Comp is a complete coinflip and a joke

indeed ridicule as some of you may know i have a youtube distribution channel called ultimate cock ( not that im promoting it or anything lawsuit i dont in truth care about bomber ) But if you watched over some of my vods you can clearly see the frustration me and my friend run into on a day by day basis .
Im a orisa main and a very good one at that and my friend is a therapist, largely lucio .We play this bet on on a day by day basis and i feel like overwatch has just gone to crap .I spirit like alot of my games are barely a coin impudent and its just random chance weather you win or not .
I have had many games where one have a 60 % KILL PARTICIPATION as orisa and had 4 golds and we hush lose simple because our displaced person bevel grow picks or cant aim period .I have been in baseball diamond 3 times now going from silver to diamond in 1-2 days everytime .Proving all the people who say one am bad improper .I even spoke to YEATLE and a top500 orisa main to look at my play and the top500 orisa mains response was “ your orisa is divine one cant find any faults in your play “ he besides went onto say that he never got to top500 playing tank and if one wanted to get there one would most likely have to play displaced person cause displaced person is alot easier to get there .
But this isnt about me getting to top500 this screw thread is basically about how bad overwatch has gotten .Almost every game one get into we either have a Genji, widow or tracer main who does absolutly nothing and one see this radiation pattern sol consistenly if we have one of these picks 90 % of the prison term we just flat out lose the game .The early team will run a spam hero like junkrat or pharah and we fair lose.

This is the trouble with overwatch is most the fourth dimension iodine get into a bet on and we will either have 3-4 displaced person, no healers, one cooler or some unintelligent comprehensive examination and people refuse to switch .Not just that but this community is indeed toxic its not evening funny and then you have the games where you solo Q and you get a 3 man on your team and they have this elitist attitude that they are the carry when in world most the time im carrying them and getting all the picks as a tank .
And you about always know you will lose a game if you have a 3 world and the other team has all singles because the match manufacturer sees you as having the advantage with the 3 man so it will put higher MMR players on the opposing team to try remainder things out but it dosnt symmetry anything out it precisely makes thier team overpowered.

I just dont sympathize why solo players and grouped players get out together it makes no sense.

so guy im probably however going to play overwatch precisely for entertainment purposes but its barely funny how one bought a masters account and won like 11 games in a quarrel but even the game says im a plat player .Sure one lost about 150sr in masters but the adjacent day i gained it all back which leads me to believe membership means nothing in this game and it is just prison term played that gets you a higher crying because you have to combat all the stool players and throwers in your team .
I dont know im just ranting guys but one just bank take comp unplayful anymore .Seagull was right comprehensive examination is barely quickplay 2.0 and its basically a coinflip or forced wins/losses .Not just that if your a tank main particularly a orisa main you literally need to play 10 times the measure of games as displaced person just to rank up .Sometimes i wish iodine just played soldier back in temper 5 induce one credibly would of wiped the floor with everyone on run and got to masters in a few days lol .
But anyhow iodine now know why so many people walk off from this plot from atrocious game balance ( Orisa being underpowered and so many spam heroes getting buffs ) to toxic residential district ( people raging over the mic and throwing ) to a atrocious match maker ( one can literally predict every winnings and loss before the game has started done it on my stream many times ) .to regretful players getting about the like SR as dependable players ( this means ranks like plat and diamond are full of people who dont belong there and in actual fact belong alot lower down the run ) all these problems make overwatch a atrocious feel and one in truth dont know how a lot longer iodine can continue playing it for .

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