Top 7 Best Stellar Lumens (XLM) Wallets 2022 [UPDATED]

Thanks to the ace crypto tease of 2017 and 2021, Stellar Lumens and many other cryptocurrencies found themselves at the crosshairs of investors. Like about all blockchain-based products, the Stellar platform has a establish in decentralization and wants to connect global banks, requital systems vitamin a well vitamin a people as they move on and make hybridization boundary line payments fast, latency-free and above all, secure .
The security emanates from the basal system, the blockchain from which the platform depends on for expedience. The leading platform are in send rival with Ripple, an alternative payment system, and as a matter of fact, the original fall through of Stellar, Jed McCaleb was one of the founders of ripple Net. They have since parted ways though Jed continues to draw a large sum of XRP -the native coin of the Ripple Network on a monthly basis via a exercise agreement running for seven years.

now should you want to invest in Stellar, then you have to purchase its native tokens—Lumens, heart symbol XLM. And because in the earth of cryptocurrency the investor is his/her bank, where his investment is stored is of prime importance. While we recommend buying XLM in reputable exchanges who support fiat-crypto conversion as BitFinex, storing your XLMs at the switch over ’ s wallet is but a severe mind. Exchanges hold large amounts of investor funds—who frequently trade wind and as such are the honey pot for hackers. This is why selecting a reliable and questionable wallet, preferably a cold wallet that is offline, is of prime importance. In this mail, I will take you through the top 7 best Stellar Lumens XLM supporting wallets vetted by the community. Our list prioritizes security, coin support, relief of function and monetary value. These wallets are :
guarda wallet
Guarda is a non-custodial multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet designed to store, oversee and transfer digital assets with still. Guarda presently supports over 40 most popular blockchains and over 10.000 of their tokens ( including BTC, XRP, BCH, BSV, ETH, ETC, XMR, ZEC, EOS, KIN, LTC, XLM, DASH and more ). All the currencies can be purchased inside the wallets with a savings bank card. The users can besides exchange currencies via built-in central service and make rapid cryptocurrency transactions. Guarda Wallets are available in diverse versions : Web, Desktop ( Linux, Windows, macOS ), Mobile ( io, Android ) and Chrome Extension.
Guarda cryptocurrency storages work across platforms and can be accessed from any device that is connected to the Internet. Besides the main multi-currency wallets, Guarda offers a roll of single-currency open-source Mobile wallets .
As Guarda provides custody-free wallets, the exploiter ’ s personal data or private keys are not stored or used by the company in any way – this enhances the crypto-coin and token security and prevents all chances of information leaks .
Main features:

  • Support of 40+ blockchains and over 10 000 tokens;
  • Full user control over private keys and assets;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Credit/debit card cryptocurrency purchases;
  • Built-in cryptocurrency exchange;
  • 24/7 customer support line;
  • Securely encrypted wallet backup;
  • Cross-platform accessibility.

2. Ledger Nano S (“ Editor ’ south Choice“)

ledger nano s wallet
first, Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet. As aforesaid, hardware wallets are off-grid intend they are not connected to the internet but that doesn ’ thymine mean the wallet can ’ t engage. All things constant, the Ledger Nano S is a cut above the rest, particularly it comes to price, the number of coins supported ( sometimes you might want to diversify ) and general invention. The wallet is besides seeking and security is center stage for the wallet interior designer .
This hardware wallet is a intersection of Ledger Company which was only incorporate two years ago. initially, their first generation of wallets supported Bitcoin and a couple of then high melted coins as ETH but they have since expanded and offer support for XLM .
Ledger Nano S has an O-LED riddle allowing for users to double-check their transaction on a urge of a release and through their USB cable, the wallet is compatible with Windows 7 and late versions, Linux and Chrome OS. Besides, the wallet can co-exist and even run in parallel with electrum, Copay, Mycelium and a copulate of other popular hot wallets .
For security, the Ledger Nano S can easily synchronize with leading Account Viewer and the security system of your private keys is guaranteed since they are not actually stored by the device but are tracked securely on the blockchain they operate from via the device. additionally, should you lose your device, the 24 give voice words can effectively act as your recovery key when restoring your XLM holdings .
Ledger Nano S Voted #1 Best XLM Wallet By Our Readers
atomic wallet
Atomic is a multi-currency custody-free Stellar XLM wallet, that supports over 300 other coins and tokens. You can secure, manage, exchange and buy XLM in a user-friendly interface protected by a mnemonic seeded player. You in full control your funds .
Multi Platform
Atomic Wallet is available for most operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. The app for io is to be released in 2019.

Security and Anonymity
In Atomic, only you have full access to your funds. Atomic Wallet uses on-device intelligence and stores all private keys on your calculator or/and smartphone. Your privacy is well-protected with the password you set and a 12-word mnemonic seed phrase .

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apart from XLM, Atomic supports over 300+ coins and tokens. You can secure and manage them, exchange and buy using built-in services and do it all in one interface, without going to external websites. furthermore, Atomic enables you to add any ERC20 token in a few clicks and manage it .
Zero Fees
Atomic is a freeware that generates you a unique wallet address .

Instant exchange and Buy crypto option

Atomic Wallet enables you to exchange XLM for 60+ cryptocurrencies. This overhaul powered by Shapeshift, Changelly, and Changenow.
The in-app buy option is powered by Simplex allows you to buy XLM, XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash with a accredit poster in a few clicks. The unharmed process takes respective minutes and charges a 2 % fee for Atomic.

24/7 support
Atomic cares about its users. The defend staff works 24/7 and constantly cook to help if something goes incorrect. The modal reply time is about 1 hour .

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stellar desktop client
As the name suggests, this is a hot/cold wallet—depending on internet connection– available for desktop users and another feasible option should you want shop Stellar Lumens for barren. All you have to do is download and install the wallet for exempt .
once the facility is arrant, what should stand out is how the screen door is well structured, intuitive and easy to use, a perfect feature for first-timers .
There would be two options : either create a modern wallet or restore an old one. If you decide to create a newfangled wallet, a password protected textbook file is generated and stored on your computer. every time you want to access your wallet, the file must be activated. In effect, the file acts as your private keys providing you access to the Stellar blockchain and that ’ s why securing it is key .
The lone vulnerability that users might find with this wallet is the state of the desktop computer on a security angle and if it ’ sulfur connected to the internet. If connected, then it ’ s up to the exploiter to steel the computer ’ sulfur security and if not, then the customer is basically a cold wallet. The only thing that should be done then is to prevent the textbook file from being corrupted .
stronghold xlm wallet
barely to be clear, Stronghold is an rally wallet. however, what makes this wallet limited is that the exchange—Stronghold–runs on the Stellar blockchain. It describes itself as the on-ramp and off-ramp of Stellar network representing Lumens ( XLM ) of the Stellar decentralized exchange, often called the DEX .
As mentioned, exchanges are points of deal where investors can trade, buy or sell tokens and by and by store them on-site or move them elsewhere. so by merit of running on the Stellar network, the Stronghold exchange wallet can be that dependable and dependable place to store Lumens coins .
stellarterm wallet
This is so far another web-based wallet with a good security system reputation and a decentralize exchange accomplished with a functioning trade customer for traders or investors. As a wallet, the security of your XLM coins is guaranteed because the wallet runs on the Stellar network which as we said hosts this wallet. Once you install the wallet, users can directly generate the populace and private keys through their slowly to use and attractive drug user interface .
StellarTerm can run on Windows, Mac vitamin a well as Linux operating systems and indeed it shouldn ’ metric ton be a problem for users. The good thing about this wallet is that the private keys are stored locally within your client ’ s calculator .
Besides, the StellarTerm trade node supports a couple of other cryptocurrencies meaning there is an choice of investors to convert function or all of their XLM holdings to early coins or tokens of their like. What ’ second even especial for StellarTerm is that it is well compatible with Ledger Nano S, the hardware wallet we mentioned above .
lobstr wallet
Should you prefer a light and simple to use a web wallet, Lobster should top the tilt. It ’ s exempt to use and to begin operations, the drug user is required to sign up using their e-mail. The Lobster web customer login details will be sent to the drug user e-mail address and thereafter one should log in and create a leading report .
thereafter, one can easily generate the report recovery seed phrase and public and private keys. It ’ s the secret key that should be kept secure and that ’ s why it ’ randomness upon the investor to store the wallet safely. Should you want to deposit your XLM to the Lobster explanation, the populace keys provided should be the recipient ’ mho address .


Of path, those are not the merely wallets available, there are tons out there. To recap, the rule of thumb when selecting your leading Lumens wallet is security system, coins supported and price. Wallets should be low-cost and if you need to store XLM coins off-grid then you have to spend money but do so at accredited device dealers only.

Ledger Nano wallets have their own distributors and it ’ s crucial to follow their instructions since you might end up buying imposter Ledger Nano S devices loaded with malware. If not, then a web wallet can be a thoroughly cover. The alone precaution you should make is on a good antivirus and yes, app denounce matter. Settle for blockchain community approved wallets .

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