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description : BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. playing field of the invention This is a continuation-in-part of U.S. Ser. No. 204,352, filed June 9, 1988. The invention relates generally to parking meters, and more specifically, to a batch means for the actuating handle of an angularly displaceable type used in a parking meter.

2. The Prior Art Parking meters are broadly provided with an angularly displaceable actuating handle, for example, a handle that can be grasped in the fingers of a user and turned to set the time on the meter and actuate the other mechanism within the container formed by the meter house, thereby to initiate the legal action of the timekeeper mechanism that regulate the operation of the meter. Parking meters are susceptible to extremely unmanageable environmental operate conditions, particularly at the hands of vandals who seek to thwart the effect and effective process of the meter, or who intentionally inflict price upon the mechanism. For case, it is not at all unusual for vandals to use mechanical aids of one kind or another for the purposes of applying excessive torques to the actuating treat in an effort to distort the engage mechanism of the meter or in an attempt to actuate the operating mechanism of the meter without making a proper deposit of the necessary coinage. In my anterior application, Ser. No. 204,352, filed June 9, 1988, I disclose a break away means for preventing damage resulting from such vandalism. Another type of vandalism encountered by parking meters is alleged “ slam clock time. ” In this type of vandalism, a coin is inserted into the meter and the wield associated therewith is rotated until the coin engages the pick-up pry that engages the timer mechanism. Once the coin engages the pick-up lever, the wield is struck through the remainder of its rotation with an appropriate object such as a malleus or piece of pipe. The inertia generated by this rotation can cause the meter to register up to double the proper meter. summary OF THE INVENTION In accordance with principles of the present invention, a batch or limited chemise natural process is utilize as opposed to the previously employed breakover design of my prior application. More specifically, the stage invention uses a symmetrical handle because the orientation of the treat is insignificant. A seize means is disposed between the first and irregular relatively rotatable parts, thereby, to effect a limited slip design. The seize comprises a plurality of rollable cylinders loaded against a wall by spring washers such as Bellville bounce washers. description OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective horizon of a park meter embodying a rotatable actuating manage embodying principles of the confront invention ; FIG. 2 is a fragmental cross-sectional position of the park meter of FIG. 1 illustrating the actuating handle and its attachment to the meter ; FIG. 3 is a fragmental, reasonably blown-up view of the rotatable actuating handle showing one of the detents of the slickness clasp means in one put of alliance, wherein the parts of the manage assembly are locked in firm forum with one another and in co-rotatable relationships ; FIG. 4 is a fragmental cross-sectional view taken along the production line IV — IV of FIG. 2 ; and

FIG. 5 is an explode opinion showing extra details of the construction of the clutch means of the present invention. detail DESCRIPTION OF THE PRESENTLY PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The park meter 10 embodying the principles of the present invention is illustrated in FIG. 1. The park meter 10 comprises a housing 11 having a window 12 covered with a crystalline enclosure such as glass or credit card 13 and through which may be viewed a calibrated time dial 14 across which moves an index arm or arrow 16 over an array of indicia 17 calibrated in time increments to show the come of time remaining for which the exploiter has paid the necessity stipend. The house 11 is mounted on a post or stanchion 18 and has a coin sediment fascia 19 mounted on a retaining plate 9 in which a plurality of coin slots 20, 21, and 22 are disposed so that coins of different denominations may be deposited in the meter 10 depending on the needs of the user. A coin tax return chute is shown at 23. An actuating handle in accordance with the principles of the give invention is shown broadly at 24, the details of which are more peculiarly shown in the cross-sectional view of FIG. 2. Referring immediately to FIGS. 2-5, it can be seen that, unlike my prior application, the actuating handle 24 is wholly harmonious so that orientation of the cover is not a factor in the operation of the meter. An elaborate central hub assign 26 has two symmetrically reduced, radially formed branch portions 27 and 28. The actuating handle 24 may handily comprise a dicast separate made of an appropriate admixture that lends itself to dicasting. In accordance with the principles of the show invention, a batch means is provided between the handle part 24 and a shot share 31 that is adapted to be connected to a point of use, namely, an operate mechanism 32 of the park meter. More specifically, the clutch means comprises a cylindrical cup shaped sense organ component shown by and large at 33 and comprising a cup shaped member of hardened steel which is knurled on its outer peripheral surface as at 34, thereby to permit a crush fit of the sense organ 33 into the respite 29 therefore that the knurling on the external open of the sense organ shown at 34 will cooperate with the knurling 30 on the inner surface of the recess 29 and locking the sense organ and the receptor 33 and the treat 24 in tauten assembly with one another sol that they will co-rotate. The cup shaped receptor has a central bloc with longitudinal side walls 36 which end in an end wall 37 intersecting the axis. Unlike the device of my prior application, the wall 37 has an unbroken continuous smooth radial wall forming an employment surface 44. The side walls 36 of the sense organ 33 circumscribe a recess 38, the inner surface of which is threaded as at 39 to receive an outwardly threaded detonator 40 having screw threads 41 on its outer peripheral surface. The end rampart of the cap 40 is slotted as at 42, thereby to cooperate with a tool for prison guard weave of the capital 40 into the sense organ 33. An axially center hole 43 is provided in the cap to pass the end of the quill partially 31. The shaft part 31 has a radially enlarged hub fortune 51 having on the end thereof, a radially outwardly extending flange 52 of a discrete thickness so that the flange 52 may be formed with a fit of three recesses 53 which receive and captivate three slip bearings 50. The slip bearings 50 are cylindrically shaped and sized and configured to be received in the recess 53, but which are adapted to rollably engage the unbroken wall surface 44 of the wall 37. As is peculiarly shown in FIG. 5, there is a cargo means provided for bias and loading the flange 52 and the slip bearings 50 in frictional employment against the coat 44 of the end wall 37 in the sense organ 33. rather of using all wave springs as in my prior application, loading means can comprise a preloaded bounce washers such as a plurality of Bellville spring washers 60. The give washers 60 are bottomed against the flange 52 and are engaged against the end wall of the ceiling 40. The jump washers 60 besides serve to limit the axile campaign of the slip bearings 50 in the slots or recesses 53 formed in the flange 52. By turning the cap 40 into the threaded assembly with the receptor 33, the loading means provided by the jump washers 60 will bias and engage the faux pas bearings 50 in the recesses 53 with such a frictional battle power that normally applied torsion on the actuating handle 24 will rotatably drive the shaft region 31 for operation of the actuating mechanism 32 in a normal mood. however, if a humongous action is applied to the actuating handle 24, the frictional engagement forces between the cutting bearings 50 and the camming coat 44 will be overcome, and the bearings 50 will roll to provide a slip or clutching action as they ride on the date surface 44. The actuating wield 24 will rotate relative to the spear part 31 until the torsion applied thereto is sufficiently small so that the biasing action of the spring washers 60 overcomes the leaning for the cutting bearings 50 to roll. At that prison term, the actuating handle 24 is again immediately conditioned for convention operation of the parking meter.

It can be appreciated that the actuating treat 24 can be in any revolve side relative to the shaft part 31 whenever the sense organ 33 and cutting bearings 50 are engaged indeed as to cause corotation between the wield 24 and shot on part 31. frankincense, the handle sleeve portions 27 and 28 are symmetrically formed as the orientations of lapp are insignificant. There is therefore provided a steal clutch bag means which safeguards the park meter against the application of alleged sleep together torques on the actuating manage 24 in an attempt to defeat the objectives of the parking meter 10. Although minor modifications might be made by a person skilled in the art, I wish to embody within the scope of the patent warranted herein, all such modifications as reasonably and by rights come within the setting of my contributions to the art.

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