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Where To Sell Mandela Coins In Cape Town

What are Mandela Coins ? Advertisement
The Mandela coins are minted south african currencies ( coins ) that came out in limited numbers .
The ballyhoo of celebrating a exemption fighter and the first black president of South Africa brought these coins into the limelight. They have been circulating since their plunge on the evening of Nelson Mandela ’ s 90th and hundredth birthday. There is besides Mandela Inauguration Coin from 1994 which holds value like the coins from Mandela ’ s 90th and hundredth birthday.

Where to Sell your Mandela Coins in Cape Town
You can sell your Mandela Coins in Cape Town ( from the Mandela Inauguration Coin ( 1994 ), Mandela 90th Birthday Coin ( 2008 ), and the Mandela ’ s hundredth Birthday R5 coin ( 2018 ) ) via traditional means ( Banks, Authorised mint dealers, or coin collectors ) or via electronic means such as on eCommerce platforms or on sociable media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc .
due to the rarity and respect of Mandela coins, its ’ collection has become an investment that can grow into something mind-bending after a while. many South Africans have the coins in possession but do not know how and where to sell them. There are several places online where you can sell Mandela coins. These platforms allow you to list your coins for them to reach buyers or customers .
How to Sell Mandela Coins to the SARB
Clients need to present the gold coin/s to the aureate coin teller at the SARB Head Office in Pretoria with proof of residence, proof of ID, and a bank instruction. It is authoritative to note that the prevailing market gold price and dollar exchange rate are used to calculate the price offered for the coin/s on the day of sell .
How to Sell Mandela Coins Online
1. SA Coin
SA Coin has the largest mandela 90th Birthday R5 Coin Collection in South Africa or credibly the world. All our coins are untouched and un-circulated. So you can be assured of the highest timbre Graded and un-graded coins. Click here to visit Sa Coin to sell your Mandela Coins now
2. Bidorbuy
People can place their bids for Mandela coins on an on-line auction platform called Bidorby. On this site, you can start placing your adverts immediately. People can start with a smaller total and increase as people bid for your product .
Bidorbuy is a perfect solution for selling with the avail of advanced eCommerce tools and with a minimum of investment. bidorbuy offers big exposure to vendors as it is open for trading 24 hours a sidereal day, 7 days a week .
As a leave of bidorbuy ’ randomness effective marketing campaigns, goods on the site are exposed to a high volume of traffic. That is why bidorbuy is attracting a variety of sellers, from independent entrepreneurs to larger on-line retailers. Learn how to sell on bidorbuy Multichannel with bidorbuy and uAfrica
3. OLX

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Another eCommerce platform to sell your Mandela coins is OLX. users are given the opportunity to place ads of their products on OLX which is pushed to buyers across your region and beyond. OLX is a spare classifieds platform where users place their adverts without any cost. however, if you need to reach more buyers, you can pay an sum to list your allude on the crown of the deal page .
Click here to post an allude for your Mandela mint on OLX
4. Gumtree
Gumtree is a very popular web site with tons of users. ‘ Put it on Gumtree, ’ has become a front-runner south african saying. The platform has helped millions of people buy and sell millions of things including rare stuff such as the Mandela coins .
Gumtree is a hope, conversant space that ’ s slowly to navigate, and a classified ad site that just works – whether via your mobile earphone or background. Hence, you shouldn ’ t take besides a lot clock before you will start receiving notifications from folks interested in buying your Mandela coins. But if your listings aren ’ thymine getting better visibility on search, you can consider paying for listings on Gumtree .
Start selling your coins on Gumtree immediately
5. Junk Mail
Junk Mail is nowadays one of South Africa ’ s leading free classifieds portals. The platform connects buyers and sellers on multiple devices with ease. Selling your items or finding something you need has never been this easy .
Visit the Junk Mail web site and cluck “ Place a free ad ”. then, opt for the right part and category and fill in other necessity information. Choose your placement and besides add pictures of your coins. once you have completed the action, you can then wait for buyers to view the ad and then contact you .
Click here to sell your coins on Junk Mail
6. eBay
eBay is a global commerce drawing card that connects millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the worldly concern. The platform allows its users to sell about everything including Mandela coins. You can create a profile or an mention for your coins on eBay and concern buyers will contact you in due course
place an allude on eBay now
Sell Mandela coins to buyers in Cape Town only

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  • Visit any of the platforms mentioned above place a free ad” or you can opt for a paid ad in order to reach more potential buyers.
  • Choose your category and fill in other necessary information.
  • Now when choosing location for your advert, select your preferred location, in this case ‘Cape Town’ and add pictures of your coins.
  • Once you have completed the process, you can then wait for buyers to view the ad and then contact you.

NOTE : When meet or completing transactions with buyers, you need to take the want precautions .

source : https://ontopwiki.com
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