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American Silver Eagle coins are one of the most popular silver medal coins in the world. Investors and collectors eagerly await each annual dismissal with bate breath, looking to snag these coins for bolstering and expanding their coin collections and valued metals investment portfolios. The United States Mint releases three Silver Eagle variants, bullion, proof, and burnished. Although the bullion and proof versions have been around since the inaugural Silver Eagle was struck in 1986, the buff random variable was launched two decades later, in 2006 .
The designs on american Silver Eagles are the same. however, proof coins do bear a mint marker, a feature of speech absent from the bullion versions of the mint .
John Mercanti ’ mho rendition of the design of the National Seal of the United States graces the inverse side of this mint. A proud Bald Eagle stands behind a strip shield, clutching arrows in one talon and an olive outgrowth in the other. furthermore, thirteen stars float above the Eagle ’ south visualize, honoring the 13 original colonies of the United States .
meanwhile, the obverses feature Adolph A. Weinman ’ s celebrated Walking Liberty design. Lady Liberty is seen striding forth towards the rising sun, holding olive branches in her hands. furthermore the motto ‘ In God We Trust ’ is besides imprinted on this side.

A proof american Silver Eagle Coin is a wonder of finely craft. The detail designs seem about lifelike, contrasting against the finely polished silver open. These coins command a higher premium over the spot silver price than their bullion counterparts command, as they are strike using a more accurate and slow process, to ensure premium quality .
interestingly, proof coins were in the first place struck for strictly record-keeping purposes. however, collector demand for these coins prompted many mints to strike proof mint variants for sale. The higher premium charged is normally not an issue for those who want to maintain complete validation mint collections for certain coin programs, national neologism, etc.

tied though american Silver Eagle Proof Coins are struck using a more accurate mint method acting, mutant in timbre does occur from time to time. Hence, renowned third-party marking agencies such as the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation ( NGC ) and the Professional Coin Grading Service ( PCGS ) thoroughly visit batches of coins to ascertain their condition .
PF-70 grades are awarded to coins displaying absolutely no flaw, even under 5x magnification. This is the highest grade on the Sheldon Scale ( ranges from 1 to 70 ), and both grading agencies assign this grade only after several rounds of inspection and verification.

Graded coins are becoming increasingly popular in the precious metals market. Collectors and investors who want specific types of coin conditions can easily choose from the wide variety of grade american Silver Eagle Proof Coins in our inventory. Each graded coin is sealed within a fictile slab by the rate means, alleviating counterfeiting concerns .
Some collectors prefer their proofread american english Silver Eagles in original United States Mint Boxes, accomplished with a Certificate of Authenticity ( COA ). These products are shipped as received from the United States Mint. The Mint Box is desirable of making the display event, making it easier to showcase your purchases .

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