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In this bodily process, students define an object ’ second centre of gravity by balancing a ruler .
We unconsciously balance objects every day, but rarely think about the conditions that must take topographic point to achieve balance .
The news “ balance ” can mean many things. We can talk about a balance breakfast, a balanced wallet, or a balance life style. In skill, we say that an object is balanced if it is not moving. When an object is balanced, it is in a express of equilibrium. Any forces on the object are balanced by forces in the face-to-face steering .
The centre of gravity is the average position of the force of graveness on an object. Sometimes it is at the aim ’ sulfur geometric center ( e.g. ruler ), whereas other times it isn ’ triiodothyronine ( e.g. ruler with an eraser on one goal ). An object can be balanced if it ’ mho supported directly under its center of graveness.

T o balance a ruler horizontally on a finger, the finger must be immediately under the ruler ’ s centre of gravity. In this case, the ruler ’ s center of gravity is the same as its mid-point since the ruler is harmonious and has equal mass along its length. It is not possible to balance the rule unless its center of gravity is over your finger.

You can find the centre of gravity of the rule by sliding your fingers from the ends towards the center. Observe carefully and you ’ ll notice that only one feel moves at a time. As you slide your fingers, the impel of clash pushes back. The more weight on your finger, the greater the power of clash. One of your fingers is supporting slightly more of the ruler ’ second weight than the other ; that finger gets “ stuck. ” The other finger will move until it is the one supporting the most weight, then it will get stuck rather. Friction makes indisputable that when your fingers meet they are both supporting the same sum of weight .
When you add an eraser to one end of the rule, the balance point is no longer in the center of the ruler, it is closer to the slant end. The center of gravity is the exact spot on the rule where there is the same measure of system of weights on both sides. Once you change the weight anywhere on the rule, the concentrate of gravity changes besides .
When you balance the rule or meter stick on its end, it ’ randomness easier to find the poise point, but harder to keep the stick balanced. The center of graveness is quite high, and the stick tips over well. You need to keep moving your finger to keep it under the center of graveness .

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