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Ravencoin ( RVN ) is an integral pulley chain that allows you to manage the transfer of funds between network participants. With the aid of the platform, users transfer clamant international payments, which guarantee a high academic degree of security. Transactions are carried out promptly and without the participation of intermediaries, which is the promote engineering of the Ravencoin blockchain .

What is Ravencoin (RVN)? 

How to trade Ravencoin (RVN)?
Ravencoin ( RVN ) is a cryptocurrency for high-speed transactions between users. The founders were inspired by the television series Game of Thrones, where crows are messengers who carry statements about the accuracy. In this event, the devour is Ravencoin – a peer-to-peer network where participants transmit claims of ownership of assets. Ravencoin is a platform with open beginning code that allows you to tokenize already designed structures, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as create newfangled interest projects. Clients of this system, if necessary, easily transfer tokens to each other, which are issued using certain algorithm, and their origin is transparent and populace. Unlike Bitcoin, which acts as a base, Ravencoin is distinguished by the prioritization of privacy, exploiter security, and resistance to economic censoring. The technical characteristics of the cryptocurrency have besides increased .

  • It takes one minute to form a block, which increases the speed of reward and transaction confirmation. 
  • Available mining. The X16R hashing algorithm makes mining of coins available for video cards and CPUs. 
  • For the extracted block, miners receive 5000 coins. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, this is a large amount. 

The launch of the RVN cryptocurrency took position on January 3, 2018, although the project was announced much earlier. RVN uses KAWPOW algorithm, which makes the visualize popular as it aims to overcome centralization problems of mine. The Ravencoin cryptocurrency is a leave of the difficult work of developers who have created a stable foundation for anonymous and guarantee payments. The grocery store capitalization as of June 16, 2021 is $ 667,304,416, with a price per coin of $ 0.07 .

Why should I trade Ravencoin? 

With a low price of $ 0.07, RVN managed to enter the top 100 digital assets by capitalization. The addition of the coin to the list of the largest international exchanges once again proved the capital prospects of the undertaking. Analysts are positive about investing in RVN. The Ravencoin cryptocurrency not alone holds its positions, but besides shows an up drift, indeed in April 2021, the price for one RVN coin was $ 0.22.

Where to trade Ravencoin 

There are many different ways to trade Ravencoin. Some methods are fast and easy, like crypto broker apps, and others are more complicated, like cryptocurrency exchanges. Below are some platforms where you can buy or sell RVN effortlessly :

  • Binance – a world-renowned exchange, reliable and secure.

Файл:Binance logo.svg — Википедия

  • Huobi – a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that provides its services to users around the world.

Huobi Pro – Logos Download

  • 7b – the best place to trade cryptocurrency, fast, stable and convenient.

7b. Trade Bitcoin securely. – Apps on Google Play

  • Guardarian – white-label gateway, allowing to exchange over 250 coins with multiple payment solutions

How to trade Ravencoin using the 7b crypto broker app? 

7b enables seamless RVN trade with over 2000 digital assets at the most competitive rates. Buying or selling an RVN will not take you more than 10 minutes. In order to buy or sell an RVN, follow these steps :

  1. Download the 7b crypto broker app to your smartphone.
  2. Log in to your account or register for it if you are on 7b for the first time.
  3. Transfer funds to your account to purchase cryptocurrency.
  4. Select the desired trading pair.
  5. Enter the RVN amount to buy or sell.
  6. Confirm the transaction details.
  7. Get the “Success” message.


Is Ravencoin a good investment? 

Since its appearance, when the price for one coin was $ 0.02, RVN coin shows an uptrend and becomes more expensive, today the price is $ 0.07. In the spring of 2021, there was a sharp jump in the price and the cost per RVN coin reached $ 0.2. now the monetary value has fallen, so it ’ s an appropriate moment to buy the dunk.

How do I invest in Ravencoin? 

There is a boastfully choice of platforms for investing in RVN. Using our 7b crypto broke app, you can well and without struggles invest in RVN. Just follow the elementary instructions in our app .

How to trade Ravencoin for beginners? 

If you are new to the crypto industry and want to start trade RVN, then 7b is the best place for you. fair sign up for your score, select a trade copulate, deposit funds and confirm the transaction. Learn the basics of crypto trade and rehearse, at first without investing large amounts. The optimum investing is no more than 30 % of your barren funds .

What is Ravencoin Blockchain?

Ravencoin is a hard fork of Bitcoin, which was created in order to improve its technical characteristics. The main finish of the platform is a secure exchange of funds between users without intermediaries .

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