What Is TRIG Coin ? A Beginner’s Guide To TRIG Token

TRIG Coin: A Machine To Machine Crypto Token That Powers The  Blocksafe Network

Blockchain Technology, the revolutionary engineering behind Bitcoin is now getting attention from all parts of worlds. Startups, Enterprises, Organisation, Governments all around the universe are recognising and adopting Blockchain. Various business sectors are hopping onto the Blockchain Train. Be it Finance, Legal, Supply-Chain, Healthcare, Insurance, etc. I am sure you must have read hundreds of article about adoption of Blockchain Technology in respective commercial enterprise sectors. But do you know that there is a blockchain engineering based project for GUNS ! ! Introducing, TRIGGERS- First Global Defense Network Called ‘ BLOCKSAFE ’, powered by TRIG Coin. In this article, I will be covering up how BLOCKSAFE is using blockchain engineering for defense and What is Trig Coin .

What is BlockSafe?

The technology is changing and improving all the fields day by day. Weather it is finance, healthcare, education, or even agriculture. Innovative technology is being applied to everything. Defence, Guns and Ammunitions are one of the most hottest sector in which the technology is getting upgrade. “ Smart Technology ” is now available for Guns american samoa well and the combination is called, but obviously, “Smart Guns”.

Smart Guns are basically the gun which has a belittled computer attached which allows only authorized person to fire the weapon. It increases the protective covering but is besides carries some trouble. One of them highlighted by Forbes is : –
“Computers malfunction and authentication technology is not perfect. Lawfully armed citizens protecting themselves and/or their families could be killed if their weapons malfunction during a home invasion or attempted rape. While some have argued that conventional semi-automatic handguns also periodically jam, smartguns add a whole new dimension of failure possibilities”
Smart guns have implicit in risks associated which can not be ignored. To think that a bug could cause injury to an unsuspecting exploiter can not be justified by any means. That ’ sulfur why Blocksafe undertakes to solve this issue with Blockchain engineering .

As per the whitepaper of BlockSafe:-

“Smartguns are connected to smartphones and servers cur rently through wireless networks and protocols like Bluetooth and infrared. This structure lends itself to detrimental security flaws. Most notably, centralizing the control and data of smart devices on a gun leave open detrimental consequences. Particularly on a national level, where hacking takes place as political warfare, connecting arms en masse to each other needs to be done with a guar- antee for safety.”
Along with dozens of early problems, Smart Guns may not function well when it should be therefore leading to shedding of the rake of innocent masses. here comes BlockSafe into the picture .
The BlockSafe Foundation introduces a new platform which deals with most, if not all, of the problems with the Smart Guns.BlockSafe is the alone decentralized Blockchain Network for sensor-based defense technologies .
Blocksafe presents the first Blockchain solution for Smartgun guard. By using Blockchain technology, Blocksafe allows for cryp- tographically enforced safety for connected Smartgun technology .

BlockSafe Use Cases

BlockSafe provides the use cases that enables development of more advance firearm and defense mechanism solutions. These solutions peculiarly focuses in the plug distribution and memory of data, which would be differently besides bad to communicate over insecure lines .
Some of them are as follows : –
• Protective Gun Vault
–Guard your guns from unauthorized users .
• Sharing sensor data through decentralized applications
– Using fingerprint sensors to verify whether the gunman holder is licensed to hold .
–   Military or law enforcement having guns that take data that is shared and interpreted securely .
–   Consolidating and interpreting sensors data with for development and habit of artificial intelligence ( AI )
–   Alert checkup support when heat detector goes cold – indicating dis- armed weapon, breach of protocol or hurt accelerator owner. “ Smart locks ”
–   Using detector data to test whether the trip of the gun is justified in that case. This can prevent people from using guns irresponsibly or by chance .
– Linking health records with artillery ownership to ensure genial adequacy of user .
• Preventing ransomware from taking control of IoT devices

-Stop malignant attacks from taking control of IoT devices and de-manding ransom to unlock .
• Litigation
– Video camera to use in court for questioning .
• Product theft
Gun store recouping stolen firearms .
• Insurance
– Monitoring and managing firearm use for employees of armored hand truck and security companies .
• Training
– Recorded analytics used to tailor train programs to optimize learning curves and to prevent accidents.

Consensus Mechanism In BlockSafe

Blocksafe uses three consensus mechanism to support the decentralized apps that make use of the innovations integrated into the Blockchain.These are as follows : –

  1. Consensus Implementations
    (a)Encryption consensus :- PoE (Proof-Of-Encryption), Managed with separate ‘data’ key required to decrypt data.
  2. Storage consensus
  3. Delivery consensus

What is TRIGGERS ? What is TRIG Coin

“TRIG” short for “ TRIGGERS” powers the Blocksafe network good like Ether office the decentralized apps on the Ethereum Blockchain .

Economics of TRIG Coin

initially, the total supply of TRIG Tokens were 100 Million. But, in September last year, about 67.5 Millions of TRIG Coins were burned frankincense, around 32.5 million of TRIG tokens are in sum and all are in circulation. No more clean-cut coins are locked .

TRIG Market Cap

At the time of publishing this article, TRIG market cap was $ 9,168,013 USD and the price of TRIG coin was $ 0.28

From Where To Buy TRIG Coin ? | How To Buy TRIG Token?

TRIG coin is listed on and can be purchased from the follow list of cryptocurrency exchanges : –


TRIG Wallets | Where To Store TRIG Coins?

As per the official web site of Triggers, IndieSquare wallet is suggested. The chitter page of BlockSafe ( TRIG ) suggests Counterpart Wallet. But since TRIGGERS ( TRIG ) is an ERC-20 token ( as mentioned in the whitepaper ) so trigonometry coins can be stored in and wallet that supports storehouse of ERC-20 Tokens like :

  • MyEtherWallet (MEW),
  • MetaMask,
  • Coinomi,
  • Ledger Nano S,
  • Trezor, etc

Here is a full list of wallets that are compatible and supports storage of ERC-20 tokens:- Best Wallets To Store Your ERC20 Tokens

Team Behind TRIG Coin

Following are the team members behind the TRIG cryptocurrency stick out : –
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  • Kevin Barnes (CEO/Founder – TRIG) :-  Kevin is a U.S. Army Veteran, Kaiser Permanente Architect and has 20+ Years of experience As a Systems coder.
  • Duane O. Jacobsen (CFO/COO):- Duane has experience of more than 30 years in Legal and Finance.
  • Andrew Flipowski (Advisor/Investor) :-  Andrew is the Executive Chairman At Fuel50, Managing Partner At Silkroad Equity and is a Harvard Business School Graduate.
  • Michael Terpin (Advisor/Investor) :- Michael is the Founder/CEO AT Transform Group, Co-Founder For BCOMMERCE LABS and is the Chairman/Co-Founder at Bitangels
  • Wolfgang Ward (Community Director):- Wolfgang is an Independent Publisher, Blackwater Private Security Agent and US Marine Corps Combat Veteran
  • Jena Binderup (Communications Head):- Jena has 10 Years Of Experience Specializing In Developing Targeted Communications, Marketing Strategies And Technical Storylines For Complex Technologie
  • Christopher Samples (Chief Ambassador Officer):- Christopher has 13 YEARS of Experience In The Telecom And Custom Integration Field As a Project Manager And Team Leader
  • Emmanuel Rangel (Chief Marketing Officer):- Emmanuel has 13 years of experience in marketing. His previous clients include COCA-COLA, SONY, SONY PICTURES, BUDWEISER, LIL WAYNE, T.I, CARNAGE
  • John Rinkenberg (Creative Director):- John had some big names in his past clientage which includes APPLE, AMAZON,
  • Chirag Sidhdhapara :- Blocksafe Ambassador For Philipines
  • Haku Kim:- Blocksafe Ambassador For Korea

For more details about TRIG Coin and BlockSafe, visit the official web site. Click here to read the whitepaper .
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