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Key features

Trading Features

DASH : This is the Dashboard page that gives a snapshot of user report balances. Users can select the snapshot as a BTC estimate, USD estimate, or RUR appraisal. The exploiter can besides vary the clock frame of the snapshot .
TRADE : The Trade page is the independent interface for investors and traders, where users place buy and sell orders for crypto-crypto and decree money-crypto transactions .
MARKET : As an alternate to the “ Trade ” page, users can search and select the match they wish to trade. The YoBit platform will then mechanically redirect to the “ Trade ” page .
WALLETS : Users are able to access their wallets here in orderliness to make deposits, retire, position history, or merely check balances. There is an option to hide wallets with nothing balances to limit the numeral of wallets in view.

Tracking Options

COINSINFO : The interface provides users with details of each coin available on YoBit. These include YoBit name, full name, and the blockchain algorithm .
Orders : For traders and investors, the Orders page provides a breakdown of all orders made on the YoBit exchange .
History : The page provides a detailed breakdown of drug user action on the YoBit exchange. Users can far narrow the range of categories that include :

  • Orders / Bids
  • Deposits / Withdrawals.
  • Lotto / Dice
  • YobiCodes

Earning Options

Affiliate Program : YoBit users can earn income through the referral program .
FREECOINS : Provides users with an opportunity to earn dislodge coins by following a stage set of instructions set out by mint donators .
INVESTBOX : YoBit provides investors and traders an opportunity to earn from coins held. A list of available investment plans gives users multiple choices to invest in. The page besides provides a summary of a users ’ investments and history of investments .


CHAT : available in Arabic, Chinese, English, and Russian, users are able to communicate with YoBit ’ s global network .
SUPPORT : Users are able to raise a support ticket, where they can besides track the status of the request .
PM : This is a personal mail functionality .


Under the User Name drop-down menu, there are besides a number of useful options. These include :

  • YOBICODES: Users are able to create their own unique deposit codes
  • YOTRA: This is another avenue for users to earn trade bonuses in YotraCoin.
  • CRYPTOTALK Campaign: Users receive fees for posting on the forum. A number of geographies no longer qualify due to quality issues.

ADD : Developers are able to add their coins to the YoBit exchange, ensuring that YoBit remains ahead of its peers in terms of its cryptocurrency coverage .

Privacy and Security

YoBit delivers traders and investors a platform with the necessary privacy and security system measures .
2-Factor Authentication (2FA) : An essential extra security this is optional but highly recommended. YoBit traders and investors need to use Google ’ s Android or iPhone app to add a erstwhile password ( “ TOTP ” ) Two Factor Authentication confirmation each time you log in or request a withdrawal .
Log-In Email Verification : YoBit besides provides an electronic mail login verification step to deliver an add layer of security system .
Option to Freeze : Via the “ Profile Settings ” foliate YoBit users are besides able to “ Freeze Withdrawals ” in case there is a concern over larceny. This is a particularly useful functionality when investors are buying newly available coins/tokens for which wallets are unavailable .
YoBit besides recommends that :

  • You use a unique email address and password for your YoBit account.
  • Enable fingerprint or passcode lock on your phone, use a secure email provider, and use 2FA for your email account.
  • Secure your computer by using good antivirus software and keep it updated.
  • Always make sure to check the domain address you are visiting.
  • Transfer assets from the exchange to personal wallets as soon as compatible wallets are available.

Customer Support

YoBit provides hold via its cryptocurrency exchange platform and via Telegram .
PM : Via the “ Personal Message ” page, investors and traders are able to messages via PM that can be tracked via the PM page .
Support Page : Via the “ Support ” page, investors and traders are besides able to besides launch a slate request for support. This does take longer, however, but does allow the trailing of confirm requests made .
Telegram : YoBit provides 24/7 patronize in Arabic, Chinese, English, German, and russian via Telegram, with a 10-member team delivering full moon subscribe. Users can besides join the YoBit Community on Telegram
Social Media : YoBit has a selective social media presence and limits bearing to Telegram and Twitter .
Facebook : N/A – There is no YoBit Facebook page. Do ensure that you do not communicate via any page claim to be YoBit .
Google Plus – This is no Google Plus foliate. Do ensure that you do not communicate via any page claim to be YoBit.

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chirrup : hypertext transfer protocol : //
LinkedIn : N/A – There is no YoBit LinkedIn page. Do ensure that you do not communicate via any page claim to be YoBit .
YouTube : N/A – There is no YoBit YouTube page. Do note that any communication from YouTube will not be from the YoBit team .


Some of the more frequently asked questions available on YoBit include :
Where is YoBit based?
YoBiCrypto Corp. 0801-3254 Panama City, Plaza 2000 Tower, Calle 50 Panamá .
Is my personal information protected while using cryptocurrency?
Yes, it is ! Cryptocurrencies don ’ t save any personal data about the owners of electronic wallets. Attack-proof encoding crypto algorithm are used by the system that excludes the threat of access to electronic wallets by third parties equally well as forgery of electronic accounts. Bitcoin and early currencies are powerfully protected and wholly anonymous. doesn ’ thyroxine pass and doesn ’ t distribute any information about the users of the avail in any means .
What do I need for? is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that unites major market players. always supports cooperation with the most popular world cryptocurrencies and provides the hypothesis to gain profit at electronic money exchange transactions .
How quickly does the Support Team respond to the request?
major quantity of responses comes to users within an hour, but sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to send the reaction. We are working at improvement of Support Team performance .
* According to the caller support in Telegram replies normally just in minutes and available 24/7 .
What is deposit fulfillment waiting time at
Any deposit or withdrawal transactions starts just as the user ’ sulfur application is created. however any funds transplant and changes can take up to 24 hours. Sometimes delays in 1-2 days are possible .
* According to the company transfers are being made less than in an hour. if there is a delay, users can ask for the defend team to confirm the transaction manually
Is there any fee for using service? fulfills substitute transactions and charges a committee from each transaction. Commission sum depends upon the currentness type however does not exceed 0.2 % of the transaction sum as a rule .


YoBit is a temper cryptocurrency exchange that delivers a user-friendly trade platform for both novitiate and experienced crypto traders and investors .
The no-frills, no spills approach, provides users with one of the largest cryptocurrency offerings available today .
not only can investors and traders buy and sell household names such as Bitcoin but besides newly launched coins .
Having been around since 2014 and with a global node base, volumes are besides on the higher side supporting transaction speeds.

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For prospective investors and traders who don ’ thyroxine own cryptocurrencies to deposit, fiat money pairings are besides available .
The combination of pairings available, choice to sediment and retire decree money and ball-shaped reach make YoBit a front runner in the crypto quad .
With its long universe in crypto years, YoBit has besides received numerous accolades. See below for reviews and accolades :

  • Received an 8.2 rating from authoritative media Blocknomi.
  • According to coinmarketcap daily volume is more than 50mln$ and included in top 10 exchanges
  • YoBit has positive reviews on reliable websites such as TrustPilot and CryptoWisser (in top 3 of all exchanges).
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