Text – S.341 – 109th Congress (2005-2006): Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial 1-Cent Coin Redesign Act

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1st Session

S. 341

To provide for the redesign of the reverse of the Lincoln 1-cent mint in 2009 in memorial of the two-hundredth anniversary of the give birth of President Abraham Lincoln .


February 10, 2005
Mr. Durbin ( for himself, Mr. Bunning, Mr. Obama, Mr. Bayh, and Mr. Lugar ) introduced the following bill ; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs


To provide for the redesign of the rearward of the Lincoln 1-cent mint in 2009 in commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln .

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. short title. This Act may be cited as the “ Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial 1-Cent Coin Redesign Act ”. SEC. 2. Findings. The Congress finds as follows : ( 1 ) Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President, was one of the Nation ‘s greatest leaders, demonstrating true courage during the Civil War, one of the greatest crises in the nation ‘s history. ( 2 ) Born of base roots in Hardin County, Kentucky, on February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln rose to the Presidency through a combination of honesty, integrity, intelligence, and committedness to the United States. ( 3 ) With the belief that all men are created equal, Abraham Lincoln led the campaign to free all slaves in the United States. ( 4 ) Abraham Lincoln had a generous heart, with malevolence toward none and with charity for all. ( 5 ) Abraham Lincoln gave the ultimate sacrifice for the state he loved, dying from an assassin’s bullet train on April 15, 1865. ( 6 ) All Americans could benefit from studying the life of Abraham Lincoln, for Lincoln ‘s liveliness is a model for accomplishing the “ american ambition ” through honesty, integrity, loyalty, and a life of education. ( 7 ) The class 2009 will be the bicentennial anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.

( 8 ) Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, grew to adulthood in Indiana, achieved fame in Illinois, and led the nation in Washington, D.C. ( 9 ) The alleged “ Lincoln cent ” was introduced in 1909 on the hundredth anniversary of Lincoln ‘s birth, making the obverse design the most weather on the nation ‘s coinage. ( 10 ) President Theodore Roosevelt was so impress by the endowment of Victor David Brenner that the sculptor was chosen to design the likeness of President Lincoln for the coin, adapting a design from a plaque Brenner had prepared earlier. ( 11 ) In the about 100 years of production of the “ Lincoln cent ”, there have been alone 2 designs on the overrule : the original, featuring 2 wheat-heads in memorial style enclosing mottoes, and the current representation of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. ( 12 ) On the affair of the bicentennial of President Lincoln ‘s parturition and the hundredth anniversary of the output of the Lincoln penny, it is wholly fitting to issue a series of 1-cent coins with designs on the overrule that are emblematic of the 4 major periods of President Lincoln ‘s biography. SEC. 3. Redesign of Lincoln Cent for 2009. ( a ) In General.—During the year 2009, the Secretary of the Treasury shall issue 1-cent coins in accordance with the following design specifications : ( 1 ) OBVERSE.—The obverse of the 1-cent mint shall continue to bear the Victor David Brenner likeness of President Abraham Lincoln. ( 2 ) REVERSE.—The reverse of the coins shall bear 4 different designs each representing a different expression of the life of Abraham Lincoln, such as— ( A ) his parturition and early childhood in Kentucky ; ( B ) his formative years in Indiana ; ( C ) his professional life in Illinois ; and ( D ) his presidency, in Washington, D.C. ( bacillus ) issue of Redesigned Lincoln Cents in 2009.— ( 1 ) ORDER.—The 1-cent coins to which this section applies shall be issued with 1 of the 4 designs referred to in subsection ( a ) ( 2 ) begin at the start of each calendar quarter of 2009. ( 2 ) NUMBER.—The Secretary shall prescribe, on the footing of such factors as the Secretary determines to be appropriate, the number of 1-cent coins that shall be issued with each of the designs selected for each calendar one-fourth of 2009. ( carbon ) Design Selection.—The design for the coins specified in this section shall be chosen by the Secretary— ( 1 ) after reference with the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the Commission of Fine Arts ; and ( 2 ) after inspection by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. SEC. 4. redesign of Reverse of 1-cent coins after 2009. The design on the reverse of the 1-cent coins issued after December 31, 2009, shall bear an prototype emblematic of President Lincoln ‘s conservation of the United States of America as a individual and connect state. SEC. 5. Numismatic pennies with the like metallic message as the 1909 penny. The Secretary of the Treasury shall issue 1-cent coins in 2009 with the demand metallic contented as the 1-cent mint contained in 1909 in such act as the Secretary determines to be allow for numismatic purposes.

SEC. 6. feel of the Congress. It is the smell of the Congress that the original Victor David Brenner design for the 1-cent coin was a dramatic deviation from previous american neologism that should be reproduced, using the original form and relief of the likeness of Abraham Lincoln, on the 1-cent coins issued in 2009 .

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