Pioneer Scout Badge Exam answers

Question Correct answer A cantaloupe is a round and tasty plant that’s orange on the inside. What kind of plant is a cantaloupe? A melon Autumn is Samuel’s favorite time of year! He loves Halloween and the autumn harvest. Which of his favorite autumn plants will light up a popular Halloween attraction in Appalachia this year? Pumpkins Brendan is lying in the grass beneath a big oak tree. He’s amazed that a tree can get so big with just a few ingredients, like light and water. What process do plants use to make energy from these ingredients? Photosynthesis Erin says ladybugs aren’t “true bugs” at all! Well, what kind of insect are they, then? Beetles For plants to be fertilized and make seeds, they need to be pollinated. Some animals help with pollination by carrying the pollen from plant to plant. Which of the following animals help pollinate plants? All of the above Hannah is very dedicated to her garden. Some day, she wants to grow it into a big public place, where she can share all different kinds of plants with the world. What would you call this kind of garden? A botanical garden Mark knew locust swarms are notorious for destroying crops. But he was surprised to learn that locusts are just a kind of common garden insect! Which insect? Grasshoppers Mary wants to grow a spectacular garden, with all the best plants she can find. She wants to model her garden off of a legendary Wonder of the World. Which garden should she use as her model? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Mice have been sneaking into your garden and nibbling on all your plants! It’s time to take action. What kind of weapon was made for just such an occasion? A garden gun Samuel grows potatoes in his garden so he can cook and eat them whenever he wants. Potatoes are grown all over the place, but they originally started in a small range. Where in the world did people first grow potatoes? South America Soil makes a big difference in how plants grow. Hannah wants to learn more about soil science at Vault-Tec University so the plants in her garden will grow big and healthy. What field should she study to learn about soil and living things? Edaphology Susie wants to work at the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center in Flatwoods when she grows up, but that means going to college. What subject should she study in college to reach her goal? Botany When Barry plays baseball, he’s always chewing on the seeds of a pretty garden plant. Which plant has seeds that are popular with baseball players? Sunflower When plants make food for themselves they use light, carbon dioxide, and water to make sugar. They also make one other element that they don’t use, though. What element is that? Oxygen You can use genetics to cross-breed certain plants and give them the traits that you want, even in your own garden! What friar famously showed how this is done by cross-breeding peas? Gregor Mendel You’re hiking in the woods, gathering new seeds for your garden. You notice some fruit growing on a bush, but when you reach out to pick it, you nick your finger on a prickly bramble! What kind of fruit usually grows on bramble bushes like these? Blackberries You’re preparing to do some gardening and go to grab your tools, but something in your toolbox looks out of place. Which of these tools should you NOT bring when gardening? Duct tape You’re starting a garden just to grow some food for cooking at home. What’s this kind of simple garden called? A kitchen garden Your family recently moved to a cool and boggy part of Appalachia, limiting what you can grow in your new garden. Which of these plants would grow well in this new environment? Cranberries Your garden is overrun with pesky insects! Grant says that there are chemicals that will kill them all and rescue your garden. What class of chemical is he talking about? Pesticides
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