Military Challenge Coin Rules – Unit Coins

1. Rules of the mint crippled must be given or explained to all new mint holders .
2. The coin MUST be carried at all times. You can be challenged for it anywhere, at any time. You must produce the mint without taking more than 4 steps to produce it .
3. military-challenge-coin-rules-02 When challenge, the rival must express whether it is for a individual toast or a round of drinks .
4. failure to produce a coin, for whatever reason, results in a buy round off or single beverage ( whatever the rival stated ). This type of transaction could be expensive, thus hold onto your mint. Once the wrongdoer ( coinless challengee ) has bought the drink or rung, they can ’ metric ton be challenged again.

5. If all that are challenged produce their coins, the rival loses and must buy the drinks for all respondents. This besides can be expensive, thus challenge wisely .
6. Under no circumstances can a coin be handed to another in reception to a challenge. If a person gives their mint to another, that person can now keep the mint — it ’ s theirs ! ! ! however, if a person places the mint down and another person picks it up to examine it, that is not considered giving and the examiner is honor-bound to place the mint back where they got it. The examiner can ’ triiodothyronine challenge while they hold another ’ randomness coin. After negotiating a “ fair ” ransom ”, the examiner must return the extremity ’ sulfur coin.

7. military-challenge-coin-rules-01 If a mint is lost, successor is up to the individual. A newfangled coin should be acquired at the earliest opportunity — losing a coin and not replacing it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate relieve a member of his or her responsibilities. This is particularly true if your chap Comrade know that you traditionally carry a coin .
8. There are no exceptions to the rules. They apply to clothed or un-clothed. Four steps and an arms reach are allowed.

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9. A Coin is a Coin. They are not belt buckles, key chains or necklaces. Coins worn in a holder around the neck are valid .
10. The mint should be controlled at all times. Giving a mint to fair anyone is like opening a brotherhood to just anyone. It is an award to be given a mint, let ’ s keep it that way. A given or awarded coin is of more personal value than a buy coin .
11. The above rules apply to anyone who is worthy to be given/awarded a mint, has a purchased coin, or who is known to be a previous coinholder .

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