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Purchasing Gold and Silver Coin Accessories

Investing in cute alloy coins and rounds will cost you thousands of dollars depending upon the products you choose to purchase. thankfully, it only costs you a little as $ 1 to protect each of the coins and rounds you purchase with your hard-earned money. JM Bullion proudly offers a variety of mint supplies to help you keep your investments safe from deterioration and passing of value over time .

Air-Tite Coin Holders

Beginning in the 1980s, the Air-Tite ship’s company realized that the growing cherished metals marketplace required a dependable product for investors to use when store, expose, and protecting their gold, silver, platinum, and bull coins or rounds. Given the importance of condition in the value of any cute alloy products, a uncompromising product had to be developed that was easy to use yet rigid enough to stand the test of clock time .
Air-Tite mint holders are available in a kind of sizes, but they parcel a number of common factors that make them an industry standard for storing and protecting coins and rounds. All Air-Tite mint holders consist of acrylic fiber and are manufactured in the United States. Because some of the coin holders are designed with send liaison against your coins and rounds in mind, no PVC is used. PVC can is a more harsh product and can result in blemishes on your otherwise absolutely preserved coins .
Each Air-Tite coin holder available from JM Bullion features snap-together technology. Simply place your coins or rounds inside and snap the two pieces together to protect them for years to come. If you want to take your coins out of the holders, just insert the tip off of a knife into the side slot and pop the holder open. due to the manipulation of acrylic rather of PVC, your coins are prevent inside of a crystal-clear holder that allows you to enjoy the ocular glare of your cherished metals without the risk of damage due to handling.

Available Air-Tite Coin Holders

JM Bullion presently carries a wide array of coin holders designed to hold many of today ’ s most popular precious metal coins and rounds from both sovereign and secret batch facilities. Among the most democratic holders available in our catalogue are the follow :

  • 16 MM Air-Tite: Perfect for US half-dime pieces (1794-1805), 1/10 oz American Gold and American Platinum Eagles, 1/10 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonics, 1/20 oz Australian Gold Lunars, 1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and 1/10 oz South African Gold Krugerrands.
  • 20 MM Air-Tite: Ideal for use with US nickels (1866-1883), US $2.50 gold coins (1795-1808), ¼ oz Australian Gold Lunars, and ¼ oz Canadian Gold Maple Leafs.
  • 25 MM Air-Tite: Works with US $5 gold coins (1795-1829), ½ oz Australian Gold Lunars, and ½ oz Canadian Gold Maple Leafs.
  • 27 MM Air-Tite: Perfect for the ½ oz American Gold and American Platinum Eagle, US quarters (1796-1828), US $10 gold coins (1838-1933), ½ oz Gold Britannia, ½ oz Silver Britannia, ½ oz Gold British Sovereign, ½ oz Chinese Gold Panda, and the ¼ oz. Mexican Silver Libertad.
  • 32 MM Air-Tite: Ideal for storing 1 oz American Gold and American Platinum Eagles, 1 oz American Gold Buffalos, US half-dollar coins (1794-1836), ½ oz Silver Rounds, 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroos, 1 oz. Australian Gold Lunars, 1 oz British Gold Britannias, 1 oz British Gold Sovereigns, 1 oz Chinese Gold Pandas, and 1 oz South African Gold Krugerrands.
  • 39 MM Air-Tite: Works for the US dollar coins (1794-1839), 1 oz British Silver Britannias (2013 and 2014), and 1 oz Somalian Silver Elephants.
  • 40.6 MM Air-Tite: Perfect for protecting your American Silver Eagles, US dollars (1794-1839), 2 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo, 1 oz Australian Silver Lunars, 1 oz Australian Silver Koalas, 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburras, 1 oz British Silver Britannias, 1 oz Fiji Silver Taku, and 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertads.

Air-Tite coin holders besides come in two elementary meet types. You can either purchase a coin holder with a direct fit or with a gasket. direct Fit Air-Tite coin holders work as advertised. The specific size of the coin holder coincides directly with your coin ’ sulfur size, and the fit places the coin right up against the frame of the holder for a cozy fit. conversely, the gasket type of coin holder features space inside the coin and a gasket that encapsulates the out rim of the coin. It provides an extra buffer between the frame and coat of the mint holder and your coin .

Air-Tite Coin Tubes

There are besides a handful of Air-Tite mint tubes available from JM Bullion that allow you to store and protect multiples of your favorite coins. Each of the sizes available below is capable of holding up to 20 of your front-runner coins in the specify size, a well as its individual coin holder. This protects each coin from contact with others in the metro, and allows for commodious storage of multiples. available size include :

  • 33 MM Air-Tite Tube: Capable of holding US $10 Gold Coins (1795 to 1804), 1 oz. Platinum Australian Platypus coins, 1 oz. Palladium Canadian Maple Leafs, or ½ oz. Silver Mexican Libertads.
  • 38 MM Air-Tite Tube: Ideal for use with your Liberty Seated dollar coins, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, British Churchill Dollars, and even most modern 1 oz. Silver Commemorative coins.
  • 39 MM Air-Tite Tube: Perfect for your collection of 1 oz. Silver Somalian Elephant, 1 oz. Silver British Britannia (2013 and 2014), 1 oz. Silver Rounds, 1 oz. Copper Rounds, and even US Dollar coins struck from 1794 to 1839.
  • 40.6 MM Air-Tite Tube: Works with American Silver Eagles, 1 oz. Australian Silver Lunar Series I coins from the Perth Mint, 1 oz. Australian Silver Koalas, 1 oz. Australian Silver Kookaburras, and even historic US Dollar coins from 1794 to 1839.

If you have any farther questions about coin supplies available from JM Bullion, please reach out to our associates at 800-276-6508. You can besides live chew the fat with us or merely send us an e-mail .

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