A classroom demonstration of Newton’s first law is as follows: A glass is covered with a plastic card and a coin is placed on the card. The card is given a quick strike and the coin falls in the glass

hello class in classroom demonstration of Newton ‘s inaugural law Newton ‘s first law as Law of Inertia Law of Inertia states that if a body is at rest will remain at pillow until and unless an external forces acting on it if a torso is keep on moving on a force acts on it ok so this is the first law of Newton Law of Inertia very well now is covered with the formative card and a coin is placed on the card the card is given a quick hit mint falls in the glass a should the clash Coefficient between the calling card and the coin be modest or large we should coinmill light or heavy see why does the experiment fail gently pushed ok so it is said that we need a immediate strike so it is asking why does experiment fail with the gentle push very well so first of all let ‘s talk about the point A letter should the friction Coefficient between the card and mint be modest or large ok so friction Coefficient that is you should be small between the card and coin so that the effect of friction on the mint buy card wedge of clash force of clash on the coin on the mint by wag is

and coin coin will remain at the same place if the forces but but if the pull is Greater the coin with move along with the circuit board very well nowadays point should the coin will light or heavy we know the force due to friction less newfangled mg42 clash is new and an equal to MG to force due to clash is the force acting on the coin this is the acceleration of coin becomes newly MG upon M condition music this is acceleration of the coin which is freelancer of mass autonomous of

it is freelancer of mass nowadays should the coin be light or heavy because it is independent of mass so it does not matter if the coin is light and heavy now she pointed why does the experiment fail if the poster is lightly pushed it is said to give it we are giving it a quick strike what happens if the batting order is gently pushed the force of friction frictional force can not be overcome to overcome frictional force need to give it a quick to give it promptly assume so that is why it the card is lightly pushed Express

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