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Authentic pirate gold coins from Atocha authentic commandeer gold coins from Atocha Offers COLOMBIA 8 ESCUDOS 1744 “ DATED ! ” GRADED NGC XF 45 GOLD DOUBLOON COIN ! INCREDIBLE FULL DATE, NO DOUBLING ON THE rap ! alone 1 KNOWN FOR THIS DATE, EXTREMELY RARE PIECE WITH BEAUTIFUL TONING AND COLOR ! TRULY A BREATHTAKING GOLD DOUBLOON ! Concierge price: $64500 Mexico 1705-13 4 Escudos graded NGC MS 63 Strong and Bold strike ! ! Full Shield and Assayer ( oXMJ ) Jose De Leon and early Templar Cross type ( Cross of Lorraine- strongly struck adenine well ) and nicely struck partial legend
Salvaged from the “ 1715 Plate Fleet Shipwreck ” to find a Mexico black-backed gull without filing around the rim is highly rare, most have large portions of the plan missing due to filing. besides, the focus on of this coin allows us to enjoy the wax blueprint of the carapace !

Concierge price: $15700 Japan 5 Yen 1873 G5Y “ Gold Dragon ” 3rd Highest Grade NGC 65 authentic plagiarist aureate coins – JAPAN 5 YEN 1873 NGC 65 GEM ! “ GOLD DRAGON ” 3rd Highest Graded ! VERY rare ! OSAKA MINT
Of all the pieces always Certified by NGC, this being the 3rd Highest Graded ! VERY RARELY offered ! This coin has Exceptional LUSTER, a identical strong hit and Bold Details ! The pictorial plan retains FULL highpoint sharpness ! This coin was certified a long time ago ( as evidenced the Cert. # and the Old Holder ) and credibly would grade higher today. The GOLD DRAGON is identical intelligibly distinguished ( which is atypical ) and has NO distractions ( Clean Fields ) on the front or reversion. The change by reversal about has a Proof Hue to it. Just a gorgeous GOLD DRAGON, that is rarely offered in such grade ! Osaka batch ( KM-Y11a, JNDA 01-3A, FR.47 ) ~ Concierge price: $8900 authentic commandeer gold coins – ATOCHA GOLD TREASURE BAR 1622 “ EN RADA ” 889 gm/ 31.3 Oz from Mel Fisher 1985 Salvage w/ COA ! This stun Shipwreck Gold Treasure browning automatic rifle from the Nuestra Señora De Atocha from 1622 was recovered July twentieth 1985 by prize Salvors, Inc. “ Mel Fisher Family. ” The weight is 31.3oz ( Troy ounces for gold are 31g ’ south as opposed to the traditional 28g ) The measurements are 21.3cm ten 3.2cm x 1.3cm, this is a very large cake ( 8 1/2 inches x 1.3in ten 1/2 in ). I have researched many of the “ En Rada ” bars and this surely ranks near the top in condition and clarity. It has 6 ( SIX ) Tax Stamps ~ indicating the “ Royal Fifth ” as been paid, 2 ( TWO ) Foundry stamps ( En Rada ) and 4 ( FOUR ) “ Purity Locations ” karat markings of 20.75 karats ( XX… = 20.75 karats ). There ’ second besides an assayer “ outdo or bite ” located at center impart ( called the “ Bocado ” ). This sample “ sting ” was taken by the assayer to test the metallic and he retained as his tip. These bars came from off the Keys “ Deep Water Wreck ” off the Gulf. In all my inquiry and through colleagues ’ long terminus research there ’ randomness approximately 12 of these bars known. Concierge Price : $1,000,000. SLAY BILLIONAIRE CONCIERGE NOTE
These coins sell out fast ! ! ! By the time you are reading this they are credibly already gone, we recommend informing murder concierge in your question of your interest to purchase gold plagiarist coins, and the team will get back to you with a list of the most stream available items. Slay Billionaire offers free and see global delivery. You can expect your timepiece to be delivered in average within 2-5 work days for the UK and European Community, and 4-8 solve days for the rest of the World.

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Home is where the Anchor drops

Authentic pirate gold coins from Atocha

May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rumble spiced and your compass be true

Work like a captain play like a pirate

It’s a pirate life for me savvy?

Live in the sunshine, swim in the ocean and drink in the wild air


Mexico 1705-13 4 Escudos graded

Japan  5 Yen  1873  G5Y  


I came into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someone else’s blood, I have no problem going out the same way

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