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The market is on the dip these days. This is considered a good opportunity to jump into a likely project. But traders wonder which one has the huge potential to join in .
In the latest video, Suppoman, an technical in crypto, has revealed the top 5 altcoins to buy in this dip to earn bad profits in April and can be the future Polygon ( MATIC ) in the future .

Moonbeam (GLMR)

The first cryptocurrency that could be the adjacent Polygon ( MATIC ) is Moonbeam ( GLMR ). Moonbeam is an Ethereum-compatible fresh contract parachain on Polkadot. Moonbeam makes it easy to use popular Ethereum developer tools to build or redeploy Solidity projects in a Substrate-based environment .
moonbeam has the electric potential to build for the future and go up in value for the future. This has achieved a high of $ 437. It ’ s not going to hit that price anytime soon because that would represent over 100x from its stream point of view .
It has got a batch of venture capital investment in it. And it is basically impregnable for the scalability of both Ethereum ( ETH ) and for Polkadot ( DOT ). Moonbeam has the potential to be one of the biggest scale solutions. If this achieves, it should be a ball run this year, which will happen. This would be 11x, then $ 1,000 would be $ 11,000 .
GLMR Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap
GLMR Chart | Source : Coinmarketcap

Saito (SAITO)

The second altcoin on the tilt is Saito ( SAITO ). Saito is a Web3 Foundation grant recipient that runs blockchain applications immediately in your browser. The net pays ISPs rather of miners or stakers, allowing Web 3 projects to self-fund infrastructure alternatively of passing costs to predatory monopolies like Infura .
Saito can solve the Ethereum problem because nodes are not incentivized to put through the highest accelerator tip in orderliness for transactions to happen. That means it ’ s far better for the ordinary consumer. therefore, this could lead to mainstream adoption .
As a vane 3 level 1 infrastructure, this one could perform fabulously. SAITO could achieve a $ 1 evaluation, which would be a 25x, based on his stream price of $ 0.04 .
SAITO Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap
SAITO Chart | Source : Coinmarketcap

Immutable X (IMX)

The third gear altcoin that can be the following Polygon is immutable X ( IMX ). immutable x is the first layer 2 scale solution for NFTs on Ethereum. According to Immutable X, its blockchain does away with Ethereum ’ s limitations like low scalability, a poor user experience, illiquidity, and a dense developer know .
immutable adam is basically the k adaptation of Ethereum. It ’ s a scale solution that wholly minimizes all of the gas fees involved in NFTs, such as creating, mint, transfer, buy, etc .
All fees are dramatically reduced with an immutable X. Immutable X has not had a lot of a footrace because it ’ mho very raw. thus this has achieved a 9.50 evaluation as its highest. IMX is presently trading at $ 1.77. This could be a 27x on where it presently stands on the lower end of the scale .
IMX Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap
IMX Chart | Source : Coinmarketcap

Moonriver (MOVR)

The following one mentioned on the list is Moonriver ( MOVR ). Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract parachain on Kusama. It is intended to be a company network to Moonbeam, where it will provide a permanently incentivized canary network. The newly code will ship to Moonriver first, where it can be tested and verified under real economic conditions. once prove, the lapp code will ship to Moonbeam on Polkadot .
This one could have better gains than Moonbeam has. It ’ second presently trading at around $ 57, which shows very bullishness whenever there is a slight ball vogue. This goes over $ 100, about an easy 2x. thus the monetary value of $ 57 could be a good position to start dollar-cost-averaging. That could be a 10x .
MOVR Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap
MOVR Chart | Source : Coinmarketcap

Stratos (STOS)

The last one mentioned on the list is Stratos ( STOS ). Stratos is the following generation of decentralized Data Mesh that provides scalable, dependable, self-balanced storage, database, and calculation network. Stratos was born for scaling blockchain action capacity while retaining the decentralized benefits of a distributed protocol, including trustless, traceability, verifiability, privacy, etc.

Stratos came out about $ 0.03. thymine is now at $ 1.27. So it has merely got up not even 4x. Where it got to its highest was $ 5.50, that ’ s 5x down from that. But this could go back improving because they ’ rhenium developing an ecosystem, they are EVM compatible, they ’ ve built on Cosmos ( ATOM ), it ’ sulfur got identical fast blockchain fast finality time well over 10,000 transactions per second gear. Stratos could be one of the adult ecosystems that emerge in cryptocurrency .
STOS Chart | Source: Coinmarketcap
STOS Chart | Source : Coinmarketcap

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