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ad : If you desire to give ampere female character associate in nursing atmosphere of youthful femininity, give her some thrust animal that she keep in her room operating room carry approximately. dame plainly wo n’t do, information technology induce to be stuff animal. Anything from teddy hold to Plushies will help make information technology acquit that tied if this fictional character embody a woman, she ‘s youthful astatine heart. Although that besides mean immature in adenine lot of sheath. in fiction, information technology ‘s often the girliest operating room brattiest woman world health organization still suffer them. in very life japan, some woman carry them about to test to stay Kawaiiko for fear of become associate in nursing old maid. much the animal be post around constantly, evening to the point of be angstrom security blanket. other time the stuff toy bequeath get drop in associate in nursing empathy dame shoot. vitamin a daughter world health organization ‘s placid young adequate to be in the princess phase bequeath take ampere court full of them. ad : Note that this trope is Always Female. Guys having stuffed animals past a certain age would fall under other tropes, such as Real Men Wear Pink. charwoman want to act mature, of course, bequeath not get any, unless she ‘s not indeed above information technology all and accept some concealed away. The independent character of any charming girl show be quite likely to receive some inch her board more than the other character. If she take deoxyadenosine monophosphate mentor mascot, that character bequeath much embody disguise vitamin a one. not associate in nursing infrequent feature of ferment trust along mars and venus sex contrast. vitamin a creepy child will, of naturally, have a creepy animal oregon a dangerous one. compare all girl like pony, wholly woman love brake shoe, pinko entail feminine. ad :


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  • Cherry Comics: Teenage sex bomb has bed full of stuffed animals, keeping with her coquettish personality.
  • Empowered, despite being a superheroine, has Mellow Mr. Monkey, which keeps her bad dreams away. She think, merely information technology do n’t in truth ferment .
  • Harley Quinn often has these and/or plushies in her hideouts, or stints where she reforms for a time. In the Gotham City Sirens series, for example, she both has a toy room filled with them, and her bed is so crowded with stuffed animals that one wonders how she sleeps.
  • In Hate, Buddy goes on a Blind Date with a lonely career woman who micromanages every aspect of their date and insists on having her way in all things. When they go back to her apartment, one of the first things Buddy notices is her large stuffed animal collection.
  • In Max Ride: First Flight #1, when Max enters Angel’s room a large pile of stuffed animals can be seen on the other side of the open door. A couple more can be seen on the floor in the next panel.
  • Monica of Monica’s Gang is always carrying her plush bunny (which is her weapon of choice against anyone). And many other female characters from the same author have plush collections.
  • In Runaways, Molly used to sleep cuddled up with a Doop doll when the team lived in the La Brea Hostel.
  • in Sleepwalker, Rick Sheridan’s girlfriend Alyssa Conover has a number of dolls and stuffed animals in her apartment. Sleepwalker is confused by them, and wonders if they’re religious objects that she worships.

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  • In Calvin and Hobbes, Susie Derkins loathes Calvin (for good reason), but adores Hobbes. And Hobbes has been known to side with Susie sometimes, at least to his and Calvin’s point of view (in one series of strips, when Calvin and Susie were having a squirtgun fight, Susie took a water balloon that Calvin had given Hobbes, and when Calvin accused him of giving it to her, he admitted it, saying that it was because she had complimented him on his jams). Susie also has her own companion, a stuffed rabbit called Mr. Bun.
  • Foxtrot: Andy once became obsessed with Beanie Babies.

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  • In the young Amelia Bedelia books, in Amelia Bedelia Under the Weather, when Amelia Bedelia isn’t feeling well, she snuggles in bed with a whole menagerie of stuffed animals. These include a monkey, a beaver, a dog, a panda, a wolf, a llama and a teddy bear.
  • In the Aunt Dimity series, stuffed animals abound for girls and boys, and Dimity is responsible for many of them. A partial list:
    • Lori’s childhood pal is Reginald, the pink flannel rabbit with the grape juice stain on his face (Lori says he tried her grape juice once and spat it out). Sadly, he was shredded when her apartment was burglarised, and Lori kept his remains in a shoe box, but aunt dimity magically compensate him. Reginald sometimes assists Dimity in drawing Lori’s attention to things or prompting characters to go to specific places.
    • In Aunt Dimity and the Duke, the six-year-old Nell Harris carries around a stuffed bear she refers to as “Bertie,” who has aspects of both a security blanket and an imaginary friend. The two sometimes appear in matching outfits. Like Reginald, Bertie plays a small part in subsequent stories.
    • Dimity provides Lori with a stuffed tiger to give to Rainey Dawson for her birthday in ”Aunt Dimity Digs In”. On unwrapping her present, Rainey announces, “Edmund Terrance. His name is Edmund Terrance.”
    • Major Ted, a stuffed bear in a British officer’s uniform who once belonged to the daughter of the house at an old Northumberland estate, features in Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil.
    • The epilogue of Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince describes a photo of young Daisy Pickering with her reunify parent in australia holding a koala bear.
    • In Aunt Dimity and the Summer King, Hargreaves’ granddaughter Harriet gives a stuffed unicorn to Lori’s infant daughter Bess. It joins Reginald on the library shelf until Bess is a little older.
    • Elderly retired attorney Thomas Willis (Gerald’s father) enjoys the company of a well-worn giraffe named Geraldine in Aunt Dimity’s Good Deed, and Kit Smith has a stuffed horse named Lancaster after the real horse he had to give up when his family moved to London from the country. Like Lori herself, both received their companions as gifts from Dimity.
    • Rob and Will get a series of themed stuffed animals (matching, of course): baby seal pups from Peter Harris and his girlfriend Cassie, buffalo in Colorado, dragons from King Wilfrid’s Faire, kiwis from Lori’s trip to New Zealand, bats from Charlotte DuCaral. The Donovans ‘ aunt augusta anonymously bestows her stuffed lamb (yet another gift from Dimity) on Willis Sr., who names him Frederick after the author of Notes on Sheep, a copy of which was found among the items hidden in the stables.
    • In Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince, Lady Barbara personally returns Mikhail’s Cossack-shirted teddy bear to him.
    • In Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure, when Lori finally meets the man Dimity knew only as “Badger”, she sees on his desk the stuffed badger Dimity once gave him “as a silly gift, a small token of my gratitude for the many wonderful hours we’d spent together.”
  • John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising: Faith Marie Smith, a 13 year old girl who is the most effective zombie killer in the world. She carries around a small teddy bear that she calls Trixie, and it helps her deal with the horrors she has seen: at one point she refuses to check out a series of rooms (where she expects to find even more children who starved to death waiting for help which came too late), and tells her companions that “Trixie cannot go into those rooms anymore”.
  • In the children’s book Corduroy, Lisa brings all the money from her piggy bank so she can take Corduroy home. She makes him his own bed next to hers to sleep in, too.
  • Discworld:
    • Glenda in the book Unseen Academicals has a teddy bear named Mr. Wobbles which, due to an early attempt at sewing, has three eyes.
    • Also Agnes Nitt, who, according to Perdita, has two full shelves of these.
  • Gender-flipped in The Forty First Wink as Marty is assisted by the stuffed pirate toys of his youth.
  • In Good Omens, Madam Tracy kept teddy bears in her bedroom because she believed they “created an intimate, coquettish air.”
  • Journey to Chaos: Mia Bladi, perhaps the girliest member of the Dragon’s Lair, sleeps with a teddy bear.
  • Monster of the Month Club: Rilla has a massive collection. In fact, that’s how she got signed up for the Monster of the Month Club – her membership was a present from someone who knew about her love of stuffed animals and, when they found out a company was starting a line of monster-based plushes, thought she’d like it.
  • The protagonist of Mike Resnick’s Soothsayer trilogy carries a stuffed animal as a tragic reminder of the only person who ever loved her and the one act of human kindness she ever received.
  • Invoked in World After. Penryn hopes that this trope makes a teddy bear a fine disguise for her/Raffe’s sword.

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  • Crosses over into Companion Cube with Kimberly, who rips the head off a doll Leva Bates gave her in SHINE but as part of her Sanity Slippage, later finds the doll, asks what happened to it and then goes off to punish Leva Bates for damaging it after sewing its head back on. She goes on to collect and sew a rather large collection of dolls, enjoying their “company” (as if three dogs weren’t enough). Featured in the same promotion is Mercedes Martinez, but she’ll kick your teeth down your throat if you bring it up.

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  • Champions Organization Book 3, The Blood and Dr. McQuark. One of the NPCs is a young woman who has a large collection of stuffed animals.

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  • In Double Homework, Johanna wants to play a carnival game with a teddy bear as a prize. The protagonist can win points with her early on by playing the game and winning the prize for her.
  • Saber from the Fate/stay night visual novel gets a stuffed lion from Fujimura-sensei early on in the Fate path. Later, during day fourteen, Shirou takes Saber on a date, where they go visit “the biggest stuffed animal store in town”, a place where “no men are allowed” (or at least, that’s an unspoken rule according to Shirou). In the 2006 anime, Shirou instead buys the stuffed lion from that store when Saber stomps away upset over him seemingly judging her for finding it cute. Sadly, he never gets the chance to give it to her and the anime ends with a lingering shot of the stuffed lion in her room.
  • Christiane Friedrich from Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! loves stuffed bears, and her room at the dorm is full of them.
  • In Strawberry Vinegar, Rie’s stuffed animals have a certain sentimental value to her. She has backstories for her alpacas that would require “a full length visual narrative, two animated spinoffs, several movies, and a slew of manga and light novels”.
  • Maria Ushiromiya in Umineko: When They Cry is a dark take on this. If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen anything like this, it’s because her mother Rosa tore up the stuffed lion she loved and constantly talked to, Sakutaro. With the loss of said lion, poor Maria started to get both angrier and creepier, as can be seen from the progressively-darker entries in her journal.
    • However, in the same series there’s a more light-hearted take on the trope: while Sakutaro does not appear as a stuffed animal to the Seven Sisters of Purgatory (rather, he has the appearance of a cute little boy with lion ears wearing an oversized shirt), they still adore him and always glomp him every chance they get.
  • In Yumina the Ethereal, Yumina’s room aboard the Zelerm is full of them.

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