Trang chủ » These 33 Black-and-White Décor Ideas Are Simple Yet Striking

These 33 Black-and-White Décor Ideas Are Simple Yet Striking

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Think Top Khủng Bottom

black and white kitchen
Design : Marlaina Teich Designs, Photo : Patrick Cline
Black kitchens have been creeping up on the omnipresence of all-white kitchens, but the two colors work beautifully in harmony, too. The eye travels up round wood sign
xuống dốc the horizontal lines and planes in this kitchen, which stays streamline but grounded by its darker half .
If you love Trắng cabinets but don’t want mập your home phệ feel overly traditional, a black kitchen island adds both toughness and a sense of levity .

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Pick a Focal Point

black farm doors
Design : Marlaina Teich Designs, Photo : Patrick Cline
Painting a door is an easy way Khủng refresh a room, and this trick looks particularly stunning on a larger-scale entrance, lượt thích these sliding farm doors. It’s a functional statement that allows for added privacy if you want lớn close off the living room after someone’s bedtime .

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Play With Patterns

black and white halllway
Design : Marlaina Teich Designs, Photo : Patrick Cline
There are countless opportunities and ways Khủng weave in fun, monochromatic patterns. This tiled hallway is both lively and minimal, and the dark floor, the window paning, and the black pillows balance out the bright shiplap .

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Highlight Your Trim

black and white townhouse
Vanessa Alexander
” I am forever a người yêu thích of dark paint colors, especially in older homes. Adding black paint béo a stately home really highlights the craftsmanship and beautiful trim work that should take center stage ” Boston-based designer Liz Caan says. Plus, black paint can add a modern tie-in if you want béo skew from traditional when furniture mua sắm .
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Layer Different Sheens and Glosses

black bathroom
Vanessa Alexander
Black on black won’t look monotonous if you phối undertones and glosses. Thes e sculptural sconce s still pop against the more charcoal-leaning black wall, and the paint’s gloss helps reflect light in the small room .

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Keep it Simple

black white tile
Kevin Dumais
” Using dark paint colors has a big impact for a minimal amount of effort, ” designer Kevin Dumais, founder of Dumais, says. ” Spaces that have dark walls tend béo need less decoration as well. ” This bathroom uses Kitty Gray by Benjamin Moore mập make the most out of a little .

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Elevate Shiplap

black shiplap
When done well, shiplap and farmhouse décor can be far from cutesy and twee. Black vertical woodwork paired with White brick looks unexpected and sexy, combining textures and depths in a modern take on the classics .

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Mix Shades of Black

black living room
Sticking béo black and trắng décor is by no means limiting. Finishes, application styles, mediums, and so sánh much more will impact the way a màu reads in a room. Even at first glance, you can pick out five different shades of black in this modern living room. Similarly, you can take the same approach with shades of Trắng and off-white .

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Add a Metal Accent

black marble bathroom
Reena Sotropa
Black cabinetry and aged, industrial brass hardware are a match made in thiết kế heaven, thanks phệ the increasing darkness as the alloy oxidizes. A marble countertop and geometric statement mirror keep this subway tile bathroom from looking overly retro, too .

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Work With Alternating Blocks of màu sắc

black white living room
Studio KT
Checkerboard might be ultra-trendy in fashion right now, but it’s a hard sell for a large-format home anywhere outside of Wonderland. This elegant living room shows how phệ work with monochromatic blocks in a more sophisticated manner. Bookmark this one if you’re lusting after dark curtains .
đôi mươi New Rules for Color Blocking at Home

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Spring for a Polished Floor

black and white foyer
Studio KT
A gleaming pitch-black floor is a màn chơi of luxury and phong cách more often seen in movies than reality these days, but its ‘ wow ‘ factor in your home will pay dividends for years Khủng come. The matte chalkboard helps put the extreme shine in perspective — and it’s a charming way bự greet guests with a personal message .

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Do a Gallery Wall

black and white photos
Gray Space Interior Design
A gallery wall of black and Trắng photography in black and White frames — what could be simpler while simultaneously sophisticated and heartwarming ? If you’re looking Khủng cement your status as the favorite child or closest friend, try gifting someone multiple framed photos béo start their own wall .
This is How High phệ Hang Pictures for the Perfect Gallery Wall

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Make Your Whites Pop

black and white bedroom
D Burns Interiors
Crisp, clean, cut from a stiff cloth — the key phệ making your bright whites pop is mập go phệ the opposite kết thúc of the spectrum and stay there. Black walls and a black base turn this simple lampshade into a geometric feat of beauty .

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Opt for One ‘ Wow ‘ Piece

black tub
Reena Sotropa
I’d take my wedding photos in this bathtub. I’d have mập prop my feet on the edge béo show my gown because the tub is simply cavernous, but I’d chưa bao giờ regret it because this bathroom kiến thiết is timeless .
If you want mập make a statement, a black tub is the fastest and surest route. Many would disagree about the wedding photos part ( most adamantly, my mother ), but such a classic décor statement is universally accepted .

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Play With Textures

black textured
Forbes + Masters
Black walls and a black ceiling ? It’s not for the faint of heart, but a deft hand can make it look stunning. The raised textural details on these walls keep the room from looking lượt thích a cave ( or a dungeon ) .

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Don’t Be Afraid mập Go Glossy

black mudroom
Reena Stropa
A tip for making sure tall, black storage spaces bởi not look hulking and warehouse-like : opt for a higher gloss finish. It’ll look dramatic rather than intimidating, and in a mudroom lượt thích this, a high-gloss paint will withstands scuffs and heavy lượng truy cập better due bự its higher cấp độ of resin .

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Get Geometric — Like, Really Geometric

black white dining room
Reena Sotropa
A black geometric rug is a classic that chưa bao giờ looks dated, and it will go with so sánh many your future thiết kế whims and màu sắc schemes. You don’t have béo worry about making a bad investment when splurging on a big rug lượt thích this .
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Buy Black Brick

black and white kitchen
Reena Sotropa
Black brick makes a sharp backdrop for this kitchen’s open shelving. Sticking bự black and White amplifies the punch of the red sliding ladder, turning the functional décor piece into almost contemporary art. If I lived here, you’d see a lot of this exact spot on my Instagram .

trăng tròn
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Mix in Natural Elements

black and white kitchen
Light natural wood and hemp curtains pair remarkably well with the black elements of this kitchen. They help balance the heaviness of a large, dark island, and they keep the black and trắng elements from looking too matchy-matchy .

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Make Clean, Bold Statements

black and white backsplash
We’re really ready lớn ” zig-a-zig, ” ah, and create this simple yet dramatic tile backsplash in our kitchen immediately. Thes e large slanted tiles look modern and make the kitchen feel more open than it would with a small định hình kiến thiết .

Look how vividly the greenery and lemons pop in the foreground. Even the simplest décor looks stunning in a well-designed kitchen.

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Go for All-White Furniture

white room
JANGEORGe Interiors và Furniture
Plush, White furniture is having a moment in Hollywood homes and on TikTok, but you don’t need a Jenner budget lớn nail the simplistic yet cozy look. A large, furry area rug and small corner ottoman keep the perspective low, making the darkest point in view also the tallest .
Experts Share Their Foolproof Tips for Decorating in All White

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Keep It Minimal

ultra modern room
JANGEORGe Interiors và Furniture
Colors and shapes work in harmony Khủng make quiet yet strong statements in this home by JANGEORGe Interiors. While slim and minimal, the proportions of this circular chandelier and how it mirrors the table make it dramatic .

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Get Graphic

black wallpaper
Black and White monochrome and modern art have a storied history. Keith Haring-inspired wallpaper turns this living room into an instant art gallery. A bold wallpaper doesn’t mean you can’t layer additional framed art and photographs on top, but you can also stay simple and stick béo a statement plant, lượt thích this room’s fiddle-leaf fig .

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Pay Attention bự Your Height

timeless black and white design
Open-concept floor plans can stump some when trying lớn work in monochromatic White and black. Take a tip from this cavernous ( in a good way ) living room and don’t forget mập think vertically. Every plane of the room includes at least one dark statement, which helps the eye travel up phệ the swooping chandelier filling out the space .

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Don’t Fall for Cliches

black nursery
A black nursery ? It’s not a crazy idea — it’s a great one, in fact. Take this Los Angeles nursery designed by Katherine Carter as proof. The set of modern colors with a traditional pattern provides a springboard for whimsical, playful pieces of décor, and you won’t have mập rush lớn overhaul the room as your little Rocco grows up .

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Don’t Skimp on the Details

black and white bathroom
Matte black Brizo plumbing, walnut drawer fronts, and a vintage French chandelier show how béo bởi simple luxury right in this modern bathroom. It’s sleek but inviting, and the walnut and matte black plumbing provide the necessary contrast while uniting the room lớn the busier flooring .

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Do a Lot With a Little

shades of white brick
Have White walls that you can’t paint ? Don’t despair. Temporary homes can still house a lot of individuality. Make the majority of your furniture black and scout for a big, monochromatic art piece mập make the room feel finished, not sparse .
If you’re worried about your security deposit, leaning and layering art on side consoles or even the floor will still look international and cool .

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Work With Your Appliances

black and white cafe stools
Striped café stools keep this kitchen playful and ties together the Trắng décor with the black appliances. Slim, vertical hardware in brass feels minimal, not forced, and lets the ceiling lights and floral arrangement take precedent in the thiết kế .

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Try the Lacquered Look

glossy door
Never underestimate the power of a lacquered black door — and bonus points for going all the way with a long, sculptural handle and doorknob. Most of us will chưa bao giờ live in a castle, but we can still work a little magic into our homes .
+ Plus, despite what you might first guess, a bold entrance will actually make a small room look bigger .

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Keep Clutter in the Dark

black closet
If you kế hoạch on packing your walk-in closet tight, black paint on your shelving creates enclaves of shadows bự hide any mess and make the room feel organized and cohesive. You can take out pieces and consider them against bright Trắng on the metal hooks or table-top .

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Paint a Windowframe

black window
In an all-white room, don’t let your window treatments or window panes become an afterthought or fall off the thiết kế kế hoạch. Invite light in and make a moment of contrast and depth by defining your window .
31 Window Treatment Ideas That Work for Any Room

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Add Darkness

black lights
Having your lights be the darkest part of the room is a simple trick with plenty of visual interest. Fresh White paint, hot nhất cabinet pulls, and dark lights are enough Khủng completely revamp your kitchen if you have a weekend không lấy phí .

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