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Trump Family Aghast That Grifters Made a “TrumpCoin” Cryptocurrency

The coin has existed since 2016.

Coin Con

This good in : the Trumps are huffy that people are using their name to make money off unwitting rubes. “ Fraud Alert, ” tweeted Eric Trump on Monday dawn, noting identical authoritatively on behalf of his family that they ‘ve good become aware of a Trump cryptocurrency that is unaffiliated with his father, former president and “ Apprentice ” star Donald Trump. “ legal action will be taken, ” the ex-president ‘s largest son   added.

Though the Trump class merely found out about their eponymous mint, it has, according to the TrumpCoin FAQ, existed since February 2016 ( which was six years ago, if you want to feel old ). “ Our community will use TrumpCoin as a cosmopolitan fundraiser and documentation tool for Patriots that have been forgotten during this pivotal clock time, ” the self-described “ non-profit volunteers ” behind the mint added further down the FAQs page .

Gift for Grifts

The anonymous group behind TrumpCoin has never claimed to be affiliated with the Trump kin or brand, though people “ in the TrumpCoin community “ are excited by the ex-president ‘s son ‘s tweet, hoping it will bring more attention to the currentness that ‘s presently valued at about a $ 0.25.

ironically, the coin has, according to New York Times disinformation reporter Stuart Thompson, been subject to its very own scam : people selling physical Trump coins and calling them crypto. Thompson noted that these fake ads have “ annoyed “ those who back TrumpCoin, and that they ‘ve regularly had to fend off requests to trade the physical mint for the cryptocurrency, which is “ impossible. ”

The unharmed fib is evocative of Trump ‘s bombastic presidency itself : a fishy group claiming to promote “ patriotism ” and taking peoples ‘ money to do so — there ‘s even a wholly “ Patriot Exchange ” crypto market that alleges, in falsify grammar, to sell request coins — which has subsequently been subject to its own disinformation campaign by yet another sketchy group. It would be much easier to laugh at and write off this poorly-performing currency if, like Trump himself, it did n’t represent the bottom tier of grievance politics. But hey, at least buying crypto does n’t count as casting a ballot.

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