N3 and N4 by N2g Magic/ half to penny and penny to half/ Instant transposition


You are getting both N3 and N4.  Below is the description for N3 that would also apply to N4.  With both coins you can do a visual transposition!
Imagine a eloquent Half Dollar in your hand when, without any cover or drift, it suddenly changes into a penny !
Yes, you read it correctly ! From a spectator pump ’ second opinion there is absolutely NO MOVEMENT when the change happens. Both sides of the coin can be immediately displayed after the change happens .
You can use N3 in many early mint exchange routines vitamin a well.

“ N3 is a much easier way to perform my Hellbound Remix. Great job by N2G ! ” – Eric Jones
“ Excellent preciseness and craft, it is a pro ’ mho dream ! ” – Gao Zhao
“ The change is indeed natural. It ’ s the cleanest color change of a mint effect in the world. ” – Tom Yu
In the television trailer when the coin changes from a Half Dollar to Penny while being held in the fingers of one bridge player, there is no video edit. What you see is precisely what you can do .
N2G MAGIC uses the highest quality materials to produce the N3. It is expertly machined and is an finely handmade device. When combined with a singular handle technique, N3 can be used to amaze your audience by its smasher .
N3 allows you to perform one of the CLEANEST, INSTANT, and most VISUAL semblance mint changes in the world.

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There is nothing more to be said about how good N3 is. The trial video you can watch talk for itself .

  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Resets instantly
  • Easy to do
  • Does not use a shell
  • Can be performed at any time in any place
  • Can start and finish with empty hands with proper handling
  • Gimmick lasts a life time

The instructional video recording will guide you through the alone handling to achieve an incredible consequence with N3. You are not required to have much coin magic cognition or experience. Just learn and practice will allow you to amaze your friends .
The use of N3 is only limit by your imagination and creativity.
You can use it in card color change routines.
You can use it in mentalism routines.
You can use it in hypnosis shows.
You can use it in the street, on television and in many other situations.
You can use it to amaze your audience and friends.
It is the arrant coin effect for any professional sorcerer or amateur .
You will learn it, practice it, perform it and LOVE it !

Magic precisely happens in your finger…
Take the N3 Coin Set with you anywhere and perform miracles anytime .

source : https://ontopwiki.com
Category custom BY HOANGLM with newfangled data work : Finance

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