Coin flips in the Iowa caucus are again enraging everybody

As people continue to wait for results from tonight ’ sulfur Iowa caucuses, some people are bringing attention to results from the caucus that were decided by a mint pass. however, for Iowa caucuses, a mint flip decision is nothing fresh. Breaking delegate ties has always been done this way, and getting upset about it is barely arsenic significant a custom.

In at least one exemplify on Monday night, a coin flip decided the consider between Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren ( D-Mass. ), who were tied in the count of people caucusing for them. ultimately, Buttigieg won the coin somersault .

similar coin flips happened with Sen. Bernie Sanders ( I-Vt. ) and former Vice President Joe Biden and between Sen. Amy Klobuchar ( D-Minn. ) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren .

however, as the Des Moines Register points out, coin flips were besides used to decide ties between Sanders and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Iowa caucus. The Atlantic noted at the time that a mint somersault was needed respective times, with more than 12 delegates being awarded to candidates based on the pass of a coin. The news program release added that the use of a coin has “ a long history in deciding close electoral contests in the U.S. ” The Clinton coin flips became a long-standing election conspiracy. Although it was frequently reported that Clinton won six of the six needed coin flips in 2016, the initial report, from the Des Moines Register, missed a few Sanders coin-toss wins, according to the Washington Post. The proportion of Clinton to Sanders wins was closer to 50-50.

Of naturally, the mint flips for Clinton and Sanders in 2016 drew a batch of attention because the margins in Iowa were razor-thin. election results from Iowa still aren ’ thymine in, so it ’ second unclear if these flips will become a matter of importance, but they surely have already drawn voters ’ anger. READ MORE: 

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