The History of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Set

This might be one of the most eye-appealing U.S. coins ever made. Like most MacNeil coins, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins are among the most cherished collectibles with bang-up numismatic value. Adding to that, a few uncirculated minted ones are indeed rare they only cater to the elect of collectors due to being rather expensive .
With that being said, even the more budget-friendly ones remain walk Liberty coins which you ca n’t miss. Their odd design, yellow shade, and legendary delineation of the Lady Liberty in apparent motion are adequate to elevate any Silver Dollar collection to a museum-worthy flat. They besides have a bit of an scheme history, but before getting into that, we will first dig into the initial bonus of making this extraordinary coin .

The Driving motivation

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar came to life at a clock time when a new mint director, named Robert Woolley, thought that currency jurisprudence required coins to get rejuvenated every 25 years. Because of that, this newfangled design was released oklahoman than expected. Simply put, Woolley was talking to the Commission of Fine Arts about how he did n’t like the new neologism proposals submitted by Mr. Barber, the artist behind the Barber Dime, the Barber Half Dollar, and quarter. So they suggested that there would be modern artists chosen rather of just utilitarian coiners like Mr. Barber.

The Artist ’ s inspiration

In the best-case scenario, there would be three different artists, each responsible for a designate coin. The electric potential artist would end up with six submissions : obverse and a reverse for the dime, the quarter, and the half dollar. What actually happened was Adolph Weinman ended up getting approval on the obverse and reverse of the Mercury Dime, the obverse and reverse of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, and the reverse of the draw ! He won five out of six faces of coins that were going to be remodel. So it ’ second safe to say that Adolph Weinman was indeed a coinage artist, and we can thank him for this beautiful mint along with the mercury dime bag.

An impeccable patriotic design

Of all the coins depicting actual american value, this one is by army for the liberation of rwanda the most aesthetically pleasing. It portrays a figure representing Liberty as she walks towards the sun, beautifully symbolizing the dawn of a fresh day. She carries olive branches, which are indicative mood of civil and military glory. Notice how her hand is stretched out ? Weinman did that purposefully in an attack to represent the intangible heart of exemption. The turn back displays an eagle on a rock with his wings unfolded, as if ready to take flight, which wittily marks the unconditioned fearlessness spirit entrenched in american acculturation. A little batch pine tree is seen extending from the rock candy, symbolizing the United States of America .
Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin

By far, one of the richest coins when it comes to historic and symbolic meaning. Don ’ triiodothyronine miss out on the luck to own this mint because it will decidedly drive up your solicitation ’ s worth. At The Franklin Mint, we offer a capital collection of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar products, don ’ triiodothyronine miss out on them by checking out our web site .

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