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Adventures in Buying a CCT Silver Slide

One of the quirks of alternative endow is that you end up researching some pretty strange things. For exemplar, I recently embarked on a silver bullion buying spree. But that is n’t the unusual part of my history. The weird contribution is what I stumbled upon when I looked for a simple and authentic silver forge detection method acting. I discovered a device called the CCT silver slide .

What is a CCT silver slide?

Simply put, a CCT ash grey slide is a quick and easy way to test ash grey bars and coins for fakes or counterfeits. The bullion market has been hit by an absolute flood of counterfeit Chinese silver coins and bars over the past decade. The worst part of this plague is that China ‘s manufacture art has allowed it to make increasingly twist fakes, some of which are impossible to distinguish from genuine pieces by looks alone .
about every bullion piece you can imagine has been imitated by the Chinese, including very democratic products such as american english silver eagles, australian Perth Mint products and Sunshine Minting silver bars. sol having an effective direction to weed out counterfeit silver is absolutely vital for the precious alloy stacker.

How does a CCT silver slide work?

The device works on the gemini principals of diamagnetism and electric conduction. These create an effect known as the eddy stream brake. If you place a very solid attraction on an incline silver surface, it will merely slide down it identical slowly. Likewise, a silver coin placed on a big, incline attraction will besides slide quite slowly. Most other metals will not behave this way, even if they are plated with a layer of pure flatware. ferric metals will stick to the attraction while cupro-nickel, brass and zinc alloys will descend quickly, with little or no hesitation .
This video gives a good presentation of a CCT silver slide in military action :

My adventures in buying a CCT silver slide

My fib begins a few months ago when I began expanding my silver holdings. evening though I was buying from reputable dealers, I soon realized that it would be wise to spend some money on diagnostic equipment. once I discovered the simplicity and utility of a CCT silver slide, I knew I had to have one .
now this is where things got interest. CCT is an acronym that stands for “ Cyber Curtain Twitcher ”, a pseudonym for a gentleman silver stacker who resides in the United Kingdom. This colorful world has an strange YouTube impart where he and an assistant agony and destroy counterfeit coins in a myriad of ghastly ways. I found his far-out brand of humor to be quite harbor .
CCT is the personal creator of each and every one of his eponymous ash grey slides. Yes, there are other silver slides presently on the commercialize. But to the best of my cognition, Cyber Curtain Twitcher was the very first person to conceive of the argent slide theme as a childlike, non-destructive testing method acting to distinguish fake silver medal coins from actual ones. He besides constructs his slides to much higher standards than his competitors ( which is obvious if you read through the build up quality section further down in this article ) .
I wanted the best of the best – an master CCT silver swoop .
however, CCT has no dedicated web site or conventional sales platform for his product. In addition, there was lone one direction to contact the man – through the comments section of his YouTube impart. When I did, he informed me that the U.S. distribution of his slides is entirely handled by an associate named “ Mr. Vegiita ” ( another pseudonym, of class ) .
At this point, things began feeling a little cloak and dagger .
apparently the only way to get in allude with Mr. Vegiita is besides through his YouTube channel comments. When I contacted him this way, Mr. Vegiita informed me that a soon as he received a swoop dispatch from CCT, he would post a television advertising them for sale. I barely needed to post my gloss requesting a slide below one of those videos .
then the waiting game began .
About a week subsequently, Mr. Vegiita last uploaded a video recording stating that some slides were available. unfortunately, my YouTube notification did n’t get pushed through, so I was a act slow in discovering this. I rushed to Mr. Vegiita ‘s YouTube channel and left my comment, only to discover that I was besides late ! All of the slides had been sold out in the 24 hours since he had posted the video recording .
But I would not be denied .
Mr. Vegiita offered to put me on a waiting list – a proposal that I promptly agreed to. After waiting a pair more weeks, I received a telling letting me know he had just gotten a few more silver slides in stock in my choice of oak, useful or idigbo hardwood at $ 80 each on a first base issue forth, first served basis. I sent him the money via PayPal before I even found out if my prefer forest was even available in the desperate hope that shoving the cash into his hands ( shut up and take my money ! ) would obligate him to deliver me something.

fortunately, the useful forest version I wanted was still up for catch ! Utile, otherwise known as Sipo Mahogany, is an african tropical hardwood exported chiefly from Cameroon, Ghana and Congo. Utile is a beautiful, black red-brown color with a pronounce texture design that looks a lot like Honduran Mahogany. This is because Sipo Mahogany is actually a distant relative of the Swietenia ( true mahogany ) genus .
Mr. Vegiita was a homo of his parole and promptly mailed my slide, which I received equitable a few days late .
I had last got hold of an baffling CCT silver slither ! And it was everything I dreamed it would be. But that is n’t surprise considering the attention to detail that Cyber Curtain Twitcher puts into every slither .

CCT silver slide build quality

CCT handcrafts his silver medal slides from a diverseness of all right moderate and tropical hardwoods in his UK workshop. The slide helping is constructed from a series of ultra-high lastingness rare earth magnets laid in parallel .
These N52 neodymium magnets are the most herculean commercially available magnets in the global. In fact, they are therefore mighty that people with pacemakers are advised to handle the CCT silver slither ( or any early product that contains rare earth magnets ) with care, because its magnetic field could potentially disrupt an implant cardiac device .
CCT then adds a soft feel level over the magnets so that your bullion wo n’t get scratched as it slides down the ramp. He finishes the wood ensnare with a durable, so far attractive 5-coat melamine lacquer finish. last, he affixes a brass brass to the back that reads “ CCT Silver Slide ” to stigmatize it as one of his handmade originals .

The limitations of a CCT silver slide

Of path, no one cute metallic counterfeit signal detection method is goofproof. And the CCT silver slide is no exception to this convention. A silverplate slug of pure copper ( which is besides diamagnetic and highly conductive ) will slide down a rare earth magnet ramp in much the like direction as a real flatware coin. Pure gold will besides behave like pure silver medal, although this is broadly a dead letter because no matchless would bother to counterfeit a low-value eloquent coin by silver plating a much more expensive gold coin .
A CCT silver slide besides ca n’t readily distinguish between silver coins of unlike finenesses. Although a coin or stripe of lower argent contentedness should traverse the slide about imperceptibly faster than a higher honor one, you would need a stopwatch to have any promise of telling the difference. In effect, a 50 % or 80 % ash grey mint will behave very similarly to a 90 % or 99.9 % silver coin ( specially if the alloy alloy is bull ) .
In addition, a silver mint struck in very eminent relief will slide down the ramp faster than expected because there is less surface sphere in lineal contact with the magnets. Therefore the eddy stream braking effect does not have an opportunity to fully engage .
And while a CCT silver medal slide is the perfect size for testing fractional eloquent and 1 troy ounce coins and bars, it wo n’t work well on larger ash grey bullion. Yes, it can accommodate 2 troy snow leopard bars and rounds, but once you get much larger than that you are better off using a little, button-shaped rare ground magnet immediately on the examination item ‘s surface .
Because of these ( true minor ) drawbacks I advise every eloquent stacker to use at least two unlike counterfeit detection methods when buying silver bullion. The ping quiz, burden screen, density test and acid test are all feasible alternatives. A CCT silver swoop combined with one of these other, complementary tests will eliminate practically every bogus flatware coin or bar that you might encounter .
On the whole, I would highly recommend an original CCT argent swoop ( or, barring that, a little rare worldly concern attraction ) to anyone interested in purchasing silver bullion. CCT – that cryptic ash grey stacker from the United Kingdom – makes a great product at a great monetary value point. The money you save avoiding fake flatware is good worth the cost .

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