Coin Superstitions Around the World

There are many superstitions out there when it comes to coins. Some of them you ’ ve credibly hear, while some are more apart. From tossing a coin into a spring, to picking up a golden mint off the ground, here are some coin superstitions from around the universe .
Tossing a Coin into a Fountain
One of the most long-familiar mint superstitions is throwing a coin in a fountain or a “ wish well. ” It is believed that if you make a wish while tossing a coin into a fountain, your wish will be granted. That is why you tend to see a fortune of coins at the bottom of fountains– because many people before you have made a wish while tossing a coin into the fountain. The most celebrated is the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The caption is that if you throw a coin over your shoulder into the spring, it will ensure your hark back to Rome. If you throw two coins, you will find true love and three coins thrown into the fountain bastardly you will get married soon.

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Picking a Coin up off the Ground
You ’ ve credibly heard the saying “ find a penny, nibble it up. All day long you ’ ll have good luck. ” however, be careful ! Some people believe that alone coins that are found “ heads up ” on the reason bring good luck. If the “ tails ” end of the mint is facing up, you might want to leave it on the grind as it can bring you bad luck .
Feng Shui Coins
Another mint superstition that is enormously popular in China is Feng Shui Coins. Feng Shui Coins are attack coins that have a square hole. The round symbolizes the heavens and the squarely symbolizes the four corners of the globe. The coins are then tied together using a bolshevik ribbon that is tied in an dateless knot to symbolize eternity. The most auspicious number of coins to tie together is three. chinese golden Coins are thought to attract wealth and prosperity. It is customary to hang your Feng Shui Coins on the at heart of your front door.

Turning a Coin in your Pocket While Looking at the Full Moon
In Italy, another long-familiar coin superstition is to turn a coin inside your pocket while gazing up at the full moon. many Italians and Sicilians believe that if you say the give voice “ benvenuta luna che mile porti fortuna ” while turning over a flatware coin in your scoop, you will soon be rich. It translates to “ welcome moon and may you bring me dependable fortune ! ”

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Sixpence Coin for Weddings
A celebrated british mint superstition is big for brides-to-be. sixpence coins were in circulation in Britain from 1551 to 1980 and an old priggish rhyme became a popular wedding-day superstition. The saying is “ something old, something fresh. Something borrowed, something blue. A lucky sixpence in your shoe. ” It was believed that placing the sixpence coin in the bride ’ s left shoe would bring good fortune and a glad marriage.

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Always Carry a Coin
In Greece, many people have the superstition that you should constantly carry a coin in your air pocket, wallet, or bag. Greeks believe that always having a coin in your monomania will attract more wealth to you. not carrying a coin in your possession is a sign of bad luck and symbolizes having an evacuate bank account .

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