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Former Rare Proof US Coins We Have Owned 1804 Proof Gold Liberty Coin

authoritative US Mint Gold & Silver Proof Coins are a firearm of american history that collectors and investors have enjoyed wake and owning since before the Civil War. Some of them are so rare that only a few exist nowadays and they are frequently highly valuable. For model, an 1804 Proof $ 10 ( Eagle ) sold for five million dollars on September 26, 2007, one of only four know examples in the world. This one graded Proof 65 Ultra Cameo ( with star topology designation ) from NGC. The more people who desire to own rarities like the 1804 Proof Eagle, the greater prices will rise over time.

Classic Proof Gold is without a doubt the creme de la creme of numismatics due to their rarity, beauty, and respect. We have owned and sold several different Proof Gold coins over the years that may not have been five million dollars, but they have brought impressive sums due to their incredible rarity and sex appeal .
1903 Proof 66 Gold Liberty Coin
Shown left is a 1903 $ 10 Liberty Head in graded by NGC in Proof 66 summation. It is the entirely one known in this eminent grade and there are only two proof 67s known. Its size and blink of an eye surely makes it one of the finest coins we ‘ve ever handled, it is the prototype of numismatic craft and had a coinage of lone 96 coins !

1903 US Proof Gold Liberty coin

Gem Proof 1855 Gold Shipwreck $50 Coin

Shown here is an impressive, modern-minted Proof struck using recovered aureate from the 1857 shipwreck of the SS Central America. Known as the 1855 Kellogg $ 50 S.S. Central America Commemorative Restrike, these coins weigh 2 1/2 ounces of pure amber recovered off the coast of South Carolina in 7,200 feet of water. The San Francisco Mint restruck these out of original Kellogg & Co. gold bars. These are impressive coins indeed, however relatively low-cost given their beauty and eminent amber message. merely 5,000 of these coins were always issued .
Gem Proof 1855 Gold Restrike from the SS Central America

Proof Silver 66 Morgan

here is a Proof-66 silver 1878 Morgan Dollar coin with fabulously blue coloring material on the obverse. It is a stunning example of a Morgan dollar from the first year of issue. only 500 of these proofs were ever minted and this is one of the finest example you ‘ll find in the world that has survived – particularly in this circumstance .
U.S. Proof Silver 66 Morgan coin

Proof 66 1861 Seated Liberty One Dime Coin This Proof-66 1861 Seated Liberty Dime is a gorgeous specimen. It has noteworthy champagne toning with a hints of blue and greens. The couturier was christian Gobrecht and the alloy composing is 90 % silver and 10 % copper. The Seated Liberty design appeared on most of the regular-issue silver denominations from 1836 through 1891, and we believe proof examples in high grades are excellent values in the marketplace today .
Proof 66 1861 Seated Liberty One Dime

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