is releasing major updates following their TAO ( Tritium, Amine, Obsidian ) roadmap strategy. The releases include the 3DC, fluid wallets, quantum electric resistance, and the satellite network, among many other things .
Nexus TAO outline The Nexus team is presently working on the Tritium phase of the roadmap. Beyond precede signature Chains and parallel march channels, this phase besides implements a Proof-of-Stake update, Tritium Trust. tritium Trusts builds upon the stream Nexus Proof-of-Stake system with the summation of a hope key and Trust Weight that determine your chances of staking success .
Nexus developers haven ’ thymine announced when Tritium will be dispatch, but they give updates showing consistent progress .


link may be one of the most ambitious projects in the cryptocurrency space. First and first, the project is attempting to dethrone Bitcoin as the top peer-to-peer currentness. With the decentralized internet produced from its space mesh network of satellites, Nexus is besides competing with Substratum .


Like most of the crypto market, Nexus was relatively hushed until 2017. During that class, the price rose from $ 0.026 ( ~0.000027 BTC ) to $ 3.34 ( ~0.00087 BTC ) by September. shortly after, the price fell spinal column down to about $ 1 before skyrocketing up to an all-time high of $ 13.33 ( ~0.0008 BTC ) in January 2018 .
This meaning surface in price can most probably be attributed to the Vector partnership announcement in combination with the achiever of the integral commercialize at that clock. Since then, the price has drastically fallen, sitting at about $ 0.30 ( ~0.000083 BTC ) at the time of this writing. News of the SingularityNET partnership seems to have had no effect on the price .

The team hasn ’ triiodothyronine published a roadmap with demand dates, so it ’ mho intemperate to make any price predictions for the immediate future. As with most cryptocurrency projects, though, important development releases should have a positive impingement on the price. With the scope of this visualize, you should credibly consider it a long-run prevail .

Where to Buy NXS

You can purchase NXS on either Bittrex or Binance with BTC. If you don ’ metric ton presently own any BTC, check out our guide on how to buy some .
As mentioned earlier, you can besides earn NXS through mine. Check out the Nexus mining page to download the miner that fits best with your strategy. As a admonisher, you should mine with the Prime Channel if you ’ re using a convention CPU, and you should check out the Hashing Channel if you plan to use a give mining rig like an ASIC .
once you hold at least 1,000 NXS, you can stake to earn extra coins as well. technically, it is potential to stake with less than the minimal, although you ’ ll have a unmanageable meter maintaining your Trust Weight .

Where to Store NXS

Nexus has an official wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops. All three operating systems have a command line interface ( CLI ) wallet interpretation while merely Windows and Mac have an easier-to-use graphic interface wallet .
Although you can keep your NXS on an substitute it ’ south highly recommended that you move them to a wallet. You ’ re only able to interest your coins if they ’ re in a Nexus wallet .


Nexus is building a new type of blockchain with three branch mechanisms for securing the network. On top of that, the team is sending lymph node satellites into space to create a decentralized Internet and network outside the dominance of any one entity. The overall mission is to create an improved Bitcoin with quicker transactions, lower fees, and less miner centralization .
Nexus is one of the few projects sincerely addressing quantum resistance and other electric potential future issues. If these problems become adenine big as the team believes they will, and they can accomplish their gallant mission, Nexus may precisely be one of the few projects still in action 20 years down the road .
Editor’s Note: This article was updated by Steven Buchko on 2.11.19 to reflect the recent changes of the project.

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