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Where Can I Use Dogecoin? Who Accepts Dogecoin in 2022 | BitPay

You hodl ’ five hundred, watched DOGE go to the moon and immediately want to buy stuff with Dogecoin. today is your day. We ’ ve compiled a solid usher on who accepts Dogecoin and what you can buy.

The DOGE Story: From Moon to Mainstream

What started as a joke has become one of the most democratic cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its ardent residential district, Dogecoin has gained mainstream adoption and continues to build its notoriety. back from major companies and high profile enthusiasts like Elon Musk aid, besides. With the help of crypto cards, P2P payments, gift cards and on-line shopping, you can use Dogecoin to buy practically anything these days.

How to Pay with Dogecoin

For those wondering how to use Dogecoin, there four easy ways to buy stuff and pay with Dogecoin .

  • Pay directly to merchants that accept Dogecoin online and in-person
  • Spend DOGE like cash using the BitPay Card
  • Buy gift cards with Dogecoin to use at Amazon, Walmart and other major companies
  • Send P2P Dogecoin payments through your crypto wallet

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Where Can I Spend Dogecoin? 11 Major Companies and Stores that Accept Dogecoin

Dogecoin accepted hera ! We ’ ve rounded up some of the most long-familiar companies that accept Dogecoin as requital. Use Dogecoin to buy stuff, dine, travel and yield for anything else you want. See all of merchants that accept Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in BitPay ‘s Merchant Directory. Watch alive sports, orgy television shows and enjoy classical movies with Sling television. Subscribers can pay with Dogecoin, along with other cryptocurrencies, when they sign up on-line. Travel across the Baltics and Europe. give with Dogecoin. Get food delivered directly to your door and give with Dogecoin. Buy Mavs tickets and merchandise with Dogecoin. With Mark Cuban at the helm, are you very surprised the Mavs are one of two NBA teams to accept Dogecoin ? The Sacramento Kings besides accept crypto payments via BitPay. Keep your shop and internet custom secure away from prying eyes. Secure your Dogecoin ( plus other crypto assets ) with a hardware wallet from Ledger. Use Dogecoin to pay for domain names, host and early web services. Buy luxury watches and jewelry and pay with Dogecoin. Buy gold, silver and early valued metals with Dogecoin.

Support your darling streamers and entertainers by donating with Dogecoin Donate to the american english Cancer Society using your Dogecoin .Related article: What Can You Buy with Crypto?

BitPay Card: The Best Way to Spend Dogecoin like Cash

Use Dogecoin like cash with the BitPay CardUse Dogecoin like cash with the BitPay Card The BitPay Card is the most elastic manner to pay with Dogecoin. Where can you spend Dogecoin with the BitPay Card ? reasonably much anywhere. The crypto debit wag works like other debit cards. But rather of pulling funds from your bank account, you load the card from your Dogecoin wallet. Use it at any store or merchant that accepts Mastercard. You can even use it at ATMs around the universe to convert Dogecoin into cash. No exchange needed .

Buy Gift Cards with Dogecoin

Buy gift cards for your favorite brands with DOGEBuy gift cards for your favorite brands with DOGE endowment cards are an comfortable way to buy farce with Dogecoin on-line or in-store. BitPay gives Dogecoin users a promptly and safe direction to buy endow cards with crypto. With 100+ gift cards to choose from, there is an endless total of places where you can use Dogecoin and things you can buy with Dogecoin.
Popular gift cards you can buy with Dogecoin include:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • DoorDash
  • Uber
  • Google Play
  • Uber Eats
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Home Depot
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Nintendo eShop
  • Airbnb
  • Domino’s
  • Lowe’s

Use the BitPay app or BitPay Chrome crypto annex to buy giving cards with Dogecoin. Use them immediately or store inside the BitPay app to use on to go .

Send to Dogecoin to Another Wallet (P2P Transaction)

If you want to send Dogecoin to a acquaintance or you know the wallet address of person you want to pay, sending Dogecoin square from your BitPay Wallet is safe and easy. besides known as peer-to-peer transactions ( P2P ), sending from wallet to wallet is a batten and lineal way to use Dogecoin. How to send Dogecoin in the BitPay Wallet

  1. Open the BitPay Wallet app
  2. Click on your Dogecoin wallet
  3. Click “Send”
  4. Enter the wallet address you want to send to (Alternatively, scan the receiver’s QR code)
  5. Enter the amount of Dogecoin you want to send
  6. Confirm payment details and slide to send

immediately that you know how to use Dogecoin, where to use Dogecoin and the different ways to spend Dogecoin, there ’ randomness nothing left to do but keep pushing Dogecoin to the mainstream.

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