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Founders Federal Credit Union Switches to Coinstar Coin Counting – Coinstar

Coinstar ’ s full-service solution replaces do-it-yourself equipment at Founders locations Coinstar, LLC, the leader in self-service coin count, today announced the initiation of Coinstar® kiosks at 26 Founders Federal Credit Union locations in South Carolina. Founders, the largest credit union in the state of matter, selected Coinstar to replace existing coin-counting equipment and “ do it yourself ” exemplary for Coinstar ’ s industry-leading, prison guard solution .
“ We ’ ra identical felicitous with the Coinstar solution as it ’ s a capital value-add service for our members and it takes the concern out of managing coin for our staff, ” said Joseph McCain, chief procurement officer. “ Prior to Coinstar, our team spend fourth dimension prepping coin for pick-up, balancing the machines, and trouble-shoot machine issues. Coinstar takes care of all sustenance and coin management then that our coin-counting avail is dependable and we can continue to focus on personalized, ace service. ”
Coinstar Provides Multiple Benefits to Credit Unions

  • Kiosks are serviced and maintained by Coinstar; no service contracts or capital investment
  • Coin is picked-up and handled by Coinstar; credit union employees don’t have to count, bag or handle heavy coin bins
  • Coinstar kiosks are networked to ensure optimal uptime and reporting
  • Labor savings are realized, and employees are freed up to serve members
  • Coinstar is easy to use, highly accurate and a trusted consumer coin-counting brand

“ Founders Federal Credit Union is one of the largest and most innovative recognition unions in the country and we ’ re proud that they ’ ve choose Coinstar as their coin-counting solution, ” said Jim Gaherity, CEO of Coinstar .
Coin-counting kiosks operated by Coinstar are slowly to use and allow members to conveniently process their coins – paying no coin counting tip – and meet cash on the position at the credit union location. Consumers can find Founders Federal Credit Union locations by visiting hypertext transfer protocol : // .

About Coinstar, LLC

Based in Bellevue, Wash., Coinstar owns and operates the largest amply automated, multi-national network of self-service coin-counting kiosks. With more than 21,000 booth locations, Coinstar provides commodious and authentic coin-counting services at mass merchants, grocery and drug stores and fiscal institutions. Consumer solutions include coin-to-cash, coin-to-eGift calling card and charity contribution options. For booth locations and information, chew the fat .
About Founders Federal Credit Union
  The credit union, one of the largest and most advanced in the nation, was founded in 1950 in Fort Mill, South Carolina to provide fiscal services to the employees of Springs Industries, Inc. Founders serves over 220,000 members and has more than 30 locations. The credit union has closely $ 2.6 billion in assets. More information about Founders Federal Credit Union can be found on-line at hypertext transfer protocol : // .

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