Coin Master Ultimate Beginners’ Guide 2022 – Tips & Tricks

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What Is Coin Master?

Coin Master was originally released in 2010, but the game as we know it has been around since 2015, starting as a Facebook flash game. At the moment, it is alone available on io and Android as Adobe has terminated Flash back. The developer of Coin Master, Moon Active, is an israeli development ship’s company that has invested a bunch in making Coin Master democratic global, through evening celebrity ad and endorsements .
The game has amassed more than 100,000,000 on Play Store. The life tax income generated by Coin Master players is more than $ 2,000,000,000. Moon Active release Coin Master ’ randomness successor, Pet Master, in 2021, and as always, you can get your day by day Pet Master free spins links from Borderpolar.

What looks like a simplistic base-building bet on on the open is largely a casino slot machine simulator, as most of the rewards in the game issue forth from spinning a slot machine. basically, the slot car is where you will spend most of your game time in Coin Master .
Using the slot machine, you can earn coins, raid and attack other players to steal their coins, or get shields that reduce the effect of other players ’ attacks on your village .
You then use the Coin Master coins you gain to construct and upgrade your village ’ randomness own buildings and level up to the adjacent village. In essence, Coin Master is a gamble game at affection as its mechanics and monetization revolve around it .
so, in this steer, you will find the best coin master tricks, tips, and practices to maximize your base-building and advance adenine fast as possible in Coin Master .
Coin Master thrives in its ease. It is not a bet on for hard-core gamers, nor it tries to be .
however, one key view of the game that will help your wallet quell unharmed is the Coin Master complimentary spins feature of speech. You can earn Coin Master free spins on day by day basis by clicking links to Moon Active releases on social media, newsletters, early promotions, and in-game events .
To stay up-to-date with Coin Master casual dislodge spins and discover all the ways you can get them, read our Coin Master Free Spins Links 2021 post to get those much sought extra spins for dislodge .
coin master ultimate guide

The Basics of Coin Master

As already explained, everything in Coin Master revolves around obtaining coins with slot machine spins and attacks and raids on enemy villages. then players build structures at their own villages and upgrade them to advance to the adjacent greenwich village .
There are three elementary means of earning Coin in Coin Master for rid :

  1. Winning coins from the Slot Machine, which is the core part of the game.
  2. Attacking enemy players’ villages.
  3. Raiding enemy players’ villages.

All three actions are only triggered by using the slot machine .
The second and the third gear ones demonstrate the competitive side of Coin Master makes players spend enough of fourth dimension at the slot machine and attack other players to get to the adjacent greenwich village faster and improve their ranking across their social circle .
Coin Master is a crippled that urges you to invite your friends so that you can go to war with them .

The 3-Reels Slots Machine

Spins are the core of this game as they are practically your “ energy. ” Coin Master generates 5 free spins per hour, up to the count of 50 .
You can have more than 50 spins available, but that means your spin pond won ’ triiodothyronine replenish. obviously, you constantly want to spend your spins therefore that new ones will generate all the time. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to go to bed at night with 40/50 spins available. This have is what gets players hooked and makes them check their smartphones multiple times per sidereal day !
Spending spins on the slot machine is your primary military action on Coin Master. You will find the slot machine at the main bodily process horizon of the game .
You can spin the slot machine using your spins, and you can even perform super spins by spending more spins ( 3x, 5x, 10x, tied 50x ) .
The slots in the slot machine contain the follow symbols :

  • a bag of coins,
  • a hammer,
  • a pig bandit,
  • a shield,
  • and a spin capsule.

occasionally, during Coin Master, temp events excess slots machines appear in which you can spend coins alternatively of spins .

Bag of Coin Coins. You earn coins if the reel contains just one Bag of Coins.
Hammer Attack an enemy village to steal coins.
Requires you to hit 3x Hammer in the middle row of the slot machine.
You also have the option to perform “Revenge” by attacking a Coin Master that previously attacked your village.
Pig Bandit Raid current Coin Master (you can see the current one at the top of the slot machine).
Requires you to get 3x Pig Bandit symbols in the middle row.
Shield Defend your village (lose fewer coins during an attack).
Requires you to get three shields in the middle row of the slot machine, and you acquire three shields (if you spent one spin).
Energy Capsule Rewards 10 free spins

Slot Machine Symbols and Actions/Rewards.

Understanding the Coin Master Symbols and Actions

The Bag of Coins

This symbol rewards you with coins. You don ’ t have to get three in a course to receive a reward ; you get more coins if you score 2 or 3 bags in the slot machine in the middle row .

The Hammer (Attack/Revenge)

If you get an integral center row of Hammers, you will attack another player ’ south base .
If you ’ ve linked your Facebook report to Coin Master, you can choose a Facebook friend to attack. Otherwise, the crippled picks a random actor .
Attacking an enemy successfully reduces their build up ’ sulfur star rate, so this allows you to slow down other players ’ progress in the bet on as they will have to spend coins to upgrade it to maximum star denounce before unlocking the adjacent village .

The Pig Bandit (Raid)

If you get three pig bandits ( the game ’ s mascot ) in the center rowing, you will perform a Raid attack towards the current Coin Master. With raids, you don ’ thymine have an option on who to attack .
When a Raid begins, you ’ re taken to the current Coin Master ’ second Village. This is random, but you can see it at the top of the slot machine, as I mentioned .
contrary to attacks, rather of attacking buildings, you have three Shovels to dig holes with. There are 4 digging locations in a village, and one of them is empty. If you hit all non-empty holes with your three shovels, you have performed a perfect raid so that you will receive the maximum reward .
The number of coins you steal will be retracted from the current Coin Master ’ s hoard, so this is a great way to slow them down .

The Shield (Collect Shields to Defend Against Enemy Attacks).

The Shield is used to protect your base from enemy normal attacks ( not from raids, though ). You can have up to three Shields initially to be protected from three attacks as you lose one carapace per attack. As your advancement to higher levels, you will be able to carry tied more shields. The current maximum total of shields in Coin Master is five, and you will hit that ceiling before level 80 .
If you have a Shield when an enemy attacks one of your buildings, you will lose a carapace rather of coins, and your construction ’ sulfur star rat will stay entire .
The like rules apply when you ’ re attacking a player with a Shield. You will silent gain 50,000 Coins ( this scales to your degree, the higher your level, the more coins you get when the musician defends ) as recompense, but you won ’ t be able to damage the greenwich village ’ randomness buildings. needle to say, when on the assail side, you truly hope that the target player has no carapace left .

Betting – Spending More than a Single Spin on the Slots Machine

If you have hoarded many spins, you can spend more than a single one when you spin. This exercise is called dissipated. Bets multiply the rewards you earn from Slot Machine spins. If you have better 3 spins on a single spin, you will get triple the rewards. however, keep in mind that you lose all these bets if you don ’ thyroxine win, so your spins can start going down actually fast .

Village Building

Villages signify your progress in Coin Master. Each village is a “ level, ” and you level up by unlocking and moving to the adjacent village .
As of right now, there are 363 villages, each with its alone root, that you can complete in Coin Master .
There are five buildings you must construct at each degree. To complete it and advance to the following Village, you must upgrade all the buildings in your stream greenwich village to a 5-star Rating .
Upgrading buildings costs Coin, and upgrades become increasingly more expensive the further you get in the bet on, so Coin Master is a constant crunch for coins to level up .
The buildings don ’ t have any special effects or functions ; they are merely cosmetics and indicate your progress toward the future Village-level. Opponents ’ successful attacks reduce your buildings ’ headliner ratings, hindering your progress to the future village level .

Coin Master Village Costs

hera are the costs to upgrade each village ’ mho buildings to 5 stars to be able to move on to the future greenwich village :

1 Lands of Vikings 3.1M
2 Ancient Egypt 5.2M
3 Snowy Alps 9.5M
4 Inca 13.2M
5 Far East 16.3M
6 Stone Age 17.4M
7 Sunny Hawaii 20.6M
8 Troy 25.8M
9 Africa 31.0M
10 Atlantis 34.8M
11 The Future 35.8M
12 Woodstock 37.4M
13 Arbain Nights 41.0M
14 Moon Landing 42.8M
15 Wild West 58.3M
16 Netherland 60.0M
17 Jungle 64.0M
18 Wonderland 67.2M
19 Miners 69.9M
20 The Arctic 60M
21 Apocalypse 61M
22 Candy Land 63.4M
23 Army Camp 64.2M
24 Halloween 67.3M
25 The tribe 66.6M
26 Australia 71M
27 Columbus 69.7M
28 Mexico 75.8M
29 Magical Forest 81M
30 India 85.7M
31 The 50’s 91.7M
32 Thailand 97.2M
33 Coin Manor 108.9M
34 Dragon Lair 115.2M
35 Greek Island 120.1M
36 LA dreams 126.3M
37 The Wizard 134M
38 Oil Tyrant 141.5M
39 La Familia 153.6M
40 Area 51 163.8M
41 Night of the dead 165.1M
42 Steampunk Land 174.6M
43 The Zoo 180.5M
44 Russia 192.3M
45 Musketeers 205M
46 Lady Bug 216.2M
47 Theme Park 229M
48 Tibet 251.5M
49 Hell 272.8M
50 Easter 279M
51 Japan 282.9M
52 Swamp 291M
53 Wizard of Oz 304M
54 Timbuktu 320.7M
55 Jurassic Ville 345.3M
56 Canada 348.1M
57 Mongolia 368.4M
58 Jacks Beanstalks 384.1M
59 Scotland 409.9M
60 Robin Hood 433.1M
61 Deep-Sea 453.3M
62 Don Quixote 483.4M
63 Colosseum 505.3M
64 Cat Castle 523M
65 Olympus 542.6M
66 Trolls 565.8M
67 Aliens 591.4M
68 Da Vinci 630.0M
69 Sand Land 658.5M
70 Elves 694.8M
71 Switzerland 726.2M
72 Truckers 773.7M
73 Spain 0.9B
74 Little Red 0.9B
75 Unicorn 1B
76 Scientist 1B
77 Romania 1B
78 CourtHouse 1B
79 Tin Soldier 1.1B
80 Crazy Bride 1.1B
81 Pilot 1.2B
82 Fairy Tale 1.3B
83 Car Racing 1.4B
84 Gnome 1.4B
85 Desert Punk 1.4B
86 Detective 1.4B
87 Baba Yaga 1.5B
88 Barbarian 1.7B
89 Restaurant 1.7B
90 King Arthur 1.8B
91 Sinbad 1.8B
92 Bikers Bar 2B
93 Caribbean Resort 2.1B
94 Super Heroes 2.2B
95 Egyptian Pyramids 2.2B
96 Olympic Games 2.3B
97 Mountain Climbers 2.4B
98 Milky Way 2.6B
99 Ski Slope 2.7B
100 Royal Monkey 2.8B
101 Snow White 2.8B
102 Goblin Ghetto 3.1B
103 Yemen 3.4B
104 Wu Xing 3.4B
105 Circus 3.6B
106 Yokai 3.7B
107 Golf Course 3.8B
108 Lucha Libre 4.1B
109 Cyber Cowboys 4.2B
110 Rice Farmer 4.6B
111 Captain Shipyard 4.7B
112 Irish Craic 5B
113 Oktoberfest 5.3B
114 Amazon 5.6B
115 Aztec 5.7B
116 Forbidden City 5.8B
117 Ice Queen 6B
118 Samurai 6.4B
119 Santa’s Factory 6.7B
120 Soccer 7B
121 Tennis 7.4B
122 Thanksgiving 7.8B
123 Toys 8.2B
124 Venice 8.5B
125 Witches 9B
126 Yankee 9.2B
127 Zanzibar 9.6B
128 Moby Dick 10.2B
129 Turkey 10.6B
130 Argentina 11.3B
131 Boxing Club 11.8B
132 Carnival 12.6B
133 Dracula 13.1B
134 Future Park 13.5B
135 Gymnastics 14.3B
136 New York 14.5B
137 Swamp Princess 15.1B
138 Punk Rock 15.2B
139 Railroad 16.2B
140 Rio 17.8B
141 Space Pirate 18.6B
142 Mech Workshop 19.8B
143 Jocke & Jonna 20.7B
144 Colombia 21.1B
145 Petra 21.6B
146 Monkey Kingdom 22B
147 Persian Sultan 22.6B
148 Desert Party 22.9B
149 Hercules 23.4B
150 Shaolin 23.8B
151 Baker Shop 24.6B
152 Billiard 24.8B
153 Noah’s Ark 25.8B
154 Doomsday 26.8B
155 Orc 28.2B
156 Fairy 29B
157 Ice Age 30.2B
158 Cleopatra 30.5B
159 Valhalla 31.3B
160 Supervillain 32B
161 Horse Racing 33.6B
162 Jazz Club 34.2B
163 Fashion 34.5B
164 Barber Shop 36B
165 Mermaid City 37.1B
166 Street Dance 37.9B
167 Saloon Slickers 38.8B
168 Centaure 40.6B
169 Dungeon Lair 41.8B
170 Brazil Amazon 43.8B
171 Morocco 45B
172 Firefighters 45.7B
173 Jousting 46.6B
174 Sculpture Workshop 48.4B
175 Babylon 49B
176 Boarding School 51.3B
177 Movie Set 52.8B
178 Dino Ranch 52.4B
179 American Football 56B
180 Beauty and the Beast 57.7B
181 Galapagos 59.6B
182 Robo Tech Girl 61.4B
183 Darwin 64.1B
184 Dinner 64.9B
185 Mad Hatter 67B
186 San Fransisco 68.6B
187 Rally Racing 70.5B
188 Madagascar 72.9B
189 Police Station 75.4B
190 Bee Hive 76.8B
191 Napoleon 79.1B
192 Basketball 82.2B
193 Film Noir 84.8B
194 Baseball 87.3B
195 Pet Saloon 89.7B
196 Scouts Camp 92.6B
197 Leprechaun 95.4B
198 Athletics 98.2B
199 Burglar 101.1B
200 Ice Hockey 104.2B
201 Talk Show 106.9B
202 Havana 110.6B
203 Cyber Future 113.8B
204 Magic Show 117.6B
205 Arcade 120.8B
206 Jamaica 124.4B
207 Louise The 16th 127.2B
208 Sea Master Park 132B
209 Zombie Boogie 135.9B
210 Motorbike 140B
211 County Folk Band 144B
212 Trainer of Dragons 148.8B
213 China Wall 153B
214 Mail Man 157.6B
215 Theatre 162B
216 Grand Biking Tour 167B
217 Space Cleaners 172B
218 Dwarf Workshop 177B
219 Swimming Pool 182.4B
220 Odysseus 188.4B
221 Haunted House 194.1B
222 Jungle Explorers 200B
223 Stranded Island 206.1B
224 Construction Site 212.4B
225 Thai Boxing 218.9B
226 Museum Life 225.6B
227 Roman Square 232.5B
228 Cricket 239.6B
229 Nordic Fisherman 246.9B
230 Georgia 245.6B
231 Tesla’s Lab 262.2B
232 Iceland 270.2B
233 Portual Vasco da Gama 278.5B
234 Templar Order 287B
235 Aircraft Carrier 295.8B
236 Alien Museum 304.8B
237 Prisoner Escape 314.1B
238 Maharaja 323.7B
239 Alien Invasion 333.6B
240 Royal Heaven 343.8B
241 Submarine 354.3B
242 Princess pack 365.1B
243 Chocolate Factory 376.2B
244 Henzel and Gretel 387.7B
245 Mage Room 399.6B
246 Gardener 411.8B
247 Venice Beach 424.3B
248 Biker’s Gang 437.3B
249 Ice Skating 450.7B
250 Pastry Shop 464.4B
251 Mauri 478.6B
252 Archery 493.2B
253 Doughnut Shop 499B
254 Wagon train 514B
255 Sumo 530B
266 Bowling 546B
257 Cyborg 562B
258 Momotaro 579B
259 Green Earth 597B
260 Leonardo’s Workshop 614B
261 Voodoo Shop 633B
262 Clock Master 652B
263 River Beast 671B
264 Bollywood 691B
265 Wedding 712B
266 Crab FIshing 733B
267 Surfing Beach 755B
268 Bangkok Market 778B
269 Panda Reservoir 801B
270 Ninja Village 825B
271 Art Gallery 850B
272 Japan Hot Springs 876B
273 Food Festival 902B
274 Snow Playground 929B
275 Subway 957B
276 Camel fair 985B
277 Monkey Brewery 1,002B
278 Space Post 1,045B
279 Sakura 1,077B
280 Astronaut Space Station 1,109B
281 Pool Party 1,142B
282 Valentine 1,177B
283 Chinatown 1,212B
284 Mech dino lab 1,248B
285 Stone Beats 1,286B
286 Scary theme park 1,324B
287 Human and Orc war 1,364B
288 Witch Hunter 1,405B
289 Parlament 1,447B
290 Science fair 1,490B
291 Library 1,535B
292 Vintage market 1,581B
293 Hollywood Premier 1,629B
294 Drive-in 1,668B
295 Indian Festival 1,728B
296 CSI Lab 1,780B
297 Tango 1,834B
298 Thai Festival 1,889B
299 CyberPunk Japan 1,945B
300 Victorian Sci-Fi 2,003B
301 Christmas Market 2,064B
302 Skydive 2,156B
303 Gran Hotel 2,189B
304 Apocalypse City Survival 2,255B
305 Comic Convention 2,322B
306 Deep-Sea Civilization 2,392B
307 Karaoke Room 2,464B
308 Magic Lana 2,537B
309 Crocodile Farm 2,614B
310 Radio Station 2,692B
311 Road Trip 2,773B
312 Mexican Restaurant 2,856B
313 Full Moon Party 2,940B
314 Magic Academy 3,030B
315 Bag Shop 3,121B
316 Vintage Toy Shop 3,214B
317 Aquarium Inside 3,311B
318 Chinese Tavern  3,410B
319 Noodle Shop 3,512B
320 Music Store 3,619B
321 K-pop 3,726B
322 Herb Classroom 3,838B
323 Cosmetic Shop 3,953B
324 Carnival Fortune 3,411B
325 Airport 3,513B
326 Hospital 3,619B
327 Dog Trainer 3,728B
328 Cosplay Party 3,839B
329 Unicorn Cafe 3,958B
330 Ice Cream Shop 4,074B
331 Cheese Factory 4,195B
332 Safari 4,324B
333 Bus House 4,454B
334 Corgi Marathon 4,588B
335 Street Performance 4,725B
336 Fish Market 4,870B
337 Koi Fish Pond 5,013B
338 Pet Photo Studio 5,166B
339 Gnome Forrest 5,323B
340 Tea Field 5,482B
341 Garden Barbecue 5,646B
342 Game Show 5,815B
343 Barn Life 5,990B

Coin Master Village Costs


The Revenge automobile mechanic allows you to retaliate and counterstrike at a player who has successfully attacked your greenwich village .
If you get a full moon rowing of hammers in the Slot Machine, the game will take you to the Attack screen and transition to a random Village .
Pay attention to the top right of your screen ; there should be a Revenge pop fly option there .
blue-ribbon this, and the game will bring up a list of all the players who have recently Attacked you .
Pick one, and the game will get you to that player ’ second greenwich village to return the favor .

Coin Master Cards and Card Collections

You can get Coin Master Cards by opening up Chests, which you can buy by spending your Coin Master coins or stars gained from recycling duplicate cards.

There are a short ton of Card Collections, and each Collection contains nine Cards. When you complete a wide collection, you receive coins, spare spins, or evening pets as rewards .
You can obtain cards from Chests you can buy with your coins or stars, and the more expensive the Chest, the more cards you ’ ll determine within .
The timbre of the Cards you can get from a Chest depends on your current Village Level, and at higher village levels, you have the luck of getting special Gold Cards from the Chests you open .
gold Cards are rare, restrict versions of other cards, and collecting those offers much bigger rewards upon completion .
You can send up to 5 Cards to your friends every day, so it ’ s a commodity idea to join Coin Master forums and communities like Facebook Groups to exchange cards and arrant collections .

The Joker Card

The Joker Card is a special wag that can be earned during events or found in mystery chests ! It gives you the power to transform it into any card that you wish, including Gold cards !
coin master chest card probabilities

Chests are a vital part of Coin Master if you are looking to complete card sets and collections.


As already mentioned, players can purchase Chests from the in-game workshop for Coins. Chests include cards of up to 5-star quality level, but the more expensive, the higher the drop pace of high-quality cards is .
Higher-level Chests besides have lower odds of dropping low-level cards than low-level Chests, thus if you ’ ra looking for a especial 1-, 2-, or 3-star batting order to complete a Card Collection, you ’ ll want to spend Coins on lower floor Chests .
You can besides receive excess Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or bonus Spins from Chests beyond the cards you get .

Card Drop Rates by Chest

Depending on which chest you ’ rhenium open, you have a higher chance of drawing a particular rarity of cards .
however, only the Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine ’ s Chests have chances of dropping the ace specialJoker Card .
The Wooden, Golden, and charming Chests are all available, starting with Village 3 .
The Small Lucky Chest is available at Village 4, Small Easter Chest at Village 10, Big Easter Chest and Emerald Chest at Village 20, Valentine ’ sulfur Chest and Big Lucky Chest at Village 30, Viking Chest and Sapphire Chest at Village 70, Fortune Chest at Village 100, Ruby Chest at Village 110, and finally the Epic Chest at Village 130 .
These are the official drop rates per chest character according to Moon Active :

Wooden Chest 2 86% 48% 18% 15% 2% 0%
Golden Chest 4 60.4% 77.74% 99.5% 35.87% 5.95% 0%
Magical Chest 8 79.21% 94.29% 99.5% 99.5% 23.6% 0%
Viking Chest 6 0% 0% 99.6% 78% 89.6% 0%
Fortune Chest 6 0% 0% 100% 100% 100% 0%
Epic Chest 6 0% 0% 0% 99.5% 99.5% 0%
Mystery Chest 6 0.5% 98.33% 98.33% 99.5% 99.5% 10%
Emerald Chest 4 63.71% 56.13% 80.69% 70.84% 27.1% 0%
Saphire Chest 6 71.78% 79.16% 90.49% 99.5% 38.04% 0%
Ruby Chest 8 56.2% 82.47% 97.19% 99.5% 61.14% 1.9%
Valentine’s Chest 6 0.5% 98% 98% 99% 99% 4%
Small Lucky Chest 6 0.01% 98% 98% 99.5% 99.5% 1.4%
Big Lucky Chest 8 55% 82% 96% 99% 60% 14%
Small Easter Chest 6 0.01% 99.5% 99.5% 99.5% 99.5% 2.4%
Big Easter Chest 8 56% 83% 97% 99% 61% 6%

Coin Master chests and card probabilities
Pet XP besides works the same way ; the higher your Village Level, the more likely Pet XP you can receive from a Chest .

The Joker Card

The Joker Card is an ultra-rare card you can earn by participating in Coin Master events or by unlocking Mystery Chests .
The Joker Card can transform into any poster you want, evening Gold Cards. note that Joker Cards have a time limit, so be sure to use them before they expire !

Coin Master Pets

Coin Master Pets and abilities Foxy, Rhino, Tiger
The pets in the plot are your companions in the quest to conquer early villages and become the Coin Master.

Pets avail players in different aspects of the game ( raids, attacks, and defense ) and make the progress through the villages more rewarding .
You can hatch Foxy when you reach the Inca greenwich village and travel with him as you collect cards to complete sets and unlock new pets !
Pets are cute little animals that support you on both raids and attacks and offer different bonuses to help you on your travel .
You can hatch pets by accessing the Pet screen via the game ’ s menu or by tapping the Egg beneath the Slot Machine .
once activated, your pet will give you their bonus for the next four hours .
once those four hours are up, your pet will fall asleep, and you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to enjoy their effects for a substantial menstruation .
You can speed up their recovery period by feeding your pet with Treats .
besides, you can spend actual money to instantaneously get food for your pets or spin the Slot Machine for a opportunity to get a treat alongside the typical spin rewards .
ultimately, you can use XP Potions to level up your pets and raise their ability effects. You can obtain treats from Slot Machine spins besides .


Foxy is the first gear Pet you unlock when playing Coin Master and the MVP ( Most Valuable Pet ). When Foxy is active, you get extra coins in raids up to 106 % of the amount you raided. Base level increase: 16 % .


The Tiger boosts the total of Coin you earn after Attacking another player ( up to 410 % of the attack measure ). Since attacks are quite park, this favored can help you amass a short ton of coins. It ’ s a great estimate to use it during attack madness —base level increase: 60 % .


The Rhino is unlocked by completing the Creatures Card Collection, and when activated, it has a opportunity of blocking enemy Attacks, much like a Shield does. Leveling up Rhino increases the gamble that Rhino will successfully block an enemy approach .
At his nucleotide level, Rhino has a 10 % chance of preventing an enemy attack, and you can raise this share up to 70 % as you level Rhino up .

Activate Tiger, Foxy, or Rhino for Free Daily

Besides the normal favored activation natural process, you can use one animal daily for 15 minutes. When the feature is available, you will see park pet food on the Coin Master slot screen. Click on the animal and on the Free button to activate it. For the adjacent 15 minutes, you can benefit from Foxy, Tiger of Rhino, so make certain to use it when you are ready to spin .

Coin Master Tips & Tricks 2021

The tips below are nothing groundbreaking but they can be quite helpful :

Use Your Coins ASAP Instead of Stacking them

first, you are constantly susceptible to a potential Raid taking out much of your hold Coins .
consequently, always spend Coins whenever you ’ re able to afford a buy .
This is particularly important if you ’ re out of Shields or you haven ’ thyroxine unlocked the Rhino pet to fend off enemy attacks .
Having a large memory of Coins in your pocket besides makes you an ideal prey for early players to bet a short ton of spins so that they can hit you with a massive raid when you are their target Coin Master at the slot machine .

Raid Strategy

additionally, if you ’ ve got a short ton of Spins at your disposal, it may be worth increasing the Bet total and enjoy the multiplied Spin bonus .
however, it ’ mho best to save your Spins for times when the Coin Master is a player with a huge Coin hoard .
Save your superintendent bets for players with a bunch of coins to maximize your recurrence when you perform a Big Raid as the loot scales to the player ’ south come of coins .
In such cases, make certain to bring Foxy as your positron emission tomography to maximize the raid rewards .

Buy Chests in Every Village to Complete Card Collections

person cards don ’ metric ton offer any bonuses, but completing a Card Collection does .
You should constantly purchase as many Chests as you can afford when entering a newly village without spending any real money .
You ’ ll want to complete the low-level collection while you are at low levels, as it gets harder later in the game since you will be getting higher-level cards from chests .


Can You Trade Gold Cards?

normally, no. amber Cards can merely be traded in special events. Each Gold Card craft event allows for two specific gold cards to be traded. Players can either request or offer these Gold Cards by posting on Coin Master ’ s Official Trading Group.

This concludes our Coin Master game guide for now, but I will keep updating this post with any new tips and features added to Coin Master.

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