TeleCoin General Introduction

TeleCoin General Introduction

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In this article I will give information about Telecoin. Telecoin IEO Platform is developed to provide better privacy and security of all transactions and transfers taking place worldwide in a fast-paced with maximal digital gamble. The risks involved in a digital club stem turn is identical high as an excessive come of personal data is attached to the centralized third gear part verification cycle in most of the transactions take home today. invention of blockchain enabled peer-to-peer transaction eliminating need for banks. Anyone can view transaction recorded on the populace blockchain daybook. Hence, I believe enabling privacy on transaction is an necessity feature. many privacy based blockchain projects such Monero, Loki, DASH, ZCASH, Beam, Grin etc .. have launched, however transaction time and speed is a restriction. Telecoin is a proof of stake blockchain addressing privacy and transaction speed issues. Its privacy features allow us to do transaction in a safe dependable and unbiased environment.

What is Telecoin? Telecoin is a peer-to-peer anonymous cryptocurrency that is built using high end encoding. Telecoin has been developed to improve the privacy and security of transactions in a fast paced globalize populace of greater digital risks. It besides provides a long-run energy-efficient individual crypto-currency to the world. Telecoin will be using Proof of bring till the thousandth block and will move to Proof of post going forward. This method acting is used early on to keep the chain moving while the network is being established. Telecoin besides has community administration for decentralized blockchain vote which provides for consensus based promotion of the current Masternode technology used to secure the network . Telecoin developers are working on far to develop Technologies and protocols to protect the privacy and integrity of the data in each transaction or transfers. They are presently running beta tests on network and have provided approachability to have beta wallets by downloading directly from their GitHub repository. besides, telecoin team is testing some of the features with community, anyone who would wish to get involved can join directly through the residential district and they give the opportunity of owning a fair reward system to give back to the plan residential district who give the subscribe and forte to uplift the network. The aim of Telecoin is to create a net based on a fairly and trustless interaction While rewarding to the residential district, who helps to maintain and build and contribute the best towards the future developments and growth of infrastructure. TELEX TOKEN This stick out will be the ice on the cake for the World of Private Communication and Transactions. This stick out is a amply decentralized, consensus/community government based platform that utilises Proof of Work aboard Proof of Stake protocols to anonymize transactions. Master Nodes utilised directly for coin mixing aboard encrypted charge sharing and interaction, Obfuscation, SwiftTX transactions, In-Wallet Block Explorer, and rewards from staking and running Master Nodes are just a few of the stimulate features this project will offer . The Proof of Stake protocols implemented mean this visualize is extremely first gear cost and effective to mine forget rewards. This project will build a military dash Encrypted Android Phone and Network that will enable a DAPP Hub that allows developers worldwide to contribute their own DAPPs to the Privacy network. Participants and purchasers of TELEX Token during the IEO will receive an identical total of TELE ( Privacy Coin ) when the main network is deployed. eg. 10,000 TELEX purchased would give you 10,000 TELE besides .

Token allocation: – populace Sale ( 80 % ) – company & Market Making Pool ( 10 % ) – team & Developer Incentives ( 5 % ) – bounty & Community ( 5 % ) Use of funds: – 55 % -Trend-Setter & Tele-Fone ( MobileApp, Software Dev, Web Wallet )

– 15 % – 24 Months Dedicated Customer Support, Security, Administration Team – 15 % – Development Contingency, Listing fees – 10 % – market Budget Over 24 Months – 5 % – hardware, Licenses and Deployment Costs

Masternodes are stimulated nodes that receive rewards based on their handiness and ability to offer network services decentralized and without believe. To launch the victor lymph node, you need 10,000 TeleCoin pledges, if you decide to launch the master lymph node, and the owner will be able to vote for the budget and development proposals. These nodes are the basis of current and future services offered on the TeleCoin network, and as such are rewarded at a slightly higher level compared to simple accommodation when their number is at a bias floor defined in the swing mechanism. obfuscation is merely a room to make coin tracking more difficult by mixing MasterCode in TeleCoin. If you send from address A to address B, you can follow the TX. When you activate obfuscation, you tell MN that you want to create a kind of pool between other users who are looking to obfuscate their coins : this creates several die addresses, and you just can not know whether A texas goes to B or C or D. You can activate web but it is necessity that some MN trip and entangle, and some wallets excessively. TeleCoin uses a decentralized vote system on the blockchain to reach a consensus on future improvements and updates to the TeleCoin Masternode. The vote system is the footing for decentralize management of our network and plays a full of life function in bringing about changes and improvements by the community through direct participation. Token name: TeleCoin X
Ticker: TELEX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: Erc777
Fixed Supply Total: 15.5m
Contract Address: 0x955b2AD292e8FbF7ACf9D029a211c3de56364b0a

Telecoin Roadmap

* July 2019 Testing of wallet apps
Testing of Tele mobile io & Android wallets. Start build on Trend-setter app. * September 2019 Begin euro market campaign
Euro marketing crusade and partnership deals for the trend-setter platform. * October 2019 Begin America and Austrailia market campaign
North, South America and Austrailia marketing campaign. Testing of trend-setter app. * November 2019 Release course compositor mobile app
Release course compositor mobile app. Start development on the Tele silk wallet .

TeleCoin has set high goals and objectives for ensuring increase security and privacy. The project is ambitious, with a potent team has great prospects for success in this highly competitive industry.

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