Karen Civil embroiled in social media controversy after being accused of taking advantage of clients like Jessie Woo, Joyner Lucas

Karen Civil embroiled in social media controversy after being accused of taking advantage of clients like Jessie Woo, Joyner Lucas

Woo claims that Civil booked her for a forge event to get her personal information, then served her with extortion papers
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music commercialize strategist Karen Civil lost her defamation lawsuit against comedian and musician Jessie Woo in a Los Angeles court on Thursday. Civil filed the suit in a Los Angeles court in March and alleged that Woo defamed her through aspersion or libel, according to the motor hotel ’ south public records.

Civil served the comedian with lawsuit papers by booking her for a forge event using “ a non-existent company in ordain to obtain personal information. ” Woo said that when she arrived at the reserve, she was given the lawsuit documents which said that her actions, the alleged aspersion or libel, cost Civil $ 3 million .

Woo, whose full name is Jessica Juste, said in an Instagram post that Civil ’ s lawsuit was an attempt to silence victims who can not afford to go against herculean music executives .
“ Often times people go silent in this industry because they can not afford to defend their actual truth, ” said Woo in the post. “ Keep this in mind before you attack the underdog. She thought I wouldn ’ thyroxine defend myself. ”
In a statement to theGrio, Civil says that all of Woo ’ s claims of extortion and social threats “ have no merit or truth ” and that it is inauspicious that Woo has “ decided to use her chopine ” in this way .
“ It ’ s a identical unfortunate situation where two Haitian-women people who started off as associates, but unfortunately Jessica decided to use her platform to discredit and slander my name in the determination of gaining notoriety and popularity for herself, ” Civil told theGrio .
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 23: Karen Civil attends Spotify Hosts “Best New Artist” Party at The Lot Studios on January 23, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Spotify)
In a tweet, which has since been deleted, Civil besides claimed that Woo has “ animosity ” toward her because they are no longer friends and Woo “ nobelium retentive [ has ] access due to boundaries. ”

During a Clubhouse conversation on Saturday with media entertainment blogger Jason Lee, who owns the dish the dirt locate Hollywood Unlocked — the report which posted the erase tweets of Civil ’ s initial reception to Woo — Civil admitted to hiring a hacker to take down Lee ’ s web site because he did not remove a narrative that painted her in a bad light .

The once-friendly relationship between Woo and Civil started to go south in 2020, according to Civil ’ s lawsuit .
The 34-year-old marketeer alleges that she mentored Woo over the years, getting her invitations to industry events and even helping land a gig singing the national anthem at the 2020 Clippers playoff game against the Nuggets.

however, later in 2020, Woo blasted Civil in a series of delete tweets, accusing her of stealing her podcast theme. Civil presently hosts a podcast called “ Girl I Guess. ”
“ What does Karen do besides bargain, ” said Woo in one pinch about the example. She besides responded to a commenter saying, “ you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what ( Karen Civil ) is doing behind the scenes and the telephone calls she ’ s been making. ”
Jessie WooMusician and comedian Jessie Woo attends Black Girls Rock 2019 Hosted By Niecy Nash at NJPAC on August 25, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for BET)
She then invited her followers who have witnessed or been done ill-timed by Civil to email her .
The lawsuit claimed that those actions have “ irreparably caused damage to Civil ’ sulfur credibility as a sociable media and digital commercialize strategist, damaging her brand and her electric potential to do business within the entertainment sphere. ”
The allegations from Woo sparked others to come forth about their poor experiences with Civil .
musician Joyner Lucas detailed his dealings with Civil, who he claims steal $ 60,000 from him. He hired her for a consulting subcontract at the start of his career, and she allegedly never delivered .
“ I was desperate for help and you knew that, ” he said in series of tweets about the 2016 incident. “ After you was paid you went ghost and didn ’ t expect me to pop. ”
Lucas said that after he paid Civil, she stopped answering his calls or had an position with him without delivering on her services .
“ Il ( sic ) never forget the day you went on vacation with my money, ” he said in a mail. “ And then picked up the call when I called you because you went ghost, and you flat out told me ‘ stop calling me I ’ m on vacation ’ .. Rolling on the floor laughing you know how long I been waiting to do this ? I been hating you for many years bruh. ”

In 2016, Cam’ron publicly accused her of stealing $ 60,000 from an consort, which ultimately came out of his pocket .
“ I haven ’ t went in on Karen always and been proud of what she ’ randomness accomplished, ” Cam ’ ron began the position with. “ even if she ’ mho lied and stole to get there. But u not gon na put me in ya bullsh * triiodothyronine. ”
Civil has maintained her innocence and said she tried to make amends with Woo .
“ We had an off-line conversation to try to hash out her personal issues which were b/c of a third-party and not necessarily her own thoughts, ” she said to theGrio. “ Ms. Juste then decided to go rear on social media continuing to make calumniatory and numerous aspersion remarks. ”
She said that she is prepared to go through the legal proceedings is “ looking fore to moving forward with my career. ”
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