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Walkthrough : World One


Stage 1-1: Make Eggs, Throw Eggs
Start off this degree by heading right, picking up the coins and swallowing the Shy Guys you see. When you see a wooden platform, jump onto it and then jump to the right to pick up a FLOWER PETAL. Continue on your way until you see a second wooden platform. Throw an egg into the ? Cloud good above you. Stairs will form from the egg and heading up will lead you to another FLOWER PETAL a well as 6 red COINS. When you head back down, knock out the two Piranhas guarding the pipe and then enter it. You are now in a cave. Push the Chomp Rock to the right until it falls off the ledge. You can use it for supernumerary leverage to grab the coins. Shy Guys besides hold crimson COINS, then take them out equally good. There are 8 bolshevik COINS in this cavern. head to the right until you see a red flower. Eat up a Shy Guy and the skewer him into the red flower. small stars will emerge from the flower, adding to your time bonus. The exit is to the right. a soon as you emerge from the shriek, capitulum left to pick up your 3rd FLOWER PETAL. Head right until you see a 4-piece turn out platform. On the bottom are 4 red COINS vitamin a well as the 4th FLOWER PETAL. You do n’t have to whack the Piranha ‘s. Just walk underneath them and then jump back onto the rotating platform and head right. When you reach a organ pipe that spawns out Shy Guys, recharge your egg ammunition. From this point on, always have the utmost amount of eggs with you. You can besides hit the ? Cloud to give you more stars. When you continue to the right, hit the ? Cloud to sprout a attic stalk. Jump up all the way to the lead until you can see a Piranha Plant. Jump to the bequeath and head toward the boundary of the cliff. You will see a ? Cloud and a coin tied to a balloon. Shoot the cloud for your final FLOWER PETAL. If you fall down the cliff, make your way back to the Piranha Plant and jump up until you ride another 4-piece rotate platform. The last 2 crimson COINS are just above you, so grab’em and head proper. This is the last stretch. Push the Chomp Block and watch it obliterate anything in its path and then shoot the ? Cloud for some more stars. The end marker is merely a little snatch further down. ad Stage 1-2: Watch Out Below!
This stage features Chomps that destroy prime. They ‘re fairly easy to avoid if you keep moving and watch the shadow. When you inaugural receive the FLOWER PETAL, a Chomp from the background will leap towards you and destroy the background to the correct of the ledge. There are no tricks — Chomps will always aim for a arrange topographic point. When you continue to the right, you should fall off a ledge onto a bombastic bland plain. Chomps will make pits in the plains, so you have to jump cautiously. There are 2 red COINS in the quarrel of coins above you. Keep going correct until you see a ? Cloud. A Chomp will plow the reason correctly underneath the ? Cloud, indeed well remainder yourself to the left of the ? Cloud. Pop the cloud to receive your second FLOWER PETAL. When you head to the right, there ‘ll be another flat piece of country soon to be plowed by Chomps. Grab the coins above you, including 4 crimson COINS. Head right and pop the second ? Cloud for some stars and then pass the in-between call through a hardened of flippers. A message box will tell you to make eggs and break the soil. Do therefore and make certain you grab the coins with your eggs on top of the pipe. There are 4 red COINS here. once done, break the scandal that holds the trampoline. Jump onto the trampoline and head up. You will now enter a little tangle. Head right beginning until you have a rip to go right or left. Head left inaugural until you see a middle resound. Cross it and then head second good. Go past the message box and humble trampoline until you reach another message box with a helicopter transformation. Grab the helicopter transformation and then follow the path of coins. After you pass the first cave, keep flying high until you reach another cave at the acme. You should see a FLOWER PETAL, but you picked the wrong entrance. accede from the bottom. By immediately, you should be out of helicopter time. If you ‘re not, just sit there until you ‘re finished. When Yoshi flies back to Mario, hit the transformation again, but this time, immediately head down until you hit the grind. Head right until you pick up some more crimson COINS and another FLOWER PETAL. For the moment, expect until you lose your flying ability and head back to Mario. once again, grab the transformation burp. now barely head right, stopping for no matchless. Avoid the center column ( the one where you had to fly from the bottom to get that flower PETAL ). After the middle column, hang astir and keep heading correct until you can see two arrows pointing down. rather of taking those directions, good fly into the cave for some more bolshevik coins. now move through this cave by going down … then once you see the flat coat, heading left to hit the boastfully headed Yoshi blockage. Continue to the correct until you see a pipe. Before you go down, startle onto the wooden stand by platforms and then jump into the cave for more crimson COINS. Head down into the organ pipe. The first thing you ‘ll see is a ? Cloud, holding the last FLOWER PETAL. To the right of that is a Shy Guy holding a 1-up. After you picked both of them up, principal right, avoiding all the enemies and Chomp until you see the end. ad Stage 1-3: The Cave Of Chomp Rock
If you want a 1-Up, knock out the Piranha Plant on the amphetamine right corner before you enter the pipe. Once it disappears, jump to where it was and a mysterious ? Cloud will appear. Hit it and you ‘ll earn yourself a 1-Up. now head down into the pipe. a soon as you ‘re down here, a Chomp Rock will push you to the right. When you reach the message block, there will be a crate and a stake. You can butt cypriot pound both of these things. The crate will give you stars and the venture could hide coins, but not this one. Keep heading to the right until you see a Shy Guy. There are 2 coins surrounded by a soil wall and separated by a bet on. This stake actually hides a red COIN, therefore be surely to grab it. Grab all the coins you see in arranged in a trapezoid shape. There are 4 bolshevik COINS hidden within this group. Continue to the right until you see mushrooms and a Chomp Rock. Head down to the stems of the mushroom and into this modest area. A FLOWER PETAL and 2 bolshevik COINS are treasured down here and is guarded by fair a few Shy Guys. They look a tad different, because they ‘re in the caves. nowadays head back up to that Chomp Rock. Push it down and then make your way down until you see another Chomp Rock. Head toward the bottom left path for another FLOWER PETAL and 2 more red COINS. If you head toward the middle left path, you ‘ll end up at a interlock door. This contains a mini-battle. Head bet on and push the Chomp Rock to the correct and follow it. There are 4 red COINS and a ? defile with Stars. now head rear all the way astir and to the correctly. Before you do, there ‘s a middle ring if you jump to the identical center top chopine. A Chomp Rock will roll against you so the best thing to do is just to jump over it. Jump onto the column and look up. There will be small parachuters that will morph into minor white bloom chompers that you can devour. Look up and you can see another FLOWER PETAL. Head right until you see 3 stakes. Pound the center one and the mighty one for red COINS. When you jump on to the stair-like ledges, look up and you ‘ll see a 4 balloons. Three carry a crate entire of stars and another matchless with a key. If you want, you can go back and play a miniskirt game with the winder. differently, grab the arch of coins above you. Two of them are red COINS. Keep heading right while avoiding the enemies and pushing another Chomp Rock aside. Continue on this path until you reach a dirt wall. This dirt wall is reasonably big, and there ‘s a obscure ? Cloud with a 1-up on the left corner. There ‘s besides a FLOWER PETAL to the right embedded in this dirt. When you reach the grind, there will be a colum with a wooden platform to the veracious of it. Pound the stake for a hide ? swarm and then hit the crimson switch. Find the loss arrow to the correct and then enter it like you would a pipe, but beginning you have to cypriot pound the right stake. vitamin a soon as you land, you ‘ll be on a gigantic teeter-totter. Grab all the coins if possible. There are no items here except for coins. Once you come bet on out, continue on to the justly. Push the Chomp Rock to the right until you see a break at the top. Your finish is to jump on the rock and leap onto the ledge on top in order to grab your last FLOWER PETAL. Because the rock rolls easily, timing is the winder. The pillow of the RED COINS are here adenine well. once done, head to your right to get back out into the open. Do n’t get careless now. marauder Plants pop up and will cause you to lose your stars but other than that, you will be very well. Stage 1-4: Burt The Basful’s Fort
When you start off this stage, beware of the background. The wall will slam down and kill you. Rest between the breaks and you ‘ll be fine. The first wall that slam is the one-fifth wall. Head correct and avoid the rotating spike traps. leap out on the trampoline until you see two fishy looking enemies that jump about. You can not eat these guys or give them mind damage, but you can surely knock’em out with your eggs. As a wages for knocking them out, they give you some stars. You could try to avoid them, but either way, you have to get that FLOWER PETAL. Head up the ride platform and head right. If you notice the cracks on the ceiling, you can destroy them with your eggs. They have a few coins, none being bolshevik though, so 5 coins is n’t worth wasting an egg. Drop through the copulate of flippers and cursorily move toward the second FLOWER PETAL. If not, the wall will slam on you. Head right and startle on the trampoline. Before you fall off the ledge, notice again that there is a crack in the ceiling. This matchless has a distribute more coins but again, none are red. The normal way will have 7 crimson COINS and the jump is very easy. Make your means to the pipe and go down. Run to the right, avoiding the first ? Cloud. It only has 5 coins for you and it ‘s near a spinning spike trap. precisely keep running until you see another ? Cloud. Shoot it and it will form a bridge. When you cross this bridge, there will be a lava boogy man that will jump outta the lava to bust up yoshi, therefore debar him by jumping. Be sure to pick up all the RED COINS on this bridge angstrom well. When you ‘re on the seesaw, he ‘ll besides be there. Grab the RED COINS and the FLOWER PETAL. Jump onto the island break. alternatively of heading right, run, jump and fly to the left for a hide FLOWER PETAL. After that, then forefront right onto the rotating 4-piece platform. Grab the 2 red COINS and avoid lava boogy homo. Head past the pipe and past the lock in door. Jump on the platforms, grabbing all the RED COINS and avoiding a BIG lava boogy man. When you reach the end, push the vase off and retrieve the key. Hit the big lava boogy world with your eggs and run binding. now enter the door. Knock out the small Burts ( those jumping enemies ) and enter the foremost door you see. arsenic soon as you enter the room, do not move. Just knock out all four marauder Plants for your last FLOWER PETAL. When you exit the door, the enemies respawn. Head down to the properly crimson doorway to fight your beginning boss. ad First off, I hope you have 6 eggs. If you do n’t, you ‘re gon na risk getting hit by Burt to get eggs from that spitting flower. step left into this ditch and good hit Burt with your eggs. If he ‘s on top of you, just duck and wait until he ‘s away from you. Stage 1-5: Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts
This is the first stage that will keep moving no matter what. Start off by reading the message box and hop onto the doughnut platforms. american samoa soon as you can see the 4-piece rotate platform, jumpstart onto it. Grab all the RED COINS and then derail on to the platform next to it for a FLOWER PETAL. Jump onto the other 4-piece rotating platform to the left of it and grab all the RED COINS adenine well. When you see a fleeceable 4-piece platform, ride it. You will manually might this platform by applying your weight. Grab all the coins along the manner. A Shy Guy with a crimson COIN is very cheeseparing by. Do n’t lose him. Drop back gloomy to the k rotating platform and ride it until you get the moment FLOWER PETAL. future, jump onto the doughnut platforms while eating the singing flower enemy. A ? Cloud contains stars, but if you ‘re not comfortable grabbing it, do n’t. Head up with the scroll and pick up another FLOWER PETAL. Make certain you cross the middle closed chain at the lead leave. once at the exceed, you ‘ll have to manually move another platform. Grab all the RED COINS and the FLOWER PETAL. Follow the shield and grab all the coins. A Shy Guy holding a ? Cloud will fly round. His swarm holds more stars. When you see a rock cliff, derail onto it but beware of a Shy Guy disguised as a flower eyepatch. Basically, look out for a Shy Guy moving approximately with scandalmongering flowers for hair. Jump onto the upright moving platform and grab the coins including one RED COIN to the leftover. Wait for the screen to scroll some more and then whack the Shy Guy holding another crimson COIN.

When you reach the section of doughnut platforms again, keep jump so the doughnut platforms will not drop. ampere soon as the screen reveals a FLOWER PETAL embedded in dirt, use your eggs to grab it. After that, stand on the set of doughnut platforms that need to drop in order for you to grab the final RED COINS. The exit marker is merely to the right. Stage 1-6: Shy-Guys On Stilts
Near the beginning of the stage, you will encounter a Shy Guy on a stilt. You can not devour him or even throw eggs at him, but you sure can slam him. If you jump on them, you turn them into regular Shy Guys, so you have to stomp on them twice to rid them. Jump on the trampoline. At the very upper right hand corner has a hidden ? Cloud that contains a 1-Up. Head into the doors first base and then read the message box. You ‘ll receive your first red COIN by throwing the flash testis at any Shy Guy. exit this room and then enter the pipe. Head through the cavern, whacking any Shy Guys you see. After your startle from the inaugural trampoline, head left. Fill up on eggs and then look up. A bigger trampoline is being suspended by a balloon, so you must pop it. After you drop the trampoline, HOP on it and hug right. There is a FLOWER PETAL. After you retrieve it, JUMP on the big trampoline, following the coin trail. You ‘ll pick up some loss COINS deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Ride the scandalmongering platform outta this cave. once outdoor, stay on the platform and ride it all the way up. Grab the 3 red COINS and then continue on your way. Pop the ? Cloud for some stars and then pass through the middle ring. ground pound the stake underneath the red flower to grab a RED COIN and the FLOWER PETAL. ad When you reach the message block, it ‘ll tell you that you have to find an arrow for the switch over. Having done this, you should know how to enter a secret area. For now, whack the Piranha Plant and grab the 2 crimson COINS on each side, and then crunch pound the stakes to get the FLOWER PETAL. now you can hit the ? Cloud and then the ! Switch and figure into a hidden area. When you ‘re in this cave, you have to find two red coins. however, you can not fit into the little hole, so pop the ? Cloud for a breakwater transportation. I would recommend you hit the big headed Yoshi barricade so you wo n’t fly back to Mario when you run outta time. Hopefully you have some eggs, so you can tear this place apart. When you ‘re done, exit through the doors. once back external, question mighty until you see another message obstruct. Jump on top of it and grab the FLOWER PETAL. Continue on your way, ground pounding the stake blocking your path. Inside the cave, make your way to the red platform. It will shoot straight up and make sure you jump off it. Ricochet your eggs off to grab the RED COINS angstrom well as the FLOWER PETAL. The pipe future to you should provide a recharge for your eggs. Head back depressed through the flippers until you see another ? Cloud. It spawns a bean chaff, so climb it. At the crown, before you jump to the trampoline to your right, look up or else you ‘ll be hit by a squash racket. Stage 1-7: Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy
This stage is quite disgusting, not to mention dangerous. These clouds, called Fuzzy, will make Yoshi intoxicated. If you lick or touch it, you ‘ll be in lala state. The entirely way to avoid it is to jump it or burst it by shooting your eggs at them. Start this stage and when you reach a copulate of logs that look like a drawbridge, spend and then do your little Yoshi flicker to reach a safe platform. When you reach an tend with little spikey creatures, besides known as TapTaps, avoid them at all costs. These enemies can be destroyed by lone a Chomp Rock or falling off a scar. The merely matter Yoshi can do is throw eggs at them to stun them. Head right until you see a lock door. You have to go up to grab two flashing Yoshi eggs and a FLOWER PETAL. There ‘s besides a hide ? Cloud with a key. Enter the lock door if you want a mini-battle. Use your flashing eggs on the TapTaps to grab your red COINS. Continue on your way, smashing all the dirt barriers and retrieving crimson COINS. When you pass the middle band, you should have four red coins and two flower PETALs. Grab the FLOWER PETAL and the 3 crimson COINS on your way and be prepared to meet a whole bunch of Fuzzies. Remember to avoid them at all costs. If you ‘re curious, I suggest you touch or eat the beginning Fuzzy you see. There are 2 red COINS on top of a Piranha Plant. Make right and hug the ground to make sure you restock on eggs and pick up the FLOWER PETAL. The ? Cloud you see adjacent alone has stars. Continue right field, picking up the last FLOWER PETAL. Continue on your manner picking up the RED COINS and snatching that 1-Up from the Shy Guy. In the next area, head toward the red bridge. It will sag down and enable you to pick up the 2 crimson COINS. When you reach the second crimson bridge, grind cypriot pound it and break it, so you can grab all the coins, including 3 crimson COINs. right now, you ‘re missing 4 bolshevik COINS. See the log ? Walk up on it and keep jump until a humble trampoline falls out. ad once you ‘re in this new area, mind left. Move the boulder by walking correct. a soon as you have enough room to push it to the right, you ‘ll reveal a secret ? Cloud. Pop it for a bean haunt. Head up and grab the rest of the coins. Stage 1-8: Salvo The Slime’s Castle
Near the very beginning of the level is a giant star rotate log chopine. Get used to it right now — that ‘s why they put it here. Grab all the RED COINS hera. After you pass the manual 4-piece rotate chopine, continue on to the right. Grab all the coins you can. Before you head into the pipe on the lower right, go up. You ‘ll grab a FLOWER PETAL. After you pass the shriek, you ‘ll have to ride the green platform. The fish will squirt water that will knock you off so watch your time. When you ‘re riding the platform, head to the amphetamine left recess. just sit down around for the depend on to pick up a FLOWER PETAL at the very top and then another FLOWER PETAL after you go through the shriek. When you ‘re back in the room with the moving green platform, capitulum to the upper right corner. Check the middle surround and then head back to the room with the green chopine, and then heading to the lower right corner. After you head through the shriek, point all the way to the right. Watch out for the bandit. It takes 3 jumps to whack him. Grab the FLOWER PETAL and then head back left. Hit the green switch and then jump onto the platform. There ‘s a ? cloud on the left wall which has some stars. If you head mighty, you can see a red platform, but the spikes are pointing up. If you have an egg, throw it to grab all the 3 red COINS. Continue all the manner to the top and hit the red switch to flip the loss platforms. Hit the switch again once you ‘re on the early side. nowadays head all the way on the correct for the death FLOWER PETAL. then move down and go all the room back to the platform where you got those 3 bolshevik coins with your testis. Jump onto that platform and then astir to a rotating platform. Push the batch off and grab the key and then use it for the door. The rotate arrow platform will be your ride to the peak. startle on it and the blockage will move. If you wan sodium change directions, just do a hop. Cross through the center ring and then head toward the double door. Salvo the sludge is highly easy to beat. He ca n’t hurt you, but you can get damaged by lava pit on the right and the little slimes that come apart from Salvo. Salvo can only push you approximately. ad

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