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The Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to introduce beautifully designed and finely craft collector coins which continue to capture the spirit and agitation of the many milestones and anniversaries Canadians are celebrating in 2012 .
Canadian 2012 Collector Coins Celebrating Anniversaries and Milestones

“ The populace ’ sulfur greatest sporting events and our wonderfully divers inheritance continue to offer the Mint new and stimulate ways to reflect the pride of Canadians in celebrating their culture, their national symbols and their history through unforgettable collector coins, ” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint .

The Mint ’ s newest put up of 2012 collector coins includes :

  • the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede, immortalized in five-ounce pure gold and silver coins, as well as colorful 25-cent cupronickel coin and stamp set;
  • a $1 fine silver painted coin honouring the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Loonie;
  • a new fine silver “Lucky Loonie” coin minted in honour of our athletes competing at the London 2012 Summer Games;
  • Bill Reid’s Spirit of Haida Gwaii featured on our first-ever five-kilo fine silver coin;
  • the newest issue from our vibrant $5 silver and niobium coin series featuring the Full Pink Moon; and
  • a 2012 gold fractional coin set celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

The follow describes the newest mint products now available to the public .
2012 Calgary Stampede 100th Anniversary Gold and Silver Coins
In 1912, working cowboy and trick ropemaker Guy Weadick, inspired by the traveling wild-west shows that enjoyed worldwide popularity in the early 1900s, convinced four local anesthetic ranchers to help him produce the first “ Frontier Days and Cowboy Championship Contest ”, soon to be christened the Calgary Stampede .
After 100 years, Calgary, Alberta remains home to “ the greatest outdoor testify on ground ”, which has welcomed millions of visitors and dignitaries from all over Canada and the world in a singular celebration of the romance and polish of the old west .
The action and exhilaration which made the Stampede celebrated is captured in stunning new 5 snow leopard, 99.99 % pure gold and argent coins which celebrate the most iconic imagination of western culture : the buck bronco ; the rodeo passenger and the intricate scroll embellishments of classic leather saddle design .
All these elements combine to immortalize a fabled cavalry named Grated Coconut, a current asterisk of the Stampede with six Bareback Horse of the year awards to its name. The trademark “ CS ” of the Stampede and the key date of 1912 complete this tribute to 100 thrilling years of Calgary Stampede history .
Designed by Calgary-based western artist Michelle Grant, these beautiful proof coins will appeal to serious rodeo enthusiasts and mint collectors alike, who can besides look forward to one more new coin as the hundredth Calgary Stampede approaches .
With only 200 gold and 1,500 silver coins available worldwide, these very single coins retail for $ 11,999.95 CAD and $ 495.95 CAD respectively .
Visit Mint gold coin page for details .
Visit Mint silver coin page for details .
2012 25-Cent Calgary Stampede 100th Anniversary Coin & Stamp Set
Millions in Canada and around the world respect souvenirs of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and in 2012, few things remember the Stampede better than a vividly painted Royal canadian Mint collector coin combined with a copulate of Canada Post commemorative stamps featured in a booklet celebrating the colorful 100-year history of the Calgary Stampede .
Echoing the expressive style of an old-time rodeo bill poster, the revoke design of the Mint ’ s outsize 25-cent cupronickel mint features a audacious cowboy riding for rodeo glory on the back of a buck bronco. The skyline of Calgary and the canadian Rockies framed in this scene created by artist Tony Bianco capture the picturesque home of the 100 year-old Calgary Stampede .
Canada Post ’ s domestic and u chain mail rate stamps respectively feature classical western riding gear and the silver belt buckle awarded to Stampede champions. These are besides Canada Post Corporation ’ s first augmented reality stamp. Buyers of this product agitate and interactional product can see these stamps in a new light by downloading the Stamps Alive app from .
Customers eager to collect a colorful and low-cost memento of the hundredth Calgary Stampede should hurry to corral this 2012 25-cent Coloured Coin and Stamp Set, as restrict quantities are available at the retail monetary value of $ 25.95 CAD .
Canada Post outlets in Calgary and across Canada are carrying this exciting collectible, in addition to a national and external network of official Royal Canadian Mint distributors .
Visit Mint information page for details .
2012 $1 Two Loons Silver Coin
After producing more than a billion one-dollar circulation coins in support of Canadian commerce since June 29, 1987, the Mint has chosen to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the iconic Loonie with a unique 99.99 % pure silver medal collector coin .
The Loon design has graced the turn back of this pillar of Canada ’ mho coinage since its elegant illustration by Robert Ralph Carmichael first appeared on the coin which replaced the Canadian one-dollar bank note in 1987. This cherished symbol of canadian identity is re-born in boldface lines and colours by First Nations artist Richard Hunt ’ s Two Loons, captured on a fine argent one-ounce proof coin .
No text appears on the rearward of this coin, allowing a captivating double in red, black, white and k to stir the imagination as each person to collect this coin admires the seemliness and stateliness of two Common Loons and their reeking reflections .
Limited to a mintage of merely 10,000 coins, this boldly designed collectible retails for $ 109.95 CAD. The public can besides look ahead to a new anniversary-themed mint soon before Canada ’ s Loonie formally turns 25 on June 30, 2012 .
Visit Mint information foliate for details .
2012 $1 Lucky Loonie Silver Coin
Another especial court to the Loon takes flight with the Mint ’ s newest edition of the Fine Silver Lucky Loonie. In keeping alive the late custom of wishing Canada ’ randomness athletes well luck at Olympic and Paralympic Games with special collector and circulation versions of our iconic one-dollar coins, a 99.99 % pure flatware coin with a modern loon prototype by canadian artist Emily S. Damstra has been minted in patronize of our teams competing at this summer ’ randomness London 2012 Games .
This unique take on the original loon design of Canada ’ s 1-dollar circulation mint features a back view of the Common Loon as it spreads its wings in a territorial display. As it ripples the lake ’ south waters, the loon faces a lake land densely wooded with the canadian boreal forest ’ randomness feature mix of evergreen and deciduous trees.

This proof finish silver Lucky Loonie is besides enhanced by a painted canadian Olympic Team logo. Limited to a mintage of 20,000 coins, this lucky keepsake retails for $ 39.95 CAD .
Visit Mint information page for details .
2012 $500 Spirit of Haida Gwaii Silver Coin
After capturing the fabled forms of Bill Reid ’ s Spirit of Haida Gwaii in revealing the populace ’ mho first 10-kilo 99.999 % pure gold mint in 2011, the Royal Canadian Mint is excited to revisit this celebrate masterpiece of native canadian artwork in a five-kilo, 99.99 % arrant silver mint .
The Mint ’ sulfur first base ever ash grey coin in this impressive scale beckons the attention of both art lovers and coin collectors with dramatic ultra-high stand-in evoking the boldness of the massive sculpture commissioned in 1985 for the canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C .
This stirring tribute to this cultural icon is hand-polished to perfection in a proof ending and limited to 100 coins global. proudly canadian in every way, the design and the production of this mint, its elegant collector ’ sulfur box crafted of canadian walnut wood, and the mint ’ s certificate in a rich people koran format are all domestically developed and produced .
This fine silver ace is available for the retail price of $ 9,999.95 CAD .
Visit Mint information page for details .
2012 $5 Full Pink Moon Silver and Niobium Coin
The Mint is closing out its series of $ 5 greatest silver and niobium coins celebrating the ancient tradition of the full moons of the Algonquin with a one-fourth and concluding issue featuring The Full Pink Moon .
The Mint ’ s innovative serial of selectively anodized ash grey and niobium coins has vividly captured the inspiring report of the Algonquin people ’ second internalization of cultural and natural symbols to identify the seasonal moonlight phases. In recounting the final chapter of that dateless fib, the Mint has illustrated the full lunar month of April ; the calendar month of new life .
Known to the Algonquin culture as the Full Pink Moon for the bright pinko blooms of Phlox flowers which carpet the landscape in spring, the Mint has created a stunning pink effect in the niobium inserts on the reverse of this coin .
Preceded by The Buck ; The Hunter ; and The Wolf ; this coin, angstrom well as all others in this series, was designed by artist John Mantha .
merely 7,500 Full Pink Moon coins, each retailing for $ 121.95 CDN, are available global .
Visit Mint information page for details .
2012 Year of the Dragon Gold Fractional Coin Set
The stateliness of the highly anticipated year of the Dragon has been finely expressed on a assortment of Royal Canadian Mint valued alloy coins and in reaction to continuing requirement for exclusive keepsakes of this momentous year, the Mint is introducing a identical exclusive fix of 99.99 % pure gold coins in fractional sizes .
Ranging in size of one snow leopard, a half-ounce, a quarter-ounce and a tenth-ounce, this alien coin set features the work of Three Degrees Creative Group of Vancouver, BC, whose stunning rendering of a fabulous dragon surrounded by lotus flowers and clouds of good luck has already embellished previous examples of the Mint ’ randomness pure aureate and silver kilogram coins .
Packaged in an Asian-inspired golden silk-covered collector box, this highly exclusive coin set is limited to lone 500 examples worldwide, and retails for $ 5,499.95 CAD .
Visit Mint data foliate for details .
All of the Mint ’ sulfur products are available immediately from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or on the Internet at .
The coins are besides available at the Royal Canadian Mint ’ second boutiques in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver, a well as through our global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets .

About the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is the Crown Corporation responsible for the mint and distribution of Canada ’ s circulation coins. An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, the Mint is recognized as one of the largest and most versatile mints in the worldly concern, offering a wide-eyed range of specialize, high gear timbre neologism products and relate services on an external scale. For more information on the Mint, its products and services, sojourn .

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