Presidential Dollar Coins – $1 Golden Presidents Coins

Presidential Dollar Coins – Golden $1 President Coins

The function of the Presidential Dollar Coin Program was to honor each US President by depicting them on a new one dollar mint. The design of this program first began on May 17, 2005 when US Senator John E. Sununu ( R-New Hampshire ) introduced the estimate in Senate Bill 1047. The bill was sent to the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, where on July 29, 2005, it was deemed favorable without amendment. once this was done, the Senate voted to approve it on November 18, 2005 and the House of Representatives passed it soon later on December 13, 2005. Two days subsequently, it was then sent to US President George W. Bush and then signed the “ presidential $ 1 Coin Act of 2005 ” into law on December 22, 2005 .
This newfangled program started on January 1st, 2007. The design on the obverse ( front english or heads english ) of the Presidential dollar coins depicted US President George Washington and the turn back ( back side or tail side ) of the coin depicted a common Statue of Liberty design that would be used on all of the coins throughout the series. Each year, 4 unlike US Presidents would be depicted on the coins and the raw design would be released around every 3 months. The Presidents would be depicted in the order that they were inaugurated into their condition in office .
The invert of the dollar coin would depict the Statue of Liberty, which was designed by US Mint Engraver and Sculptor Don Everhart ( who besides designed and engraved a issue of other US President portraits for this series ). besides depicted on the back is “ $ 1 ” and the words “ UNITED STATE OF AMERICA ” along the rim. The obverse of the mint depicts a portrayal of a US President with their list above their relief portrait along the upper rim. Along the lower flange depicts the words “ # thorium PRESIDENT ” ( whatever act president of the united states they were ), and the date range in years that they served in function. The words typically found on US Coinage, “ LIBERTY ”, was perceptibly absent on this coin. It was decided that the Statue of Liberty was sufficient enough to symbolize “ LIBERTY ”.

The boundary of the coin itself had words on it. It was the first time an official US coin had lettering on the edge since 1933 when the Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle was last mint. The words on the edge included 13 stars ( ★ ), the year of mintage and the mintmark. In addition, our motto “ E PLURIBUS UNUM ” was depicted. besides, the words “ IN GOD WE TRUST ” was beginning depicted on the border of the coin between 2007-2008. In 2009, “ IN GOD WE TRUST ” was moved to the obverse of the coin along the bottomland rim and before the President number. sol if you were looking for many of these words and information about the mint, take a agile look at the edge of the coin !
Location of lettering, year and mintmark on Presidential Dollar Coin
Photo showing location of lettering, year and mintmark location on the edge of the Presidential Dollar Coins.
Photo showing localization of inscription, year and mintmark localization on the edge of the Presidential Dollar Coins .

Although the bill authorizing the Presidential $ 1 Coins did not specify a color, it did express that the specifications should be the same used on the stream Golden dollar. At the time, this would be known as the Sacagawea Golden Dollar. Due to the failure of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, due to it ‘s size and color being similar to the US Quarter Dollar, the newer Sacagawea dollar was minted in a aureate color to help people distinguish it better. The presidential dollars were minted with the like tinge as well. These coins are not actually made out of amber, nor gold plate. In fact, the coin metallic element composition is 88.5 % Copper, 6 % Zinc, 3.5 % Manganese and 2 % Nickel, with the Manganese bronze giving it a golden color. The Sacagawea dollars and presidential dollars are being produced at the lapp time, and they still are. The law requires that flush after the Presidential gold coin broadcast ends, the Sacagawea dollar shall still be minted .
It turns out that the $ 1 Sacagawea Coin was not very successful, not many people used it. The US Mint was hoping that a design change would help induce more interest in the coin, and besides educate the american public about our past US Presidents. With the astounding success of the 50 State Quarters, the Mint had besides hoped that the amber Presidential dollars would become successful equally well. If the public however did n’t accept the mint, the US Mint hoped that collectors would still be as enthusiastic about the dollar coins as they were for the 50 State quarters.

The first gear presidential dollar coins ( depicting George Washington ) were released on February 15th, 2007 in honor of President ‘s Day, which was held entirely 4 days late on February 19th, 2007. The US Mint announced in the following calendar month on March 8, 2007 that they had produced an error. It turns out that a act of these first coins were minted without the edge letter, which was supposed to include the year, mintmark, “ E PLURIBUS UNUM ” and “ IN GOD WE TRUST ”. PCGS estimates that around 50,000 of these errors were produced. At first, these coins sold for adenine much as $ 600 on eBay, but belated sold for around $ 50. These coins are sometimes known as “ Godless Dollars ” due to the fact that “ IN GOD WE TRUST ” did n’t appear anywhere on the coin ‘s open .
The John Adams Presidential Dollar besides included a few error varieties. One character of dollar had plain edges like the Washington mint, with no lettering on the boundary. Another kind included double inscription on the edge, which is a result of the coin going through the US Mint ‘s letter machine doubly and the textbook overlapped each other. In some cases, the double letter is inverted or inverted, overlapping each other as the the mint gets flipped around and goes through the inscription car twice. There are countless variations of this coin. half of the coins have their letter top down when the face of the coin is up, or vice versa .
During the production of the first 3 presidential coins, over 100 million of the general circulation coins for each president were minted at the Denver Mint and Philadelphia Mint. and between 1-3 million collector proof coins being minted at the San Francisco Mint, on average. That numeral slowly declined into the image of 30-60 million. unfortunately, the demand for these coins was slender and they were n’t circulating, as feared. A huge stock and excess of these coins built up through 2011. In fact, 1.4 billion of these dollars were calm in stockpile. If laid on crown of each other in a single stack, it would be equivalent to a length between Chicago and Los Angeles. It was decided that starting in 2012, the output of the Presidential dollars be reduced enormously, typically between 3-5 million coins at each mint would be produced for each President. These coins would be produced only for the coin collectors in order to reduce the massive reserve. ( If you ‘re a coin collector, these are the ones to actually go after as these rare coins are bound to be worth something late on ! )
The presidential dollar coin serial is intended to last until 2016. The police requires that in arrange for a US President to be honored on the coin, they must be deceased for a minimum of 2 years. No populate president of the united states is allowed to be depicted. Ronald Reagan presently qualifies to be the final US President to be honored in the series, after Gerald Ford. flush though Jimmy Carter came before Ronald Reagan, he is hush life and would not qualify to be depicted on the neologism, unless be somehow passes away by 2014. If any other post-Reagan Presidents pass aside before 2014, they would be depicted after the Ronald Reagan coin. If the program does end in 2016 and another President passes aside, it would require an extra Act of Congress to honor that President on the dollar coin.

Below is a table chart, which organizes all of the Presidential Dollar Coins produced and the ones however scheduled to be produce. This mesa depicts boastfully, high timbre images for each coin design, the President ‘s list, tear of mintage, mintage figures for each Mint ( referencing to presidential dollar coin prices and values, and other details ), release date of the coin, President ‘s term in office in years and the couturier and engraver of the obverse of the coin. This table is incomplete and calm growing, so we will add pictures and new details as the US Mint releases the newly coins in future years :

– Things get confusing when Presidents are listed in the grey area. According to the rules of the Presidential Dollar Coin Program, a US President can entirely be honored in the series if they have been deceased for no less than two years. Most of the Presidents listed in the grey area are still living, and would not yet qualify to be depicted on the coinage. If any other presently living President passes away, they would be depicted following on the list 2 years after their death. As it presently stands, George H.W. Bush would be the final examination President depicted in the Presidential Dollars Series .

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