Super Bowl Coin Toss Stats: Which Side Has Been Luckier?

Jordan v LeBron, the wimp or the testis, and heads or tails are some of the most noteworthy debates people have been arguing over for years .
One matter each of the aforesaid arguments has in common is there will never be an end to the debate. No matter how confident one side of the mesa is, the answer to each consider is subjective. Meaning one side can never be considered factually decline .
But those with strong feelings on heads or tails can put their money where their mouth is come Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 13 .
NFL fans can bet on the Super Bowl coin discard among early things at on-line sportsbooks in Illinois.

With the flip of a mint being a true 50/50 scene, Illinois sportsbooks offered -103 odds on each side for final year ’ second Super Bowl. Expect the same this time around .

Super Bowl coin toss trends

No count what the game or situation is concerning sports count, there is constantly a tendency you can research that will lead you to a certain side .
even a bet that apparently has no trends or direction of knowing which side will hit can be researched to make a apparently educated estimate .
In the 55 previous Super Bowls that have been played, the coin landed on tails 29 times and heads 26 times, good for a 53% clip for tails .
Despite owning the match-up historically, the coin has landed on heads three of the last four Super Bowls. only time will tell if heads can continue its holocene domination .

Game related trends

Despite the insignificance the coin toss itself holds on the actual consequence of the game, there are a few intriguing trends that can point to who may win based on the discard alone .
In the 55 Super Bowls, only 25 teams have won both the toss and the game. Meaning equitable a pass over 54% of the time, teams will lose the convulse and bring base the Lombardi Trophy.

There is even a seven-year streak presently in play that the team who loses the game wins the mint flip. The last team to win both was the Seattle Seahawks over the Denver Broncos in the 2013-14 season .
The beauty of it all is despite all this research on trends and tendencies from former years, it hush remains a 50/50 bet that holds no charge over the end consequence of the game .

Super Bowl odds

here are where the current Super Bowl odds stand :

In the NFC, Green Bay is however favored to hoist the trophy named in honor of their erstwhile coach .
The Pack rattled off five consecutive victories before losing in Week 18 to the Lions. Though the game held no mean for Green Bay considering they ’ five hundred already clinched the number one seed in the NFC, it besides allowed for many of the starters to get rest before their next game in two weeks.

Trailing right behind the Packers are the Chiefs. Kansas City was feeling the heat after week 7 as the team held a 3-4 record. Since then they went 9-1 and proved they ’ re still a force in the AFC .
Patrick Mahomes and company are fourth in the NFL in points per game at 28 while simultaneously holding the eighth-best mark defensively allowing only 21 points per crippled .
Don ’ thymine be surprised if you see head coach Andy Reid leading his team on the field for a third base heterosexual Super Bowl appearance come February .

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