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History of the Morgan Silver Dollar ( continued )
The dollar was authorized by the Bland–Allison Act. Following the passage of the 1873 act, mine interests lobbied to restore detached silver medal, which would require the Mint to accept all silver medal presented to it and return it, struck into coin. alternatively, the Bland–Allison Act was passed, which required the Treasury to purchase between two and four million dollars ’ worth of silver at grocery store value to be coined into dollars each month. In 1890, the Bland–Allison Act was repealed by the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, which required the Treasury to purchase 4,500,000 troy ounces ( 140,000 kilogram ) of silver each month, but only required far silver medal dollar production for one year. This dissemble, in change state, was repealed in 1893 .
Morgan Dollars were produced at five different mints : Philadelphia ( no mint grade ), Carson City Nevada ( CC ), New Orleans ( O ), Denver ( D ) and San Francisco ( S ). not all coins were produced at all mints in all years .
In 1898, Congress approved a beak that required all remaining bullion purchased under the Sherman Silver Purchase Act to be coined into silver medal dollars. When those silver reserves were depleted in 1904, the Mint ceased to strike the Morgan dollar. The Pittman Act, passed in 1918, authorized the fade and recoining of millions of silver dollars. pursuant to the act, Morgan dollars resumed mintage for one year in 1921. The design was then replaced by the Peace Dollar later the lapp year which was minted from 1921 to 1928, and again in 1934 and 1935. then the US Mint ceased to issue one dollar coins until the Eisenhower Dollar was issued from 1971 to 1978.

Current Morgan Dollar Values ( courtesy of )
This table will give you an estimate the value of your Morgan silver dollar coins. The postpone provides average coin values and prices based upon the condition of the coin. If the coin shows evidence of wear on it due to being used in commerce, it considered “ circulated. ” If it was never used, then it is classified as “ uncirculated. ”
Current News on Morgan Dollars ( courtesy of )
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® ( NGC® ) has announced that its comprehensive guarantee of rate and authenticity has been expanded to cover GSA Hoard Morgan Dollars that have been graded by NGC in their original black GSA holders. This update… read more »

Based on the catalogue description by John Salyer, Numismatist and Cataloger, U.S. Coins. PCGS Proof-65+ CAC 1895 Morgan Dollar A Star Attraction For better than 100 years… read more »

Steve Estes is a Portland, Oregon coin dealer and a professional numismatist who has been in business since 1963. He and his wife, Debbi, sell chiefly PCGS and NGC-certified… read more »

The Morgan flatware dollar, minted between 1878 and 1921, has no very peer in the numismatic worldly concern. It is by far the most wide collected and traded numismatic coin in the world. Attend any coin show and you will quickly see that… read more »

first published in the March 7, 2011, special Edition of Coin World The Morgan dollar is widely traded at all levels, from the high-grade rarities that sell in the high-six figures for investment… take more »
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