SOLVED:You are riding in a – van at a steady speed and tosS a coin up. Where will – the coin land? Clearly explain your answer For the toolbar; press ALT+F1O (PC) or ALT+FN+F1O (Mac): B I 4 $ Paragrap

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in special theory of relativity, the frames that are involved are assumed to be moving with a constant speed relative to each other, and as we have seen, what this means is there ‘s no way to tell who is actually moving. And furthermore, the laws of physics must hold true must yield the same result in all frames. now the measurements may not be the same, but the laws themselves must yield the lapp results and let ‘s see what happens. Um if we were to include a frame that ‘s accelerating and remember there ‘s a couple ways you can accelerate, one is to either change your speed or change your direction or both. But let ‘s take a situation where the frame is an car and here we ‘re going to take a little shuttlecock ‘s eye view of the experiment being done in the car. So that ‘s supposed to be an car headlights. Okay, And let ‘s say they have a son windowpane and we can see what ‘s going on. Okay ? So person is in the back buttocks and the car starts off going all the way to the right and there is a person in the back induct who ‘s dropping a coin. So they ‘re going to flip the coin into the air. Um while the car makes a sudden turn to the justly, let ‘s see if I could show that car turning to the right kids, so it ‘s going to make a sudden turn and we ‘re hush looking down on the um cable car. What will happen is in the first case, the mint is no long connected to the car. Let ‘s assume there ‘s not enough air viscosity to, you know, kind of hold it in. Um It ‘s up in the air, it was going directly to begin with. And nowadays the car veers right. The mint is going to continue to go straight and down. Um in perspective of the car further left than where it started. thus from the position of person inside of this frame, let ‘s call them joe. Okay so joe is in there observing the experiment. Um josie ‘s the coin fear left. meanwhile, from our Jolene position, so Jolene is a bird will pretend or has a bird ‘s eye view. She has a boo ‘s center view and she good sees that the coin went heterosexual and the cable car was the thing that did the swerve. Um So Jolene would agree with Newton ‘s beginning law of apparent motion that an object act in a straight course will continue to move in a directly line. Um So Jolene will correctly interpret Newton ‘s first jurisprudence apparent motion. We ‘ll fair say correctly interprets Newton ‘s uh um meanwhile inadequate joe. Um What he ‘s going to think is that there was a mysterious force that pushed the coin two uh the leave. So joe is experiencing what ‘s sometimes called a assumed or not inertial force. I like the parole assumed. It sounds a little mysterious so either one would agree with the early. Um would not correctly interpret the kernel of forces on that coin. Um And from these to what you can basically tell is that joe is in the accelerate frame. So there ‘s something very unlike about the cable car compared to the observer standing outside the car getting the bird ‘s eye view. Mhm. Mhm.

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