What is Pi Network & Cryptocurrency Coin?

Pi ( CRYPTO : pi ) is a perfective case of the phrase, “ If it sounds excessively good to be true, it credibly is. ” It ‘s designed to be a cryptocurrency you mine on your telephone using the Pi Network app. With no start-up costs and no early equipment required, it ‘s easy to see the appeal .Person looking at phone while walking in city.
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While Pi Network has managed to build a large community of more than 33 million users, it has besides gone years without launching a blockchain or its cryptocurrency, meaning PI coins have no rate. hera ‘s a full template to how Pi works and if it ‘s worth checking out .

What makes Pi unique?

Pi Network is like a combination of a digital currentness, an app, and a multi-level market ( MLM ) scheme.

The hook for Pi is that you can mine it on your call. other cryptocurrencies that use mine, most notably Bitcoin ( CRYPTO : BTC ), require a lot more process baron, so most miners use specialize devices. Pi is mined in the Pi Network app, and the mining procedure only requires that you tap a button on your phone every 24 hours. It ‘s technically not crypto mining since there ‘s no mine going on. You ‘re not verifying transactions, at least at the current stage of development. In reality, you ‘re receiving PI coin vouchers for using the app once per day and proving you ‘re not a automaton. To sign up in the app, you need an invitation code from a member. Pi Network uses a referral system where you earn more coins based on the act of people who register with your invitation code. Your Pi is stored in the app. You ca n’t withdraw it, sell it, or substitution it for other cryptocurrencies. According to the Pi Network web site, you ‘ll be able to do all that in the third phase of its roadmap when the mainnet launches, although there ‘s no estimate launch date .

Where Pi came from

Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan, two Stanford University researchers, founded Pi Network. They began developing it in 2018 with the finish of making a digital currency for casual people. They released a white paper and the Pi Network app on March 14, 2019 ( Pi Day ). Kokkalis and Fan are still in charge of the project and serve as its core team. Kokkalis is head of engineering, and Fan is fountainhead of merchandise .

How Pi works

The Pi Network app is about american samoa square as it gets. It has a lightning push button that you tap to mine Pi. This besides starts a 24-hour countdown, and, when it ends, you need to check in and tap the button again to continue mining. You do n’t need to leave the app open to mine, so all it takes is opening the app and tapping the release every 24 hours. Your hourly mining rate is determined by when you signed up. Earlier members earn at a higher rate than those who came after. You can boost your mining rate by inviting new users or building a security system circle. There are four roles users can play on pi :

  • Pioneer: Mines Pi by tapping the lightning button.
  • Contributor: Adds three to five other users they trust to a security circle. Contributors earn an extra 0.2 PI per hour for each member of their security circle.
  • Ambassador: Introduces new users to Pi through their invitation code. Ambassadors earn up to a 25% mining bonus for each person they invite.
  • Node: Runs the Pi node software on their computer. This software is currently in the testing phase.

Users can have multiple roles. For case, you could be a Pioneer, Contributor, and Ambassador if you mine Pi, build a security lap, and invite modern users. According to the Pi white paper, it ‘s being built on the Stellar Consensus Protocol used on the blockchain for Stellar ( CRYPTO : XLM ). The leading Consensus Protocol was chosen to enable user-friendly, mobile mine.


Pi Network does n’t have any noteworthy partnerships. It has held a Pi Hackathon to kickstart development of Pi apps and an ecosystem. Winning projects and estimable mentions received fund in both U.S. dollars and PI coins. The fetching occupation app of the first gear Pi Hackathon was Pi Workforce Pool, an employment market with Pioneers. The winning ecosystem app was PiCare, a bug-reporting system for Pi apps .

Unique risks

There is n’t any fiscal risk with Pi because the app is complimentary to use. The lone thing you ‘re spending is your clock when you check in to keep mine. The question is whether Pi is worth your time. Some users see it as a no-lose site. If Pi never amounts to anything, they ‘re not out any money. If it does, they can sell the PI coins that took identical small time and energy to obtain. That ‘s one way to look at it, but do n’t hold your breath on Pi being worth anything in the future. The stick out has been around for years without launch, and its cryptocurrency has zero value. There has even been guess that it could be a sociable experiment to see how farseeing people will continue mining a cryptocurrency they ca n’t withdraw or use. It ‘s worth noting that the Pi Network app can collect and sell your data, including personal data, app custom data, and advertising-related data. additionally, the Pi Network requires that you give them your “ Know Your customer ” ( KYC ) information such as copies of your government-issued identification before you will be able to buy, sell, or trade anything from the future apps that will be released on the Pi Network. If you prefer to limit who can access your data, then you credibly would n’t want to download Pi Network .

How to get Pi

Pi ca n’t be bought or sold and is n’t available on any crypto exchanges. The only manner to acquire it is through the Pi Network app. here ‘s how :

  • Download Pi Network on your smartphone.
  • Set up an account with a username, password, and either an email address or phone number.
  • Enter an invitation code. If you don’t have one, you can find plenty online.
  • Tap the lightning button to start mining.
  • Check the app every 24 hours and tap the lightning button to keep mining.

If you want to start saving up Pi, it ‘s a dim-witted process. Will this cryptocurrency ever have any rate ? Time will tell, but the Pi Network is extremely unconventional and controversial, and it offers little use so far, so search for other options if you plan to make crypto part of your investment portfolio. You could try cryptocurrency stocks or investing in cryptocurrencies that are available to buy and sell such as Bitcoin and Ethereum ( CRYPTO : ETH ).

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When will Pi coins enter the market ?
Pi coins will enter the market if and when the mainnet launches. There ‘s no calculate establish date and no guarantee it will happen.

How many Pi coins will there be ?
The maximum add of Pi coins has n’t been confirmed even. If Pi coins enter the marketplace, the maximum supply will likely be available at that time .

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