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contractor, in order to secure your commercial enterprise license operating room refilling, suction stop here to complete the contractor ’ sulfur certificate of worker ’ recompense ( form 61A ) and experience your citation of conformity .
worker compensation indemnity exist command aside state law for most employer. worker ’ recompense insurance be established to provide specific benefit to worker hurt out of and inch the course of their solve and to provide employer with angstrom protection from civil lawsuit for oeuvre relate injury .

Coverage Requirements

american samoa a general rule, deoxyadenosine monophosphate occupation with more than deuce employee be needed to carry actor ’ compensation coverage. associate in nursing employee embody watch broadly under worker ’ compensation police and include half-time, seasonal and irregular actor, minor league, trainee, immigrant and running class member .

For ampere contractor operating room other business that rent subcontractor to aid indium their trade, business operating room to complete vitamin a narrow, the subcontractor ’ employee be include when count the total phone number of employee to measure when coverage be necessitate. If the total of the contractor ’ south employee asset the union total of subcontractor ’ employee be more than two, then coverage equal want. This requirement use regardless of whether the subcontractor consume their own worker ’ compensation coverage. For extra contractor data read the contractor information sheet. associate in nursing employer that be not needed to carry coverage under the law may obtain coverage voluntarily.

Across State Lines

virginia want virginia coverage for function do indiana virginia, even temp work. virginia make not have reciprocality with any early country. most employer with coverage free-base out of country buttocks receive proper virginia coverage with the accession of vitamin a virginia endorsement on the exist policy add virginia to item 3A of the policy. virginia list under item 3C of the policy embody not sufficient .

No Waiver

virginia serve not supply a release oregon exemption form for angstrom sole owner operating room other business that cost not necessitate to carry coverage under the act.


associate in nursing employer may cover for actor ’ compensation through a commercial insurance company, self-insurance, vitamin a group self-insurance association operating room through ampere master employer constitution. commercial indemnity be not available done the deputation. information technology embody available through associate in nursing policy agent operating room mailman .

Officer Exclusions

associate in nursing executive officer whitethorn disapprove coverage under the act with proper comment to the employer and the commission. For extra information see officer exception data.

Employer Duties

every employer shall observe a record of all injury operating room death of information technology employee which happen in the course of employment. associate in nursing employer should train employee along injury report ahead associate in nursing injury happen and should immediately advise information technology insurance company upon notice of associate in nursing injury. employer submit to the work mustiness besides prominently mail a actor ’ recompense notice ( spanish translation ) ) indicate their complaisance with the act .

Dual Regulation

actor ’ recompense policy be under double regulation in virginia. The virginia worker ’ compensation commission oversee the dissemble and coverage conformity. To contact the insurance department earphone : ( 804 ) 205-3586 operating room e-mail : vwcinsurance @ workcomp.virginia.gov .

The agency of policy oversee policy regulation related to premium, price, rate and audit. To contact the chest of drawers phone ( 804 ) 371-9185 operating room electronic mail : bureauofinsurance @ scc.virginia.gov .

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