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Colors and a diverseness of flowy fabrics are 2 of the elements that make belly dance costumes so distinct. There are respective elements of a belly dance costume. Are you familiar with them ?

6 Pieces of a Belly Dance Costume

Whether you ’ re a founder or already an experienced abdomen dancer, you know the costume is depart of what brings the dance to life. The combination of colors, fabrics and accessories is truly mesmerizing. These are some of the elements of a belly dance costume :
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Hip Scarfs

This token is at the circus tent of the list because it is a basic element of a belly dance costume and it ’ s the one man that can get your custom started. not merely will it enhance your hip movements, it will help you check if they are correct, particularly when you ’ re a novice. You can choose between hep scarves with beads, coins, and fringes. It ’ s actually all up to you. Some people choose hip belts alternatively, which normally have beads but they can be a fiddling more rigid.

6 Pieces of a Belly Dance Costume


There are basically two types of belly dance pantaloons. Tribal dash is across-the-board at the buttocks harem pants, or as Persians would call them, chalwar, which have an elastic band that ties them around the ankles .


You can find different styles of skirts .

  • Gypsy: heavy and wide, normally used in tribal style dances
  • Chiffon: flowy, long skirts
  • Fishtail: usually a combination of chiffon and velvet

The length can vary, ampere well as the materials.


There ’ s a wide variety of belly dancing tops. For classical cabaret style costumes, brassiere tops with coins or beads are park. For tribal style, choli tops like the ones indian women wear with their sari are used, and early styles include bolero tops which are tied in the front with a slub and normally have long sleeves .


This is another name for the cabaret costume, which includes the use of a bead oxygen mint top, a beaded belt out, and a hanker hedge. These days it ’ mho more common to see bedlah done with rhinestones rather of beads, to make the costume idle.

Turbans or Headbands

tribal dancers tend to use turbans, which are besides useful when their performance includes dancing with a sword, and the headband is more often used by cabaret-style dancers .

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