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Want to know where you can get the SelfKey token – KEY ? Check out this list of the many cryptocurrency exchanges that have listed the KEY token. SelfKey ’ s native utility keepsake, KEY, stands at the congress of racial equality of the SelfKey ecosystem. The KEY nominal is needed for using the SelfKey Marketplaces, which offer alone services to the residential district. Through the SelfKey Marketplaces you can explore offshore bank options, open a business overseas, and more. As a result, the handiness of KEY is crucial for the long-run success of SelfKey ’ s mission and its users. We ’ ve compiled an alphabetic list of all the cryptocurrency exchanges that list KEY, along with trade pairs .


After launching in April 2018, Bilaxy has promptly become one of the global ’ s most democratic cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange experiences over $ 2 billion in casual trade volumes according to CoinMarketCap.

Those looking to purchase KEY tokens will be felicitous to know that Bilaxy offers two trade pairs – KEY/ETH and KEY/USDT. You can read more about our partnership with Bilaxy here .


Binance is the universe ’ south largest cryptocurrency change, trading over $ 2 billion per day. The platform has even developed its own mobile app allowing you to trade on the adam. The exchange is located in Malta and offers over 600 different trade pairs. Binance presently offers trading in two different pairs for KEY – KEY/ETH and KEY/USDT. On top of that, users can besides utilize margin trade with leverage up to 3X on the KEY/USDT pairing. concerned readers can learn more about our partnership with Binance here .


If you ’ re looking to purchase KEY with decree currentness, Bitlocus is a great option. Bitlocus is a state-of-the-art on and off-ramp for the cryptocurrency space. Users receive a crypto-tolerant IBAN that enables plug trade from within Europe. As such, Bitlocus lists a KEY/EUR trade pair, providing simple token to Euro conversions to its growing user root. additionally, Bitlocus will be listed in SelfKey ’ s upcoming Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketplace, which will allow users to sign up and login to the exchange from within the SelfKey Wallet. You can learn more about how we ’ ve partnered with Bitlocus here.


CoinTiger is one of the most big centralize exchanges and offers a capital chopine for SelfKey users to get KEY tokens. Since its launch in November 2017, CoinTiger has iterated on its platform and now has an ecosystem comprising vane, io, Android applications, and substitution services. In mid-2020, CoinTiger users reportedly stood at 4 million across 250 countries in Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe. CoinTiger presently offers KEY token trade in KEY/USDT copulate. You can learn more about our partnership with CoinTiger here .


CoinSpot rally, launched in 2014, has earned ISO documentation for information security and aims to provide an effortless and comfortable experience with over 250 cryptocurrencies. furthermore, CoinSpot is widely known as Australia ’ second best cryptocurrency central. CoinSpot presently offers KEY keepsake trade in KEY/AUD pair. You can trade KEY through the CoinSpot rally by using this yoke .


ExMarkets is a digital asset switch over platform powered by a proprietary, state-of-the-art trade engine. The platform was granted two licenses by estonian regulators, which allow it to operate as a crypto-fiat gateway and custodian serve, and make it one of the few certified platforms in the country.

New users can set up an explanation in just a few minutes and are able to deposit Bitcoin, Ether and a number of other digital assets deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as some decree currencies. The chopine offers two trade pairs for those looking to purchase KEY – KEY/ETH and KEY/BTC. You can learn more about our partnership with ExMarkets here .


Gate.io is one of the most popular exchanges in the cryptocurrency earth. As an established rally with up-to-date engineering, Gate.io offers an effective and convenient deal system angstrom good as an moment down payment and withdrawal service. Gate.io offers two trading pairs for the KEY token – KEY/ETH and KEY/USDT. Users can besides utilize margin trade with leverage up to 3X on the KEY/USDT match. Read more about the KEY token listing on Gate.io here .

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