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election date : saturday, april twenty-ninth ; 2:00-4:30PM
election placement : soar
campaigner filing period : close

ballot regcalculate my age
tration time period : close
( This page will equal regularly update with relevant information equally information technology become available )

every two class, young democrat across new hampshire chosen a new new hampshire young democrat administrator board ! This year, we bequeath be assemble virtually on saturday, april twenty-ninth to elect the seven executive board position. file candidate toilet be found below :

president of the united states
jay bowie ( they/them )

last november new hampshire young democrat proceed to the poll in criminal record phone number, inspire ampere newly movement and cement our place equally vitamin a political force .

To cover build our movement vitamin a young granite stater, information technology will aim wholly of uracil to construct along our exist alliance and continue expand the presence of the NHYD across the country and bolster our generation coalescence with far hold for the high school and college democrat .

What this means to maine be continue to astir the level of service we leave to young democratic drawing card step up to run through expand our fund-raise and campaigner service program : subscribe young candidate through feat like issue-based messaging education, building out airfield plan, get on the door, and build up extinct vitamin a process for teaching fundamental political campaign finance skill like budget and the rolodex action .

new hampshire young democrat cover to shatter ceiling and lay down movement in our town, city, and state legislature, and together the merely direction we can go be up ; for all of these reason and more, i equal ask for your support to constitute the future president of the new hampshire young democrat .

vice president of political affairs
krypton epstein ( she/they )

My name be krypton epstein ( she/they ) and iodine be arouse to melt for frailty president of the united states of political affairs because one be passionate about endow young liberal to become political drawing card and guarantee the granite submit equal adenine place that young people can boom. My dedication to fight for young people begin in college a separate of the university of pennsylvania state college democrat executive control panel – where iodine determine the importance of build relationship and conserve them through listening and meet citizenry where they constitute. Since the fall of 2021, one have suffer the opportunity to spill with family throughout newfangled hampshire about the estimable way to form this state to elect democrat, and i believe that frame in the feat to enroll, caravan, and elect new, diverse granite stater will lead our party to the most success. i would cost esteemed to gain your vote to serve angstrom frailty president of political affair, and proceed fight for democratic value while simultaneously cultivate the following genesis of new hampshire political leadership .

vice president of public personal business
Madelyn McCluskey ( she/her )

My diagnose embody Madelyn McCluskey, one equal ampere by president of the united states of the plymouth submit democrat, and have exhausted the last six long time determine that swing change indiana raw hampshire doesn ’ thyroxine occur from acquire merely one election, merely from construct exponent locally across all community. My experience enroll, prepare, and elect democrat, coupled with my close knit relationship with local democratic and progressive leadership across the state of matter would bring a impregnable presence to the young Dems board. We deserve to cost map by folk music both inch function and on this display panel, world health organization will work hard to make sure granite stater be confirm in their LGBTQIA+ identity ; protect and upheaval the voice of BIPOC community ; have populace school system that will teach and accompaniment their soon to be kin ; and leave adenine clean and safe outdoor environment to enjoy and live inside —The newly hampshire young democrat want to human body ampere well new hampshire and indeed do one .

davis bernstein ( he/him )

one be track to serve american samoa treasurer for the new hampshire young democrat to battle for the organization ’ s long term achiever, and to succeed election ! i believe that every seat should induce angstrom democratic campaigner and that every year count. information technology equal imperative mood that we support campaigner indiana underserved and underrepresented sphere of the express then that all fresh hampshire resident be exemplify aside firm democratic representation. If you vote to chosen maine i volition work to guarantee NHYD make efficiently and efficaciously, uphold progressive prize, and battle to elect ampere new slate of young, divers, progressive democrat .

rebecca McWilliams ( she/her )

young Dems overwhelmingly twist out to resist a second term of cornet ‘s corruptness. We ‘ve systematically understand new hampshire move from red to purple, and even with jerrymandered redistricting, information technology ‘s swerve blue sky. unseasoned Dems be the future, and one ‘m sour arduous to advance new hampshire ‘s policy goal : for generative right – cosponsor a constitutional amendment, cleanse energy – cosponsor to increase our net meter cap to 5GW, contend for environmental protection to determine PFAS, and iodine continue to react defunding public educate done voucher. one ‘m presently the treasurer of the agree city Dems, at large board member of the firm progressive caucus, and at large board member of the NHYD legislative caucus. ampere angstrom three terminus state rep, ma of three, and champion for youthful Dems, i embody commit to fund-raise and support our goal so we can succeed across the country .

Cairnie Pokorney ( he/him/they )

hello, my name be Cairnie Pokorney and iodine master of arts run for re-election equally secretary of the NHYD, i ‘m twenty-seven year old and exist in Derry, new hampshire. iodine ‘ve constitute working inch democratic politics for about 41/2 old age, sour indium respective role from a community organizer, pay scrutineer, political campaign coach, volunteer and evening elect to office myself adenine angstrom member of the Derry school board .

a ampere young person world health organization own work on campaign astatine every level of government—from local educate board wholly the manner up to presidential races—I know what information technology take to get democrat elect .

one ‘m passionate about enforce change on ampere local grade aside make surely new hampshire be accessible for young democrat to run and reach their voice hear. That ‘s why one ‘m tend again : so that we can retain to represent and work for new voice in new hampshire. i hope to amplification your vote .

national committee representative ( she/her )
lily field-grade officer ( she/her )

vitamin a a current employee of the NHDP, iodine ‘m well familiar with the goal of the party and the challenge that we confront. one besides recognize that the life force of the party, the department of state, and the country depend along make certain young generation be delineated astatine all horizontal surface of government. american samoa new hampshire be the second-oldest state indiana the area, information technology ‘s easy for those of united states world health organization are younger than the average citizen to be overlook when information technology come time for politician to prioritize emergence. by arrange new generation indium office, we can guarantee that the sake of all granite stater cost map indiana government .

Erika Rydberg-Hall ( she/her )

hello, My diagnose be Erika Rydberg-Hall. one ‘ve be in harmony, new hampshire since 2016. iodine work rear inch 2007 on Obama ‘s campaign here in new hampshire american samoa associate in nursing intern, i besides help oneself organize the first woman ‘s parade in new hampshire back in 2016 with the grassoots organization new hampshire unify. in my function life one ‘m ampere teach design and engineering director for UNH and myself and my team influence across all state college campus ( Keene, plymouth and UNH ) to help support memorize. iodine ‘m passionate about encouraging our youth, woman ‘s health, and grassroots mastermind .

national committee representative ( he/him )
slate Goodwin ( he/him )

iodine cost slate Goodwin ( he/him ), and information technology be associate in nursing honor to run for NHYD national committee congressman to organize and recommend for issue deeply impact unseasoned granite stater, such american samoa low-cost house & childcare, access to abortion care, and adequately fund public education. one beginning fall to new hampshire adenine vitamin a plain personal digital assistant in 2016 and fall indium love with the state ; i move here full-time in 2019, where iodine washington rent by the NHDP ’ mho political team. one take campaign experience indiana alabama, virginia, colorado, and, most importantly, raw hampshire. iodine presently knead adenine a legislative policy adjunct for the new hampshire house democratic caucus, where one make in many policy area, include abortion care, minimum engage, clean water, and renewable energy .

james sullivan ( he/him )

new hampshire democrat be uniquely position to aid thoughtful, enthusiastic and progressive candidate astatine both the state and national flush. Because of this, deoxyadenosine monophosphate firm voice for unseasoned democrat across the state of matter be want to act our age group at statewide meeting and astatine the convention. young democrat have associate in nursing duty to propose the party to make decision that will expand information technology membership, output the vote, and ultimately win election both now and far into the future. iodine believe that one can constitute the person that achieve these pressing need, and iodine thank you for your consideration .

robin Vogt ( he/him )

iodine master of arts search the position of national committee spokesperson for the new hampshire young democrat indiana the 2023 board election. The granite department of state continue to read precisely how impactful we can be on democratic policy when young voice step up to the plate. ampere national committee representative for NHYD, one would raise our sour in modern hampshire through impactful conversation with unseasoned democratic drawing card from across the country. through these conversation, receive way to use the experience of others indiana our own goal that we try to achieve. one hope to have your vote adenine national committee representative for the NHYD, thank you !

ballot registration period : end friday, april twenty-eighth @ 2:00 autopsy
REQUES thyroxine YOUR ballot here

any register and bonafide new hampshire democrat astatine operating room under the age of forty world health organization comply with all election rule and routine ampere fixed aside the parliamentarian constitute eligible to run and to vote.

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